August Updates

“ How many people are trapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we are living.”

Albert Einstein

So much rain this month has caused our grape vines to explode in growth. They have taken over the tree that grows over our pool and are hanging down from it’s branches.

Trigger warning, as with all my monthly updates, I tend to go into rants. Some of my views may trigger some of you. Seems now days, everything triggers. Not my intentions at all.


August was a surreal month here in my country and state. What I see with my own eyes in person is very different then the pictures on the screens. America is no longer America, and it happened so fast. Each state is it’s own world, with many chefs in the kitchen as they say, battling over bigger positions and power. What a tangled web they have weaved.

Still hanging in there though here at Our Little Red house. To act like nothing has changed while I just went about doing my dollar day do overs, holiday decorations and shopping hauls, would be a dis-service to everyone who is suffering right now with all the changes out in the world. I feel you, I get it, and I too see what is happening.

Trying to take each day, staying within our normal structured lives is how we keep our own families sane and happy during this time of war, and sorry everyone…this is a war we are all dealing with , and it’s all over the world.

While the ones who weaved that web go about dancing and celebrating, there are many struggling and suffering and “ They” don’t care. Love your neighbors. United is a bond of love that is impossible to break and the spiders know that. Careful of that old spider’s web, they love to spin the lone ones.

This month was another month of downsizing and organizing. We are all focused on planning a move. Getting rid of things, and trying to figure out where to move to.

In my lifetime I have moved a total of 12 times. The home my husband and I are living in now we have stayed the longest so far, even longer then the homes I lived in as a child.

Looking around our home, after over a decade of living here, we see that we have a lot of memories and items that we will have to make some hard decisions on. I have a file cabinet in my back office filled with ABA sheets and programs that helped me teach my son how to speak. That’s a hard one to go through. Should I keep it?, should I let it go?, I ask myself over and over. You all know how it is…yep, moving is not fun at all!

I kept that file because at one time I wanted to go to some place in Central America and work with children on the spectrum. Figuring that in some countries they don’t have the same access to educational materials as they do here in my country. I thought it would be nice to help others less fortunate when it came to their special needs children.

This isn’t the first time I have had the urge to go out in the world to help children. If you are a regular follower of mine then you will remember the post where I wrote about how I saved 10 grand, quit my job that I had for a decade and was going to move to India to teach kids art.

This spur of the moment, major life changes, isn’t something I am known for doing. I have always been very responsible and practical, being as I am the oldest sibling. Most first born people I have known over the years seem to be old souls. We are kind of boring with the practical thing. You younger siblings are always so easy going, funny and full of life…usually. Have to throw that part in. Usually is a very important word when describing anything.

When I planned on going to India I didn’t know how fast plans could change, in a heart beat in fact. And in a heartbeat, a car accident happened. I would discover that day that God had not only saved my life but my daughter’s as well. I didn’t even know I was about to have a daughter in a few months, but I would learn that day about it in the hospital.

The accident could have been worse. I believe we were just about to get hit another time when I started praying. This is the part some may say was a coincidence while others who have lived through difficult times themselves will say was a miracle. No judgment from me with either way you see things. Just letting everyone know that I’m a believer of miracles.

I remember the ringing in my ears from the loud crashing noise, and struggling to find my breath. And I remember how at first I couldn’t see my husband in the powdered smoke that surrounded him, which was from the air bag that went off on his side only. How frightening it was that the ringing in my ears prevented me from hearing him at first.

In those seconds, that seemed like decades flashing by me, I knew we were going to get hit another time. And I also knew , that if that was the case, the second hit was going to be fatal. In that moment I closed my eyes, trying to block the site of the flashing of speeding cars as they swerved every now and then, trying to to avoid slamming into us now…and I started praying.

This little statue of Jesus was given to me when I was 7 years old by a kind neighbor in my old neighborhood. She talked to me about Jesus and took me to a tiny adobe church with a dirt floor in our neighborhood. Lots of miracles happened in that church.

I started praying the only prayer I knew, the lord’s prayer, that I learned from a sweet grandmotherly lady in my old neighborhood who taught me about Jesus. And in that moment, two cars would come and stay, cocooning and protecting us. Strangers putting their own lives in danger by doing so.

One vehicle would park behind us and the other would park in front of the car we hit in front of us. It was on Father’s day too, so fitting, but that is our life here at Our Little Red House, never a dull moment. As you know from that story, my daughter would be born about 5 months later, way too early, she was a preemie baby in the NICU. Such a long time ago. I have since deleted that post.

When those strangers started walking out of the protection of their own vehicles to come to our windows to ask and see if we were okay, I remembering turning my prayers from myself to them, as I watched them walk towards us. Now the flashing colors of many vehicles were speeding by them, unnoticed by them it seemed, they walked to us with confidence.

“ Please God, please don’t let them get hurt.” and as they made it to our windows, and leaned in to ask if we were okay, I continued to watch and pray while many cars sped next to them closely. They seemed to not hear them, or even be bothered by them.

“ Are you okay Miss?” a young man asked. He even seemed a little amused at the fear I had for him just by looking at the worry in my eyes. It was almost like he was saying out loud. I am safe, these cars driving by me will not touch me. And wanted to laugh, not in a mean way, but just how silly it was that I had so much fear for his safety.

All I could think was, please go back to the safety of your car, you could get hit. But he didn’t seemed fazed by the passing of many speeding vehicles next to him. It was like they were invisible to him. Could he not see them, or hear them.

Later when the paramedics and police arrived, the kind strangers had already driven away. I was still in shock from it all. I can’t even remember when that had happened. I wanted to thank them and then they were gone. They did drive off, they were parked there, but once security and safety came they left. My husband saw them, as well as the woman ahead of us.

My husband and I will always remember, that as the paramedics and cops drove up, securing the area and helping us, we would look up in the sky and over the accident scene there were God rays shinning over the scene. Huge beautiful Monsoon clouds with sunlight rays peaking out from above them and shining light down over the accident.

Now you could say June is Monsoon season after all, there are always God rays during times of storms, but everything was so surreal in that moment, it seemed so much more. Seeing the rays light up the smoking and crashed vehicles, it was a miracle to me and no one can ever change my mind on that.

God saved many lives that day. My husband, me and the daughter we would be having a few months later. The woman in front of us that had broken down earlier on the freeway. The kind strangers who stepped out of their vehicles that protected ours from being hit, and the many cars that sped around the accident scene, avoiding many other accidents…it could have been really bad, but God protected many souls that day. That to me is a miracle.

When the car lot that received our broken Acura saw that the engine was cracked, looking inside he would not see any sign of injury and as soon as my husband came to get items from the glove compartment, he would ask him about that

“ Seeing as the engine was cracked, I know how hard a hit that was whoever was in this vehicle, and I was expecting to see the proof of that when I looked inside but it was clean, how did you survive that hit?

My husband answered back that we not only survived that but that we were going to have a baby too. We found out in the hospital that day.

Anyway, I have many stories like that, signs that God was always by my side, even when I didn’t know him. But I can’t convince others, I can only share my own stories, as I know you all have your own. It’s up to each individual to see what they see. People should never judge and always go to places of love when sharing what ever story you have to tell.

That accident stopped me from heading over to India. India wasn’t meant to be. I had to find other ways to help the ones here where I lived instead. I did do some volunteering and helping with children here in my state, but not a lot. My husband and I tried to do what we could when it came to helping others deal with an ASD diagnosis. I remember our own early years and how devastating any diagnosis is in those first days. Just breaks a parent’s heart.

Now looking at the file cabinet in my craft room, I have to make a hard decision to what to do with it. I have a Pecs computer program, speech folders, medical and ABA therapy pages, just so much history. I have held onto those pages for so long.

I didn’t really follow ABA therapy like I was taught, instead taking the good parts, mixing it with some of my own teaching style and throwing in a little Montessori style. I would end up creating my own unique program to help my son become verbal. Nothing new to any other mother out there, you know your own children best. Each mother knows how to individualize the programs their children need to succeed. Just that mother instinct in us all.

So much history in this home we have to move from, but move we must. We can not leave our son and daughter in this city that has changed so much in the past two years. Maybe it had been changing for many years and I was just so busy with my own life that I didn’t even know it was happening.

Researching different states, trying to figure out some place where our children can grow old and be surrounded by somewhat kind people, took up a lot of our down time this month. I am not naive, I grew up in a rough neighborhood as a child, I know the dangers the world has in it. I know there are scary and cruel people everywhere. Let’s be honest everyone…again, not that I like being the bearer of bad news, but this really is a war we are all in.

There is a deceptive and hidden wall of corruption outlining all countries, enclosing the innocent in, while slowly enveloping it all like a slow cancer. Sorry if that triggers some people, but now that my eyes are open to what has been happening all along, I believe it is wrong not to share. All you have to do in my country alone is pull up the map and see the hidden wall I am referring to, outlined in my favorite color too. Such a clever, clever move by trolls in wolf’s clothing.

To get too much into it, this subject will turn into a political discussion and as always, that is one dangerous place to visit right now. I wouldn’t even know how to explain to anyone about what I am writing about. The ones who would agree with me have had their eyes opened for a long time, even before me, they have already seen . But the ones who are blinded by hate are hard to reach, they are only allowed to see and hear what their blindness allows them to. This has nothing to do with politics. In person, I could talk your ear off about this…get that from my dad, but only when it comes to certain subjects, otherwise I am as quiet as a mouse. I prefer quiet, a homebody at heart. August, it would turn out, did become a very hate filled month this year of 2021, just as I had feared.

We went shopping a lot this month, this is Phoenix in the summer for you. It’s why our cold and flu season comes twice a year here. More people indoors during the summer months along with our regular Winter holiday shopping months. We visited a giant craft store and IKEA for some more of a drink my kids love. Picked up paints and model car kits for my husband.

August was also a month of storm after storm. Many prayers for the ones suffering in these strange floods all showing up everywhere, in places that haven’t seen floods in so long. Should call this the year of the floods too.

My son took this photo when he went out to rescue the chicks.
And he put those wet chicks in our back Arizona room.
Which I discovered when I opened the blinds to let some light in after the storm.

My garden is very green for a summer garden.

This is not your typical garden here in Phoenix. Most homes in Phoenix are part of HOAs and have their own rules where you are not allowed certain plants, flags, or holiday decorations. We live in an older neighborhood with pecan trees and mature landscapes and no HOA’s. Looking up homes all over the country I am amazed how green everything is in a lot of other states. I’m also amazed at the differences in prices. A home in Arizona is so much more and you don’t get as much as homes out there in other states. Some states I am looking at are so beautiful too and the homes are amazing for the prices, half of what most homes here in Arizona are going for, just crazy to me.

Here I was stenciling and painting faux plants on the block wall because I wanted some green in our garden for our dry summers and it wasn’t even necessary after all.

Our garden was so green this summer, that it reminds me of Spring. Not a normal summer here in Arizona.

I bought some new house plants this month

And lots of air plants. Sill trying my hand at that. You can buy them on Etsy for anyone interested.

Because I had so many air plants, I decided to make a bunch of hanging baskets for them.

It has been a very creative month for my daughter and I. My daughter has taken up painting books and bibles. She just started this and is having fun experimenting with different colors. She even writes all letters by hand. She has been working in the sewing room for now but as soon as the temps cool down, I will be making an artist station out in the Arizona room where all the houseplants are right now. It is too hot and humid out there now, with no air conditioning.

I’m trying to think of something for my son to do that is as creative, it calms the soul I tell him. He told me he would love to learn pattern design. I will have to break out my old bear patterns I designed years ago and start with that.

I tried really hard to stay off screens this month but did get on to thank everyone for keeping my cousin in your prayers. Her daughter is still in the hospital and will be there for awhile, at least to 34wks. This way the baby has the best outcome. Each day the baby stays in, the baby grows stronger.

Another thing that kept us busy this month was keeping up with all the fish tanks we have in our home (3). In the summer months we have to clean the fish tanks more then usual, with August and September being the worse two months. The water warms up and the algae grows so fast. Keeping them extra clean keeps fish tank smells away. We also have lids on the tanks, that helps keep your home from smelling like a pet store.

I have two filters in my acrylic tank. I didn’t realize why it was turning green with algae until we were cleaning it and discovered one of the filters had a broken plastic plant piece stuck in it.

Just like that scene in Nemo. I love that movie. We had our own finding Nemo moment this month.

Alley cat discovered our coffee bags one day and started acting weird. She just went bananas over the coffee bags. Have to hide it, I don’t think caffeine is safe for cats…wait, what am I thinking, it is bad. She was licking the bag. She must have discovered it a couple days ago because my husband kept asking me why Alley smelled like a coffee shop. She would jump into my husband’s lap and purr and purr, as happy as could be. We both looked at each other like “ What’s the deal with the cat.” she normally only comes to me and no one else in the house. Probably thanking my husband in her kitty way, because he is the coffee drinker in the house after all.

Sammy still can’t stand Alley and there is nothing we can do to get these two to love one another, just not happening. Whenever Alley, being the youngest, does anything, Sammy just looks on in annoyance. I believe he is thinking “ Can we take her back now, can’t she just go back to where you got her?” poor Sammy, he is so spoiled.

Sammy has taken over my favorite Wing back chair. I have to tape the areas he loves scratching and cover it.

Anyway, we discovered what that was about. Alley can be a bit of a drama queen at times. My husband says they all have such unique personalities that he would love doing a comic strip about them. Remember Calvin and Hobbs? That was my husband’s favorite and every Christmas I would surprise him with a new book, along with the Far side.

My husband picked up a giant box of fruits and veggies at Market On The Move. It’s a program here in the city that anyone can join in on, where slightly old fruits and veggies are sold. This whole table full was $12. We will be canning some of it because we can’t eat it all this week, otherwise it will go bad. It’s all organic too. I will do a fun post on all the different things we did with these fruits and veggies.

We made lots of citrus juice this month. We drink a lot of citrus drinks here in the desert during the summer months and the Winter. My husband even makes candy from the peels. I make home made natural cleaners using citrus.

Another thing we did this month was make a poor man’s shelf, what we called it growing up. Seems to be a trend now with Mid century modern homes, but when I was growing up cinder blocks and wooden beams saved money on furniture. They make the best book shelves too. All these supplies were in our back yard already, so best part was that it didn’t cost anything. I even used left over paint to paint the blocks.

My purchasing hauls this month weren’t a lot. I am not a big shopper for entertainment like I was in the past. I do splurge now and then at the second hand shops. I just love picking up items that you know at one time brought so much joy to someone. Like you can feel it. I know, sounds crazy, but anyway, I have to be very careful with those stores. I like the rule we have here in our home that if anything comes in, we have to find something to take out, so as not to become too overcrowded.

We are going into a season where this rule will not be wise. During times of shortages, higher prices and the unknowns, it is best to keep things a little longer…just in case. In the past four years I have been buying practical and looking for useful items more.

The umbrella’s are all on sale right now but here in Arizona we use them all year long. This huge shade umbrella was on sale for $7.

We also did some trades. Took some items I no longer wanted and did a trade for new things. This book was one of those items. Full color decorative holiday illustrations cd-rom and book.

That’s it for August. How was your August?

Please pray for our young men and woman who fight for our freedoms, pray for the innocent people of Afghanistan, and pray for this little guy in YouTube clip down below. Found here in our city, frightened and all by himself. This clip is from our local news. I’m surprised they even posted it to be honest. Most of the time we don’t hear the half of what really is going on out there with abuse, and that is why it is something more of us have to come out and talk about. It has been protected and hidden for too long .

We need to pray for and send well wishes to all our children. Think this little guy is barely two and already life has not been kind to him. I wonder if he has actually been to the place he wears on his shirt. Something weird about that too. Has he enjoyed funnel cakes, spinning rides, laughter and hugs of protection? There are thousands of these tiny souls out there right now that need our love and prayers. It starts there, when we love and protect the most innocent and vulnerable, that’s a big step in healing what is wrong in this world.

See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my father in heaven.

Jesus speaking in Matthew 18:10

Thank you, thanks for the visits while I took some time off in August and this first week of September and thank you to any new followers of mine, your comments and likes as well and your prayers and well wishes. Stay safe out there everyone, and God bless you and yours from all of us at Our Little Red House.

16 Comments Add yours

  1. ourcrossings says:

    As a firstborn, I have to agree with you that firstborn people are very responsible and seem to be old souls. Being the first, middle, youngest, or only child probably influences your behaviour, and you can bet your paycheck that your firstborn children are going to be different. I’m sorry to read about your accident, hoping with trauma and experiencing emotional distress takes years to heal and during the healing process, you may begin to notice signs of increased stress such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, anguish, fearfulness, issues with sleep, reoccurring nightmares about the crash and more. Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts all the way from rainy Ireland 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. Accident was many years ago, so glad that is over, just going through old items to pack away and organize for an easy move brings all those memories back from the past, that’s the part that makes moving hard I suppose. Trying to figure out what to keep and what to donate or toss.
      There is a book out there about birth orders and how they predict personalities in us. I can’t remember the title but it was so fun reading about how each order has certain characteristics. First born children are always so deep and serious. My husband is the youngest in his family and he is always the one that makes everyone laugh with his craziness and he also took a lot chances when we would go hiking and mountain biking when we were younger. I was always warning him to be careful like a little mother hen, so funny. Think that comes from having to always watch the younger siblings growing up as the first born, never goes away. We laugh about that. Although I was a bit of a Tom Boy as a little girl, so I have bumps and bruises from my own crazy adventures of not being careful. Sending you healing thoughts and love to rainy Ireland. Green is a such a beautiful color too, I bet it is gorgeous where you are at right now.


  2. Pure Glory says:

    May God guide and direct you on your move. Thought you might move to your little rehouse. It is my experience that all locations have challenges. God will give you wisdom and open the right doors, close doors that that no man can open, and direct your steps. Enjoy the journey! Blessings follow you all the days of your life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Pure Glory, many blessings to you as well. I know that what ever happens, that God will lead us where we are suppose to be. He is always by our side, helping to guide us, just have to listen and see. May be that there is still something here, in this city I was born in, that God still wants me to do. We all have our parts when we walk with God. I love Arizona. I worry for my children and their future. Our Little Red House is in the middle of no where and pretty isolated for my son and daughter but we will be holding onto it. It is beautiful in that area. We have good people there too. One of our neighbors is in local politics in that county and is helping so many people by doing the right things when it comes to true leadership. We may decide to stay there in between figuring out where our new location will be away from the city. We do plan on spending more time up there this Fall and Winter but I keep it private offline when and where we are at different times. If up there, I am usually not online much. It’s harder with service in some areas. Thank you again for all the people you help, you are also playing a very important part in God’s plans with your encouraging and uplifting posts. God bless you and yours.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pure Glory says:

        You are welcome! There is nothing wrong with being in the “middle of nowhere.” Alaska is in the “middle of nowhere” but still livable and strategic. It will all work out for you and your family, in God’s timing!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So true. It is so beautiful there too, I always love watching travel shows about areas around our country and Alaska is so striking and green with so much water and wild life…just amazes me how much beauty is out there in the world. Yes, it also pretty up north here in our state, so quiet and peaceful too. God made a beautiful planet for us all to enjoy.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Pure Glory says:

        Yes, I forgot to say, I live in the far North, Alaska about 100 miles south of the Arctic Circle, in a small city in the middle of the beautiful wilderness. We are all called to live in different places, to fulfill our destinies!


  3. Jane Fritz says:

    Oh, LRH, I hope you find a place to move where you can find peace, kindness, and a sense of community. We all deserve that. What I will pray for is that the U.S. finds its way back to those kinds of values.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank Jane, you and me both. I hope all is well in your country too. Big hugs and lots of love back to you all in Canada.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jane Fritz says:

        No country is perfect, and there has been some spillover across the border of the vitriol, but it’s not in the same ballpark. The sad thing is that it’s not clear how America gets the genie back in the bottle. Take good care of yourself and those close to you. Good luck with your new plans.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, this is true. We just have to take each day and do the best we can. You and your family have a beautiful week. I will keep you all in my prayers.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved your post! No triggers. 😁 May God bless and guide your move, to a safe location. Praying peace and safety on your journey 🙏💯❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that is so kind of you. May God keep you safe and many blessing as well. Have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow.

      Liked by 1 person

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