Fall trip to Our Little Red House.

Autumn blessings

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9

I just love this time of year up north. In the desert parts of our state we don’t get four seasons, we only get two, Spring and Summer. But Arizona is a huge state with vast amounts of emptiness. What happens here in the city desert is a whole other world up north with 4 seasons.

On this trip up north we would see a gray squirrel, a bald eagle, several cattle of course, sadly a dead mountain lion ( someone hit it on the highway), and for the first time ever a Coatimundi in the wild. Unfortunately as always, I never have my camera ready when these creatures pop up out of the forest to surprise us.

I have seen a Ringtail cat in the wild before now that I think about it, guess it took some time for me to remember. It was still a shock to see this animal coming out of the woods like it didn’t have a care in the world. I am so bad at getting a photo when these happy accidents happen. Here is a link to a pet Coatimundi that will make you all smile if you want to see what our state’s mammal looks like. It looks like it is a cross between a cat, raccoon and ant eater. You know what, throw in a little dog too. It kind of walked like a dog when we watched it walk away.

I was surprised to see water in Cherry creek when we drove into town.

My husband and I love exploring this creek and going for walks around it. It is just down the road from Our Little Red House. It has had a few dry months these past years from the droughts our state is experiencing. Usually this is a Spring running creek after the snows melt from the mountains.

It is very overgrown with bushes and branches down by the creek.

When I walked across the bridge to get this shot there was something in the creek bushes that was rustling. I was scared for a few seconds because I didn’t know what was going to jump out of the bushes. It was black and seemed to be the size of a bear. Then a little black bull, still young, jumped out more frightened then me. Poor thing, I must have spooked it when I walked up to take a photo.

There has been a lot of rain up north. They needed it desperately so this is a good thing. Cattle everywhere need grass . There was plenty of that everywhere.

In all the years we have had Our Little Red House this is the first time ever I have seen so many weeds. So tall too.

They were everywhere. I hope they aren’t invasive weeds. These are hard weeds to take down and they have points that get stuck to socks and pants like glue. They are terrible for our pets

The weeds were so thick by the old screen door that I had to cut them away by hand. Our weed wacker broke and now my husband is researching which is the best brand for cutting thick weeds like the ones the whole town was overtaken by. I hope we can find one, everyday there are more and more shortages of items.

My husband and son took care of most of the outside work of taking down as many weeds as possible. Our neighbor next door takes care of the areas where he can drive his little lawn mower tracker but there are hills and little drop offs that are difficult to get to on a tractor so all those corner areas have to be taken care of by hand.

I made sure to collect some of the Morning Glory vines that grow around the house. We leave those, they produce the prettiest purple flowers.

I use them to practice basket weaving or other nature crafts I make.

Tried something different this time and added some orange raffia to weave in between the Morning Glory vines. Unfortunately it didn’t come out the way I had hoped.

On days where there are a lot of clean up jobs we make our meals simple. For lunch it was Fritto salad. A can of Kidney beans, black beans, Fritto’s, tomatoes, lettuce and mustard as a topping. Just layer everything starting with Frittos on the bottom then beans then lettuce and tomatoes and mustard on top. You can do different toppings if you like, like onions, salsa, taco meat , sour cream and cheese. That’s the fun thing about this simple meal.

Alley cat loves watching everything outside from the huge back window. I leave it open to let the breezes come through the house. Sometimes I will catch her sniffing away like she has picked up something very interesting out there. This morning she was watching as my husband and son cleared out weeds in the back.

Usually the television is off while we are up north because we just love listening to the quiet country sounds up there instead of the background noise of the television being on. This is how we keep it in our house in the city too.

My mother used to hate it at my house when she would visit because there was no background noise constantly going. So different from the environment I grew up in with all televisions in the house on, playing different channels, along with a radio blaring very loudly with country music. The fans were also left on constantly so everyone could sleep. Many family members could not sleep without the television and fans always running, even my aunt at her home. The quiet must have freaked out my mom as well as my sister, they love the constant noises of different sounds always going. I was always the black sheep.

I still need to design some pretty labels for the cabinet I cleaned and organized the last time we were up north.

We watched some fun Fall decorating clips on YouTube to get some ideas on decorating. My husband watched a documentary on racing. One time, and this always makes me laugh, my son found my old DVD set of all the seasons of Sienfeld. He popped those dvd’s in and laughed, wondering where this sitcom was from. I told him about the good old days when they had something called must see TV night, it was Thursday nights and everyone made sure to be home around those times to watch all these comedians do all kids of silly things to get families all around this country to laugh.

My daughter and I worked on decorating Our Little Red House for the Fall. After watching all those vloggers share their home decorating tips it put us in the Fall mood.

A Fall garland by our old screen door,

I went out and picked some little flowers for a pretty vase I bought on my last trip up north. I’m pretty sure I already shared my story about the two large glass/copper vases I bought in the back of a junk shop. They were outside covered in dirt for $2. So beautiful just sitting there in the sun as the copper and glass blended together.

They were perfect vases for all the wildflowers that grow up north. I wonder if this is what they used to do in the cowboy days. Go out and find pretty things to bring into their houses to turn them into homes.

In the early morning hours the light was so pretty with how it framed each tiny flower.

I got up super early one morning to get some shots of the sunrise. Hopefully on our next trip I will be able to get out and explore more to get some early morning sunrise shots up north. It’s a photographer’s dream up there.

My son and I went exploring at our favorite place. This is where I collect nature craft supplies. Hopefully to eventually be on Etsy.

I am spending today designing up instruction sheets. So far I have to redesign two sheets because of mistakes I made. I am doing this old school you guys. Need to get my tech smart kids in here to give me a hand, but I like the freedom of deigning something on a piece of paper first.

It is such a beautiful spot where my son and I walk around collecting twigs and cones. Up a few miles from this spot, we saw a huge live mountain lion one day. We were driving at the time. It’s a great spot to collect wild apples and acorn pieces. The whole area is beautiful to walk and explore. I especially love the creeks and little water falls, their sounds are like tiny little bells in the distance.

Somewhere down one of the dirt roads which leads off the trail in the woods, there is a very popular fly fishing area. Lots of country dirt roads to explore up north.

It as always, is so quiet out here. I mean, kind of, there are the sounds of nature,so not so quiet. Music in a way. Everything seems to match the same beat and rhythm. Like all the little creatures are communicating or warning each other that there is a human in their area. A funny way to put it I suppose but you get the point. Those little critters have every reason to be afraid of us don’t they?

That’s it for this trip. Can’t wait to get back up there and explore some more. We still need to design a mud room and build a chicken coop. Happy Fall everyone.

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  1. I love the little pumpkins and vase of yellow flowers you decorated with!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I will being doing a post on the little yarn pumpkins. You just buy those little packs of Styrofoam pumpkins at the dollar store and cut a hole/dig out a hole in the tops all the way through the center. This with a yarn needle you wrap yarn around your little pumpkins then glue in place. Glue a little twig to top to hide the hole you made to wrap yarn around it. I can not take credit for that, saw it on one of those YouTube sites. The little log pumpkins I did do a post on
      https://ourlittleredhouseblog.com/2021/09/24/diy-aspen-mini-log-pumpkins/ and they are so easy to make.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a wonderful place 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it is such a peaceful resting place to be. Takes awhile to get used to coming from such a hectic city.

      Liked by 1 person

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