September updates and favorite blogger post.

“ You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it.”

Happy October everyone, I’m a little late on my end of the month updates. The months are sure flying by aren’t they? Better late then never as they say.

Oh September, how we missed you and are so happy you came back. This is the time of year we all look forward to here in my state. Although this month started out really rough and was leaving us all a bit salty as my daughter likes to say. All it took was a tiny break away from the city and some much needed time to rest in the country to remind us that September is actually a really beautiful month.

Lots of flowers up north right now.

Alright, lets see…what have we all been up to in September. Same old, same old, you could say. Seems like summer here in the desert is a whole year on it’s own instead of the three months everyone else experiences. Summers can be brutal in desert areas.

This month I cleaned up the garden a little at a time. Getting up early to avoid the heat and going out later when the sun wasn’t so intense. Had so many mosquitoes though and ants…oh, and flies. Wait, there were also many moths. Then the butterflies came and brightened up the days with all their colors.

We did some canning this month and some new chicks hatched as well.

This little baby reminds me of those football players with the black under their eyes.

Lost some plants but gained some new ones.

IKEA is my favorite place to buy succulents.

Found some really pretty vintage pots for my $1 day purchase at the thrift store.

I worked on Fall décor.

Three fun little DIY projects in this photo. I already shared one with you all, the little log pumpkins.

Even had a chance to share some DIY’s with you all.

My favorite part was being up in the country this month.

Alley cat loves hanging out by the back window, Elk have come right up to this window early in the mornings.
Tons of grass right now in town.

I am amazed at how green it is up north.

Today, while I write this up which is October 1st, I just watched the news where they shared photos of snow up north. It came in yesterday in a storm. Fall it seems has been turned into a Winter wonderland here in Arizona.

There was even water running in the creek when we drove up to Our Little Red House.

Usually, this time of year from all the extreme droughts we have been having lately, the creek is bone dry.

We did a lot of shopping this month.

We have always gotten our Christmas shopping done by October.

This is normal though, as anyone who lives here in Phoenix knows that our summer months are spent indoors a lot to avoid the heat. There are all kinds of retail centers to get out of the heat and spend time looking at all the new products for sale.

So funny to me how depending on who is voted in office to what the items of that time will be that people will buy. It wasn’t too long ago when they were selling crazy hair DJT socks…remember those? So funny what they come up with.

Did you know there are creepy little dolls that you can buy of all politicians. I don’t see these dolls a lot here in this city. I guess you buy them in those states where politicians live, just silly little souvenirs…creepy to me though. I see so many versions of them and depending on the artists, none ever look like who they are trying to portray or even come close to being similar to them. Decades from now when someone picks these little dolls up in a city dump or antique shop will they look at them and be confused to who they are. You can even order bobble head dolls that look like you or family members.

When I was a little girl I had the Sonny and Cher dolls, as well as Donny and Marie. They looked nothing like they did in real life or television screens. Just creepy little versions of what someone else thought they could pass off as them. Remember all those Princess Diane dolls? Yep, think you get the point. Just creepy.

Okay, time for my favorite posts from you all, enough with the creepy doll talk.

Edge of humanity had a post on poverty. The photos are beautiful to me. While out shopping we drove through my old neighborhood from my childhood. I was telling my son and daughter different stories about each location.

In one area that we drove through, I explained to my children that it was part of my bus route as a child. I remember the district we all went to would sometimes pick up kids on the reservation.

The kids on the bus were cruel, not all of us though, but like most schools, there are always the bullies. The kids on the bus would tease and make fun of the kids that were picked up in the poorer neighborhoods. One of our bus bullies would eventually grow up to become a citizen of the prison population.

Anyway, when our bus would drive through the little town of Guadalupe I remember seeing all the different homes and how some were put together with what looked like large pieces of cardboard. Many dogs were always running around, and you could see the poverty everywhere. Broken vehicles stored in yards, trash everywhere.

Right in the middle of all that poverty was a huge beautiful white adobe church. Even to this day, there are homes that have no electricity or running water. On the day we drove through I was taken back to my childhood and the old neighborhoods I used to be a part of.

As we drove past the community center, in the center of town, there were signs everywhere and lines wrapped around the building…Get Your Covid Shots today. I did not take photos there, not allowed, but someone did, maybe they live in the community. The natives believe the camera takes a little bit of your soul when it captures your image. Looking at how selfies around the world have create the scariest virus that is destroying us, what I call The Nirus, I believe those native ancestors from long ago were very wise to how much too many photos of oneself can change who we are inside. Narcissism is an epidemic that has no cure

Edge of humanity –

I remember shopping here as a little girl to buy my craft supplies at a tiny drugstore. There was also a Vietnam veteran that was in a wheelchair that would sell pencils outside the huge grocery store that used to be here. I was about 4 or 5 and loved to draw even then. My dad would give me a few quarters and I would pick out pencils from the can, Decades later driving through the old neighborhood to visit my mom , when my children were very young I would avoid stopping in this area. In this parking lot the Baseline rapist had hurt a mother who had her child with her at the time. He was an evil serial killer that attacked around the streets I used to grow up around. Women were afraid to go out on their own. There were two serial killers roaming our streets during that time. I was extra careful back then when traveling to my old neighborhood with my little ones.
I went to a couple Catholic churches in the area, so beautiful. I even helped the nuns one year at one church with their vaction bible school. I was 13 years old.
Driving on Baseline here in this photo. The mountain in the back is the mountain I used to climb all the time. I lived right up by the base of it and at night I could see all the city lights from the city down below. This spot here in this photo used to be fields and fields of flowers. Tulips in all colors, and carnations too. Just amazing to grow up around miles of flowers. I would ride my bike up and down the Hohokam canals from long ago like being in a Monet painting. The mountain would have small ponds and waterfalls up high on the cliffs after the Monsoon storms rolled in. There was more water back then. Then they stopped planting and started building more buildings when the parents that ran the gardens got older and their children went their own directions in life.

Another favorite post of mine came from The alchemistspottery-

A chance to win some freebies when you subscribe to their website.

New bloggers I am following this month.

Love from the heartland –


Thank you Lisa at Boondock Ramblings ( for the mention. If you haven’t been to Lisa’s site yet please check it out.I love her adventures she writes on her family.

That’s it for September. Thank you for your likes, visits, comments and follows everyone. If you know of any good posts, either yours or someone you follow, please share and leave in comments below.

Here is a feel good story for you all. It’s always nice to get some positive news for a change. We were in the area and had to stop off and get some of these cupcakes for ourselves. Anything we do to help another human being, no matter how tiny, we counteract what is happening.

There are many to pray for right now. I am in shock with what is happening in Australia. Big prayers for the whole world. Oh, and thank you so much everyone for your prayers for my cousin’s daughter. She is still in the hospital doing okay, as I wrote before, the longer the baby stays in, the better the chance for survival and so far baby and mom are doing well.

God blesses us all with gifts everyday, we need to focus on the little things too. Yes, scary and sad things are surrounding us every day but there is also beauty. We can’t forget those tiny gifts of love in every day even in the worst of times. It keeps our souls from breaking as well as keeps our faith strong. Stay safe you guys, and God bless you and yours from all of us at Our Little Red House.

Our neighbors up north got some new items for their museum. This old homestead that comes with a country store with items in it from decades ago now has a cute little vintage trailer. I love exploring the buildings but I did not have time this trip to explore alot.

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  1. I love all the photos. Your cat is beautiful. That church is as well!

    I just told my husband that you seem to have a lot of stories about murders up in that area so I will probably never visit Arizona, but a couple of nights ago I rattled off a list of murders I had to cover when I worked at our small town newspapers. Obviously no area is immune to the virus of murder, much like the virus of narcissim

    Anyhow, I enjoyed the visual tour of your September. I hope your October is just as wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa, that is very sweet of you. Also so true about all areas having bad guys around, no area is immune. Phoenix had some weird things going on years ago where two killers were competing with each other to get noticed more. So happy that is done. If you come to Arizona for a visit just stay away from the city. I mean, it’s okay to visit. The really expensive areas like Scottsdale and Paradise Valley seem to be safe but I could tell you stories from those places too. Right now there are a lot of creepy things going on with people missing more. A whole family along with their dogs are missing from the Kingman area when they went camping. A young man from South Carolina is missing, and just the other day a young man who is Autistic went missing when he walked out of his home in Scottsdale in the very early hours. His family is so worried because he has the mentality of an 8 year old and is so vulnerable. That was a week ago. They have had search parties looking for both young men for days now. Phoenix is number one in kidnappings in the whole country I have heard. There are lots of traffickers here and both my son and daughter have stories to tell where they may very well have run into some themselves. They like to use women to lure young people in.


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