Part two- shopping for Cowboy boots in Arizona.

We all took a day off for some fun shopping at the western stores here in my state. This isn’t something we normally do. We are a very frugal family that tries to live a debt free life as much as possible. Normally we shop sales and second hand only, but there are special treats once or twice a year for retail shopping.

When we do shop second hand, we look for brands that use real materials that keep clothes together longer. Now days, they have changed some of the threads in fast fashion to fall apart quicker, to keep the consumers shopping more, something I noticed when a quilt of mine started falling apart. All you have to do is test and research this yourself…notice blankets and fabrics falling apart more in the past few years? This is in my opinion, to keep our younger generation in debt. People in debt can not afford to build their own dreams, or live in their own homes. They become chained to their debts and carry that through their lives, along with debts from the ones we look to, to lead us.

You can find some beautiful hand made jewelry here locally made by the natives. Just visit some of the reservations and road stop shops around the tourist areas. It is worth the extra money to buy something from local artists instead of something mass produced.

I have also noticed that our fashion choices in our stores these past few years have gotten depressing with color choices. Even homes are being painted depressing colors. Gray, I’m talking about gray everyone. Sorry if I’m offending anyone who loves this trendy color right now. Any new homes coming up on the market are all being painted shades of gray. I believe the reasons behind this color showing up everywhere in my country, are because the screens are telling us that this is a popular color. That this is the color everyone is buying and wearing, And that this is the color you all need to buy too…you don’t want to be different do you? I wonder what those meetings are like when those big corporate buyers get together and decide what we will be wearing for the coming year. I like gray, I do, but in natural things, like stones and rocks but not as the main color.

One time a renter here in our city told my husband, that he painted all the insides of his rentals gray. It is a color he said, “ That keeps people feeling hopeless”. In doing this little psychological trick, it keeps renters staying put, continuing to pay off the mortgage of the real owners of those homes.

Some friendly advice spoken to new flippers at the paint counter one morning, but taken by me as really disheartening when I heard my husband retail this story.

” Do people really do that?” I was shocked when I heard this.

I could never leave anything I fixed up in a hopeless state. I like leaving things better then what I found them in fact. I think I was meant to hear that story though. No matter how uncomfortable it was to know there are people out there that think this way. Because now years later, looking around, another dot has been connected to paint this picture that is playing out in front of me in this New World after the red monster showed up. The red monster of course is not the cause of the trend of gray, but he did contribute to opening our eyes to so many things once he showed up.

Look closely and you will see that there is only one bright sweater left for sale on this rack. People are choosing the brighter colors but one color seems to be the main theme in most of these displays.

Thinking back before the virus showed up, houses were being painted gray all the time. Hopelessness and depression keep our immune system not functioning well. Going for walks out in the sunshine does keep it strong…see another dot. I pray for Australia, we all need to. Everything is connected.

There are some shortages I am noticing on racks in certain stores, two stores mainly and both supply most food and clothing to poor and middle class shoppers everywhere. On most of these empty shelves though I am noticing one thing, and that is, that the color we are being told is the most popular, is the last color to sell it seems. There are plenty of gray colored items everywhere on these empty shelves. Yet we are still being made to believe that this is the color to buy.

I don’t know if that statement about gray making people feel hopeless is true, I’m not a psychologist, but looking around these past years at the clothing colors and selections, I am seeing one color coming up more and more here in America. And that color is different shades of gray. Even the bright primary colors in our fashions have muted gray in them. Why would someone want people in America to feel hopeless ?

Another rack full of mostly gray and muted colors with mixtures of gray in them. Notice how the center outfits on the mannequins are dressed in brightly colored outfits? This draws the eye of course, to this section, and apparently from the look of things, that was the color to go first, because all that is left is the gray clothes to choose from.

Who is picking our fashion choices for us to buy from?. Why are the corporate designers choosing such terrible colors for most of our poor and middle class shoppers to choose from?Looking at vlogs from other countries, you can see they are wearing brighter and more cheerful colors in those countries.

Again, the lone and brightest color on this rack tells a story of what people want and bought the most. They want cheer and bright things in times of depressive environments not gray clothes.

This of course takes me back to what that landlord said years ago about the color gray making his renters feel so hopeless that they settle in their lives of being renters and not owners. They accept their environments and stay put. They become compliant. I wonder if this is why some of our prisons, schools, and medical centers are in these colors too?

When we go shopping for clothes we buy classic colors and styles. We have to search for these items at estate sales, thrift shops and church sales because it is hard to find happy clothes in some areas. Like jeans and bulky sweaters. Solid well made long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, you know…basic clothes that aren’t too trendy, so no fast fashion as they call it. The trends are meant to keep our young in debt and insecure about who they are. If they don’t follow them, there will be pressure from their peers. A well planned out formula by some very clever businesses.

This shopping adventure where my daughter wanted to get some cowboy boots was purely for fun.

I am not a big fan of the trendy stores. The Western wear I grew up with was always meant as working clothes instead of fashion statements. This western fashion stuff is all new to me. I will bring up something that I did notice and that is that in these conservative type stores, their clothing choices were brighter and more cheerful colors then in the poorer areas and mass produced stores with their depressing color choices.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of this shopping adventure we took and remember, no matter what you wear or how you shop, beauty comes from within us, not how the things we cover ourselves with portray what we are on the outside. If we were to only base ourselves off of the same cycle of trending fashions, then we really are all just dressed in sheep’s clothing. Dress the way that makes you happy, even if it makes you stand out as being different. Different is beautiful everyone.

These photos down below are from the sale section in the women’s area where there were some really pretty dresses. Some of these dresses would be pretty wedding dressing or brides maid dresses. I think weddings are great but they can break the banks if you know what I mean…again, that peer pressure thing that turns a princess into Godzilla depending on how they were raised that is. These dresses down below are really pretty and practical. They can be worn again, not just something that costs thousands of dollars to be stored away in a closet for years. Although I do have a bit of that sentimental in me too, so I have things in my closet that have been stored in there for years, like the first outfits my children came home in from the hospitals.

They also had several western purses as well.

Here are the boots my daughter bought. Stay safe out there you guys, and happy shopping adventures to you all.

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  1. JOY journal says:

    🙂 I don’t mind gray so much. But, I’m not even sure why beige exists!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, beige is kind plain. I like to think a lot of colors out there are just co stars and the real stars are our favorite of course, but that is kind of funny too. Every one thinks their colors are the best but in reality, they’re all great together and not alone.


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