In the garden…finishing up mosaic pots, air drying herbs, and making mini cacti terrariums .

I really don’t like going outside during September here in Phoenix. It’s humid, very hot, there’s high pollution and mosquitoes everywhere. Best to stay in as much as possible. I do get up early to water, and feed the wild doves but that is about it. Everything struggles in September here in this desert city. I try to go out right around sunset for garden upkeep, but I get eaten alive by mosquitoes. My gigantic citronella candle was accidentally left out during the daytime so it melted into one big lump on one of my garden tables. Those candles are the best at keeping mosquitoes away.

One of my many garden tables I use to work on projects and painting. This is the table that had a big blob of melted wax on it. This photo is also from my Spring garden. Plants like these would never survive now in this heat.

I had some pots that were falling apart…remember those? Some of my regular followers know how upset I get when things just fall apart. It’s one of my favorite rants to rant about. I brought the pots into our kitchen to work on so I wouldn’t melt outside working. I tried working on them outside during a heat advisory day and was so uncomfortable I had to come in and check the weather channel. Sure enough there it was. A giant warning to stay inside and drink lots of fluids, small meals, rest, and only go outside early in the mornings.

This is a messy craft project so I don’t recommend doing this inside.

I had no idea what I was doing really. I bought a book on mosaics at the thrift shop and just started experimenting with some broken glass I had out in the garden. The glass was given to me from a glass artist.

I made some mistakes. Some glass pieces were too big, and I used the wrong glue on one of the pots when I ran out of the hard as nails glue that seems to work the best for mosaics. I also ran out of grout half way between finishing up one pot. I told my husband that maybe it would have been better to have just tossed the poor pots but I’m stubborn and wanted to see if I could save them. I spent about $10 in supplies for all three pots. I still have tons of grout left plus glue. I can do some more pots if I want because I was given so much glass. At first I tried just using what I had on hand but in the middle of everything I did run out of that grout.

Here they are finished. I still need to put some plants in the larger pot.

I also worked on mini cacti terrariums to drop off at the dentist office.

The basil just took off growing like crazy.

This photos was taken after I clipped some leaves.

I am drying herbs for the Winter months.

I have to clean up the mini herb garden, but again, I am avoiding it out there for this month so it can wait. In September we bring some of our gardening activities inside.

Right now all I had was Basil and Cilantro to dry and the Cilantro I bought at the grocery store. Two bundles for $1. It is too hot to grow Cilantro here right now.

We dry outside on screens. It only takes a day here in this desert heat. We have a dehydrator but in the summer we don’t really use it unless we have heavy fruit or something. Once the herbs are dry we bring them all inside to finish up. I do try to work out in the garden in September, but after a few minutes the heat just hits you in the gut sometimes. We had a pretty mild summer so far but September is my least favorite month.

I went out one evening to finish the grout on the mosaics, which is such a messy craft and I counted 20 bites all around my ankles from mosquitoes. I rubbed aloe on them and there was no swelling after that. Just annoying how moths, flies, and mosquitoes are everywhere this summer. This is not normal for our summers here.

I did get a spider bite that was really scary for awhile. I thought at first it was just a mosquito bite but then it started spreading. When it first started showing signs of being a spider bite I started cleaning it with peroxide and alcohol three times a day, then adding aloe after each time. See a pattern here, I do love my aloe. Spider bites can take a long time to heal from their poison. It is healed now, but I have a scar on my arm that looks like my Small pox vax scar from those giant needle guns they used back in the day. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had that twice. My mother loved spending time at the doctor’s offices and anywhere the medical people hung out. I had all my shots and more. At school when I was 5, at community parks when they were giving them out there and at doctor’s offices too.

In Arizona we have a lot of creepy crawlies. Not the fist time I have been bitten by a spider. The worst bite I got was at 8 when a giant wolf spider shared the bed with me one night. Without me knowing of course.

I have collected lizards, frogs, even had a pet sparrow one time that I rescued and released, only for the little thing to keep flying back to me every night, but spiders were never my thing. You wouldn’t see a tank full of pet spiders in my room…eww!

I remember not feeling well that morning after spending the night with a spider. Went to school anyway and when the P.E teacher saw my leg all swollen with a bluish tent he wanted to know what happened to my leg. Shrugging my shoulders like how was I suppose to know, I answered back…

“ I don’t feel so well.”

I was waiting in line to get ready to exercise and run. He sent me to the nurses office right away, and she said it was a spider bite. Well, there was our answer to what the heck was going on with my leg. She had to drive me all the way home, around that mountain I lived by because my dad was out of town. There were no other vehicles at home to pick me up. I got to school every morning on a long bus ride that seemed to take forever.

My Nana told my parents that when she was making my bed that morning, she found a giant wolf spider that was dead in my bed, the biggest one she had ever seen, but dead as a doorknob. If you want to see how big wolf spiders get just google it. It will freak you out.

One time my Nana was popped by a black widow when she was gardening and her index finger was never the same after that, it was always crooked and hard after that. All her other fingers were fine but that one was a dead finger. At least this is the story she told me when she was gardening one time…careful of the spiders she would always say to me. Believe me, I’m not looking to hang out with any, don’t have to tell me to stay away.

So anyway, not sure why I went off on the spiders…oh, yeah, mosquitoes everywhere and September is hot. Should have titled this post Salty September. That’s it for our garden adventures this month, not a lot going on out there in the garden for September . Happy gardening adventures everyone.

I added pretty rocks to these glasses I picked up at the Dollar store. They are only temporary pots so they worked well for the little terrariums. There are 5 varieties of succulents in each pot from clippings in our garden. I also added a little wooden red truck with pumpkins in it. They were at hobby lobby and I made 6 garden picks out of the trucks. Everyone at the dentist’s office loved them.
And this is my new plant I bought this month to add to my plant collection. Let’s hope I can keep it alive.

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  1. Lori M-I says:

    I like your tile pots. I think they turned out super cute! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lori, I can’t wait to see how they look with some plants in them. It was fun designing the little pictures and filling them in like a puzzle.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ourcrossings says:

    You are so creative! Mosaics seem like a simple art in practice — after all, they’re produced by assembling small bits of tile, glass, ceramic, or stone into patterns and pictures — yet on a grand scale, the result is a stunning visual display 🙂 Aiva xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aiva, mosaics are so pretty to me. I did one years ago for my husband of his salt tank he had when we were first dating. It hangs on our wall in the living room. This is the first time I did pots though so it was a little different. My favorite place to see so many mosaics is in Italy. There are so many and they are amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

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