Shopping for cowboy boots in Arizona.

Thought some of my out of country followers would like to go on another shopping trip. Here in Arizona the virus rules are pretty relaxed. People are given the chose to wear or not to wear a mask while shopping. Since it is being reported that vaccinated are now coming down with the virus as well as non vaccinated, they are recommending even vaccinated wear a mask.

All local news is reporting and promoting the same thing, doesn’t matter what channel you turn to, same script, every channel. A couple weeks ago they were reporting on which restaurants here in Phoenix require passports to attend them, to the shock of many who watch as this plays out. Jab passports are not a thing up north though.

Of course going out in this state you will get a feel of how things are actually playing out when you are in the middle of it, and “Those” restaurants are not so popular here in this state, no matter how much the screens try to tell us they are. Not sure where those shops are getting their money to stay afloat, but there are lots of life jackets out there in this new world of ours. This planned tension and fear, that is purposely being created in my opinion, is just fuel. Darkness’s fuel, as my father used to say…is chaos and fear.

Depending on whether the store is locally owned or corporate owned, you will get a feel for what their views are on with masks wearing once you walk in. I have noticed that locally owned shops do not have their employees wearing masks and all the corporate shops make their employees wear them. Mask wearing has become political. Everyone knows that N95’s are basically the only ones that work but have you tried breathing through one of those. I have them here in storage for furniture remakes I do. Had them before the pandemic.

Driving around, seeing shops and the patterns of how certain areas are more crowded and busy compared to other areas where more mask wearing and chances of passport agendas might be happening, helps to give you the ideas of what works in keeping the economy going and what doesn’t. You will see the patterns of who is doing well and who isn’t when you live in both environments.

Blue areas, big corporate chains and trendy spots in the area are still busy with young crowds, but that’s what the screens show us. I am not one to eat out a lot, or drink for that matter, so in that area I can’t tell you what those truths are. If I had to guess, any area where the young like to hang out, that are considered trendy through social media sites, are always busy spots. As if the virus is invisible to the young ones, which we all know is not true.

Red areas, where mostly conservatives live, are packed with cars and people out shopping. Walk into a conservative shop wearing a mask and you might feel the political anger as soon as you do. And you won’t be able to walk into the empty and less crowded “ Passport” area if you aren’t carrying the golden ticket. At least this is what we all are being told here in our country, but I am hearing chatter that local small businesses in passport cities from other states are not following the same rules as the corporate stores, they allow non passports in. Now this all could be rumors, again, I am not in those areas. I am just writing about what I am experiencing in my own environments here in the city and outside the city.

I have not come across any passport businesses while out shopping here in my state, even if local news is reporting that the passports are now here in our city…with glee I might add. Yellow stars are here, but again, I have not come across any stores promoting this in my shopping adventures I share with you all.

Also, you will notice in my photos, that you don’t see a lot of customers. This is done on purpose on my end, as I am very careful to respect people’s privacy even though we are out in public. That might change though with the drugs and illegal activities I am starting to see when out in the city on our shopping adventures. I see shots all the time. Little moments in history that I want to record. Another reason why a lot of my shopping adventure photos don’t have a a lot of people in them, is because I shop early and during the middle of the week when stores are less crowded.

In Red areas, shops that have boycotts against them, and again what I believe to be all planned recipes for fuel to create chaos, well, they are not doing so well. Those stores, as we drive by, are opened for business but pretty much empty inside except for a lone employee or two.

Small business owners who have bought franchises to these corporate businesses, whose commercials of hate propaganda are turning people away in droves, are suffering. Eventually the franchise mom and pops will have to close shop if this keeps up. When they bought their franchises they never saw what would come. Just another way to shut down the small business owners…see a pattern here?

There is chatter and anger in the city about masks not being forced, but mostly that is by one political side and not the other. I am purposely leaving the party names out. If you live in this country, you already know what I am writing about. Wearing, or not wearing a mask is all political now. I believe in freedom and forcing anything on anyone is wrong in my eyes. I remember as a child the horrors of Jim Jones and his forced agendas. I also read many books on the holocaust as a child and an adult. I started reading and studying the history of that horrible time around the age of 12.

So, that’s what is happening here in my area. I am noticing some shortages and chaotic displays of disarray. But I am only noticing this in Big corporate stores and chains for now. I will do a post along with photos on that later. What I am witnessing is not something I believe is necessary, but then the ones that can see this as well, already know that, and the ones who can’t, are not allowed to…they are blinded by something that even they don’t know or understand has and is happening to them. As long as there is fuel for chaos, there will be blindness to truths.

This shopping adventure I will be sharing with you all in photos was done at two stores. One was a corporate store here in the city, and the other a little local mom and pop shop outside the city, in a town up north.

As I am writing this post up today (on a Sunday) my husband just got a message from up north that the only Walmart in the the largest town outside where Our Little Red House is, has run out of groceries and shopping bags. Although the other two grocery stores in town still have supplies according to the person on the site. Notice how the big corporate store has the shortage first. Fuel everyone…fuel. That is if this is true, still don’t know. Just heard this from across the room from my husband who is on the computer right now.

This has never happened before in all the years we have been up north. I will have to get in contact with some friends of ours up there later, to see it is true. I’m in the city right now, but we are planning a trip up north soon. My daughter has an eye appointment here in the city this week. She may need a new prescription.

Shopping in a city compared to shopping in a small town is so different. My daughter wanted some new cowboy boots and a hat, and we also picked up some hats as well. Hats are important in Arizona, need to protect our eyes and faces from the sun. Our closets here in the city and up north always have hats stored in them. Except up north we have warm beanies to go with our normal hats.

Here they are, a whole bunch of shopping adventure photos. Hope you all enjoy this month’s shopping adventure.

Small business western shop.

Small business shops remind me of the shops in Europe. Cozy and small, not overwhelming like our huge super stores here in the states. This store below has a total of two employees only, pretty small compared to the second store we went to in the city, which employ’s over 2,000 employees.

In the mom and pop stores you will see more pride for the country we live in. They don’t worry so much about who they may offend, they support what they believe in and take their chances to what will happen with business. Some small businesses will even have signs up saying if you support certain politicians they don’t want your business. I have only heard of one store in my state taking things that far and it was a shop out in Cave creek Arizona that had a sign up that said NO MASKS ALLOWED.
These are perfect for Arizona weather as we are a state that needs layering throughout the day in the Winter months.
Lots of ranchers up north.
Small mom and pops seem to always have a pot of flowers outside. Personal touches like that make it feel welcoming.

City shopping.

In the city, the store was packed with products. I don’t know much about this store down below but my daughter loves it and she needed some retail therapy as they say. When you walk into these western shops it smells great. Leather everywhere puts out a fragrance that reminds me of all those boot shops and cowboy shops in all the years I have lived here.

There are more products in this corporate store then the tiny small business shop up north. Both shops I am sharing with you were done in very conservative parts of our state. When I shop, I shop everywhere, it doesn’t matter where in the city or outside the city.

I grew up in a really poor blue area though, so I’m more comfortable in those stores compared to expensive stores that are in areas like Scottsdale, Cave creek, Paradise Valley, and Fountain hills. I have been to shops in all those areas as well.

Takes me back to when I used to travel when I was younger. Monaco was not a place I was comfortable in, so much money everywhere, so expensive. I loved Belize city, even with all it’s crime, more then Monaco. Both had that beautiful sea water but one was less intimidating to me.

People is suits as my uncle used to call them, are harder to read or get a feel on because they wear their wealth as an armor in a way. But the broken ones and people who show who they are on the outside, not hiding who they are on the inside, are much easier to get a feel on. Some people are easier to read then others.

I have discovered that in the poorer areas, people are kinder and friendlier. In the richer areas, you can find nice people too, but it is harder, since everyone seems afraid to interact with one another. Like if you are friendly, you must want something, they seem more afraid of loosing things then the people in the poorer areas. Or they think being poor is something they can catch so they avoid eye contact or interacting with anyone that doesn’t fit that ladder they carry with them. Not all of them of course. The most humble of people with money usually don’t display that they have it when out in the world. There is good and bad from all walks of life.

There are some areas in the poorer section though that are not safe and you have to be careful. Dress accordingly to which ever area you are shopping in, so as not to draw attention to yourself. Here in my city there areas where eye contact will be looked upon as a challenge . Best to avoid any eye contact or reactions to anything in really bad areas.

It has been awhile now since I have been back to my old neighborhood. I have no reason to go there now. The last time I was there, almost a decade ago, when my father was still alive, I felt a tension and ugliness brewing that I had never felt before and it scared me. A feeling I never thought I would ever experience from an area I knew and loved at one time. I am not sure what that is about.

The most expensive thing I always carried when in another country was my professional camera. I left the gold jewelry I was gifted with over the years back home. I never liked wearing jewelry anyway. But a gift is a gift, so I accepted them with politeness and now they sit in a drawer for my daughter some day, or now if she likes.

In Belize any gold you wear will draw attention. I have heard that in that country you are not allowed to own gold bars. I don’t know what that was about, but our taxi man told us that when he was driving us to the airport. That was years ago, so that could have changed by now.

There seems to be more pretty and trendy clothes in this city store. Up north in the small mom and pop shop they had mostly practical clothes for working.
Loved this cardigan.

That’s it for now, I will have part two tomorrow. There were so many boot designs to share with you all and there are already a lot of photos on this post. I will also share with you all what my daughter bought. This shopping trip was an early Christmas shopping trip. I know, it’s way too early, but I don’t know what our plans will be this Christmas or where we will be spending our favorite time of the year. We are getting everything done as soon as possible. This week is a busy week of last minute shopping for us. Happy shopping adventures everyone and please stay safe out there.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I am not big on shopping, but there’s no chance I would pass an opportunity to stock up on cowboy boots and flannel shirts! It’s amazing to see that Western wear was never really ever out of fashion, if anything, it is becoming increasingly popular among urbanites. For me, the clothes always represented freedom. For others, they’re just good, stylish fun. Either way, you can never have too many flannel shirts, especially now as the autumn is on its way 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day, my friend 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There is plenty of soft comfy flannel over here right now. I love window shopping, sometimes I get ideas when I go out and see what’s available. Here in Phoenix we are a huge retail center, so there are plenty of places to shop at. We get a lot of tourists here too, so there are shops everywhere. Up north in Sedona they have cool little shops that are fun to go to for Christmas shopping. It can get crowded though, especially with red rocks everywhere and those amazing views. At night there are thousands of tiny lights decorating the whole town. We don’t have Autumn here in the desert but driving up north to the high country for the Fall is one of my favorite places to be. Where we have Our Little Red House there are all kinds of trees with orange, yellow and red. There are lakes up north too, so always fun to walk around the lake in the Fall. You and your family have a great week too.

      Liked by 2 people

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