5 stores, 1 day of errands.

Okay, so this is what is going on. It has been a crazy month here at Our Little Red House.

Sometimes I am amazed I have time to post anything on this blog. I wish I had more fun DIY posts for you all because that is what I enjoy the most about blogging. We have been trying to get my son and daughter’s schedule together at the university they attend as well as prep for the Winter.

We had to make some major changes because we have decided to go all online until we get a better feel on things out there in the world. This was spoken about a few months ago when we all had a family meeting and decided we have to prepare to move within this year, or next two years at most, depending on how things keep going with the city. This city is changing and changing fast.

The christian university my son and daughter attend is surrounded by a lot of violence. If the kids are in dorms, never leaving outside the university, then they are pretty safe inside the campus. It’s a beautiful campus too. But having to drive there every morning my daughter would tell me the things she was seeing on the streets. They call the area The Blade, look it up. The Blade in Phoenix. That is an area that surrounds a huge Christian university. The city mayor that is in charge of everything seems to not be concerned too much about this. There is a spiritual battle that is going on everywhere, sadly only a few can see this.

There was a family that sent their son to this university and when he left the campus area to go for a jog in the evening he would be hit by a hit and runner. Eventually they found the woman who ran the red light and hit him, but that does not make the parents get their son back. It is a tragedy that we see here a lot here in our city. Lots of Hit and runners. In my family it has happened to us three times, thank God no one was seriously hurt in all those accidents with hit and runners. Two were caught in our cases.

Of all the places, why there…why surround a Christian university with so much violence? Anyway, this is why it has been hard to leave the city right now. Our son and daughter are attending a university here and we can not leave them alone in this city. Now that everything is online that will free up more of our time. Eventually they will have to transfer to another university or trade school, we don’t know yet.

Thought I share with you all one day of errands here in the city.

This day of errands I am sharing with you all in photos was from another fun day of shopping. The kids are getting their favorite things now at their favorite stores before we go into a volunteer lock down of sorts for our busy season here in the valley.

We still go out of house during our mini lock downs, but early and only visit small events throughout the city. We have always avoided huge crowds , traffic, and stores from October-January. Because of our weather here 6 months out of the year, things can get a little busy, more people etc…so this is nothing knew to us.

We have always gone into a mini lock down of sorts in the busy months around the cold/flu season. Always got our holiday shopping done early. Arizona is a very popular state in our Winter months. The traffic and people driving here during those months can get intense, just being an honest native.

This isn’t our normal grocery store but we had a coupon for this store. It’s in a really beautiful building that used to be a nunnery. The back half of the building along with all upper levels is closed to businesses and the public. It is known in our city as being haunted.

One day was all groceries, the next day was pet supplies and chicken food, another day was shopping for towels, and clothes, another day was going back and forth for vehicles parts and tires.

Four times we had to drive to the Acura dealership. My daughter’s passenger window wouldn’t roll back up. Bought the part and then another week later the driver’s side window wouldn’t roll up. My husband called to see if we could order it over the phone as well as pay but they said NO. We had to drive several miles across this huge city to order it, then the next day when it would be in we had to drive all the way back to pay and pick up. My son believes they do this to get people in there so they can talk them into a new vehicle. My husband picked up both parts and took them home to teach my daughter how to repair her own doors. It was $300 just for the parts, can’t imagine what it would have cost to have them repair it as well.
Since we were way across town to get the fourth trip for car parts, we decided to stop in at our only IKEA store here in our state. We usually only do this trip twice a year because it is a distance away from us. IKEA has the best live succulents in my opinion.
Inside the ” Haunted” grocery store. At one point the intercom got stuck or something and it was this loud static high pitched noise that lasted forever. I was wondering when someone was going to go and fix it. My son looked at me and asked me which nun did that. I said the nuns no longer lived there and then he said, you know mom the ghost. I laughed a nervous laugh and told him that was just a broken intercom or something. They finally fixed that high pitch noise and it was back to music again. I sure wouldn’t want to work the night shift here though.
This is a section my daughter loves, she loves sweet teas.
Saw this and thought of all those dried herbs I did this week from our garden. Such pretty packaging, mine are all in mason jars. The fresh stuff is still on the plant.

The new tire thing was a fear I had and I didn’t know how to explain to my husband about my worries about a tire going out on the rim or cliff when we head up north. I was getting really frightened. You know, we moms sometimes are extra careful.

I had a weird dream the other night too. I know, boring to hear someone else’s dream but it was just creepy. It was another door dream. I had to walk through a door, but it was more like an entrance. I couldn’t see the door because it was already opened for me. On the sides of the door were two black scorpions. One small one on my left side and a giant one on my right side. Like they couldn’t get through the door but wanted to, so they just hung out by the entrance.

I remember I was afraid to pass them at first, being cautious once I noticed black scorpions near me. But I knew I had to get through that door, so when I saw them, I ignored them but was still careful. The smaller black scorpion just stayed still and watched me closely, as well as the giant black scorpion on the right, it’s beady little eyes moving with each step I took closer to that entrance.

As I started to walk through the entrance the large black scorpion started freaking out, turning in circles and almost looked like it was attacking itself because it couldn’t reach me. The little black scorpion could not even move but the large one was so full of anger that it just twisted itself up, spinning in circles and still it couldn’t reach me. It looked like it was stinging itself…creepy. That is when I walked through the door and woke up. I can’t even tell you what was on the other side of that door, because I woke up. See…weird huh? I told my husband about the dream and he always says the same thing when I share a boring freaky dream with him…

“ What the heck did you eat last night?”

Anyway, my husband took our truck into the shop and they discovered that even though our tires looked nice on the outside, they were all cracked inside and were actually 11 years old. Very misleading tires, that’s what they were. The dealership we bought the truck from said they were only 3 years old.

When my husband took the tires in to to be checked, the tire shop showed my husband the inside of a tire and how bad the cracks were. They could probably last another year the man said. We drive rough roads up on cliffs when we head up north, good tires are so important. Because of so many shortages, my husband decided to not wait a year or take a chance with driving on old tires so he bought new ones.

The next day, we took my son and daughter out for a day of fun shopping to their favorite stores. It was my son’s turn this time to pick his favorite shopping center. I will share our grocery shopping trip with you all in another post. We are so grateful that we caught that tire thing in time, God is looking out for so many out there, another thing to be so thankful for.

So here they are, a whole bunch of shopping photos from one day of errands.

My daughter said these dresses are trending right now. They remind me of satin 80’s night gowns. I can’t imagine being caught out in a rain storm in one of these. Really?..this is very thin.
My husband and son looking through some clothes on a table display.
My husband being silly hiding from my photo.
Pumpkins are the theme this month.
A whole wall of adorable stamps at the paper store.
My favorite prints are the botanical prints.
I wonder what the prizes are in these little paper pumpkin balls.
Walking into the paper store does not remind me of typical Phoenix. This shopping center, which I used to shop at as a teenager, has huge mature trees and green plants everywhere.
Stopped off at our favorite mom and pop hobby store to pick up some model airplanes.
Think this Hobby shop has been around since the 50’s.
My dad used to say…” There is no such thing as a free cat” yep, I always wanted all those free kittens out there. I wonder what my dad would say today in the times we are living in. In these moments I miss him more then ever. Notice the dent in the blue truck. In this area there are several neighborhoods where cars parked in the streets are being hit on purpose and the drivers drive away. They haven’t caught the person or persons yet. Best to stay in when it gets dark. Sometimes I believe people are hired to cause chaos in some locations. Maybe Phoenix is just one of those cities right now.
Made my husband laugh on this day of errands. Everywhere we seemed to be driving there was a helicopter out flying around. I replayed that scene in Goodfellas. Pointing it out all the time. Remember that gangster/Mob movie? Ray had those crazy colored blue eyes, so unusual. Or were they green?
First to arrive before opening but the wait wasn’t bad when there is a beautiful water fountain to hang out by.
I liked the men’s selection in my son’s favorite clothing store to shop at.
I don’t know why, but this black dress reminds me of strawberry shortcake dresses. It was a doll back in the 80’s.

There were actually 6 stores we visited this day but the 4th store we stopped at I did not feel comfortable taking photos. Stay safe out there you guys. I will have a fun post for you all on how to make some pretty Fall home décor sometime or another. I seriously need a craft break from all this prepping and organizing. Fall decorating is so fun too, can’t wait.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I am in awe of the wall of adorable stamps at the paper store, it would be very challenging to pick just one or two for sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I feel the same way. I have a basket full of fun stamps here in our home for cards we make.


  2. Sounds like some busy trips! I don’t think I’d survive in the city. Too much going on and just — well, too much over all. It’s bad enough in our small area. What is nice here (or scary to some) is that pepole aren’t very hyped up about the you know what stuff. They go out to events, have fun, don’t mask up and don’t seem to care either way. Some are cautious, but most are just living life. I like that and then I worry about that and then I like it again. It’s hard to keep up sometimes! We sort of lock down around cold/flu season too. I don’t go many places during that time of year to try to keep the kids healthy I was worried about that stuff before all this craziness. I don’t freak if they get something but if we can avoid getting it, the better off we are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way about everything you wrote here. Something we always did with cold and flu season, just our regular pattern. It is hard not to worry and go back and forth with all the different reports coming out. Today driving on the freeway, my husband and I noticed the over head projector said 4.1 million (got the Jab) and I told my husband I have a photo from months ago that said 6.6 million. How did over two million just get erased like that?Then when we drove back from up north two days later the sign said 7.1 million but I didn’t get a photo of that in time. I have photos and dates from the other totals which don’t match up and then in two days it went from 4.1 to 7.1…either someone is having fun with our information or these are just outright lies. It’s like no one cares anymore if they get caught lying. Creepy. How does that happen…in two days over 3 million people get the J. And why did it go from 6.6 to 4.1 from months ago? Such games, like we are all in Kindergarten and have no idea how the world works. I have to go back and look through my photos…maybe I’m getting something wrong…weird.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think every politician is a liar and they don’t care if they get caught because they just make up an excuse for why they did it and move on – skipping away knowing none of us will really hold them accountable

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I feel the same way. It has been going on like that even way before either of us were born. So sad, when so much could get accomplish with just honesty, empathy and some good old fashioned common sense. Some people love their false sense of power and their worship of money sadly.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I couldn’t agree more

        Liked by 1 person

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