A Sunflower swag for Our Little Red House.

And all at once summer collapsed into Fall.

Oscar Wilde

I can’t believe Fall is finally here. Here in Arizona we all look forward to the cooler temps of Fall, although we are still warm here in the city, up north the temps are getting cooler. I love that.

I decided before heading up to visit Our Little Red House that I would take some supplies with me to make some Fall décor. One of those items was going to be a pretty swag for the door.

Up in the middle of the country there are no hobby stores or craft areas to buy supplies from. The closest thing to craft supplies is over an hour away, at one of the Super centers, driving up a dirt road up on a cliff for awhile before you get to smoother paved roads. . You all know how I feel about those super center stores. I still buy from them occasionally for the convenience and the fact that there are not a whole lot of choices to get our supplies from sadly. We have to figure out how to get around this, and hopefully we all can eventually.

I found all my supplies in the city before heading up to the country. They included some faux flowers that I picked up at the thrift shop for $3, twine, burlap, tacky glue and a hot glue gun. Faux sunflowers and Fall leaves, and some raffia I got in a $1 grab bag at the thrift shop. There were some little pumpkins I picked up at the dollar store, but the majority of my supplies were bought second hand or were items I already had in my home. I will have to figure out a better way to do some of these crafts without relying too much on those mass produced items in mega stores.

I wrapped the twine around the bouquet of faux flowers, then glued some rust colored raffia to top of bouquet to add some fullness. Made a burlap bow and glued it to the center. Took faux sunflowers, Fall leaves and started gluing those around center of bow. Added a twine loop to the back to hang from and there you go…a sunflower swag.

I am not set up to do videos yet, but hopefully I will be able to something in the future. This will make my quick instructions easier to follow. I barely have time to do fun DIY’s like this anymore because I have been so busy prepping, cleaning, repairing, packing up some items, and organizing for a future move hopefully. Just trying to keep things simple when we finally do decide to set things in motion for a move out of this city. We definitely have to get out of this city.

This trip up north was a much needed break for all of us. I finally got some time to just do those things I love doing. Creating all kinds of fun little projects. I have some more to share with you all in some later posts.

Have any of you started decorating for the Fall yet?

I spent about…at the most $10 or less for this swag. At the florist shops and craft centers, completed swags like this run anywhere from $50 and up. If I had to rely on items that aren’t mass produced I would have probably made my swag from flowers out in nature, and ribbons from a mom and pop store. Or maybe make paper flowers or fabric flowers with scrap fabrics I have on hand. Happy Frugal Fall decorating everyone.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    Your handmade sunflower swag looks quite lovely. The Fall is definitely here, and as much as I love making our house cosy for the season, I haven’t started decorating yet. Although, when I look around – our house is already full of chestnuts, pinecones, twigs and leaves gathered from our woodland walks. I always prefer to make my own ornaments – there’s no shortage of DIY fall decorations to make just about any space in your home — whether it’s your living room, front porch or dining area — more inviting for the season. You can easily snag a few craft supplies or take advantage of items you already own to put your DIY design skills to the test for autumn 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thank you. I can imagine how cozy and pretty your home is. The way you describe it sounds so pretty. I love collecting little rocks and twigs as you know. We are going into those fun months when we can do this. Autumn, Spring and Winter. Nature’s art to make our homes beautiful.

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  2. Betty says:

    That is a beautiful swag! And I admire your resourcefulness in finding its ingredients. A neighbor surprised us with a gift – a fall front porch decoration. Our front porch has never looked better! Enjoy the fall, and good luck with your possible move!

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    1. Thank you Betty and I bet your Fall decor on your front porch looks beautiful.

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  3. Michele Lee says:

    Your post puts me in a fall state of mind. Great quote from one of my favorite authors. 🍂

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    1. Thank you Michele and I love that quote too. We are having a fun weekend making pumpkins for the garden here in the city this week. I love the colors of Fall.

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        Sounds delightful. 🎃🍂🍁🧡 Enjoy!

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  4. Oh that’s just darling! Thank goodness for Fall! Now, if only the weather would cooperate! 90° here today while we took a couple of our grands to the fall festival and Mecca farms pumpkin patch. They literally sweat their face paint right off! Lol
    I did score some gorgeous pumpkins and huge mums for my porch though. Cooler weather coming later this week and it couldn’t arrive fast enough! Longing for the chill and sweaters of the cozy kind.

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    1. The weather patterns are so weird this year. It is finally cooling down here at night here in the city and up north it gets cold at night but not enough for a fire in the old cast iron stove. I love chunky sweaters and hot cocoa during the cooler months.

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      1. Gosh, me too! Today! Today it’s finally happening! Storms started blowing through in the wee morning hours. It’s 7am and the high for the day. It’s 72° but temp will fall throughout and I think that I must be an odd bird because I am so overjoyed by it. Lol

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      2. We are in the 70’s here in Phoenix today. It is so strange going out and having that cool breeze hit us, so nice. I love it.

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  5. How pretty! You have such talent, and to make this on a budget. I felt like I was directly in your little red house while reading your post. Thanks for sharing this with us. x

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    1. Awww…that is such a sweet thing to say, thank you. I know you can make something just as pretty too. I love this time of year when we can start decorating and cheering up our homes.

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      1. marymtf says:

        Those sunflowers are lovely, I’m with the crunchy green mother: you have such talent. We know it as Autumn, in Australia, but Fall makes more sense as that’s when the leaves go brown and – fall. 🤭 it’s Spring here. Things are growing and warming up. My granddaughter’s birthday is coming up. She used to tell everyone that she wasn’t afraid of anything because she was born on Halloween.

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      2. Thank you, that is so kind of you to write. I love that story about your granddaughter, sounds like she has quite the personality. That’s always fun. Spring is my favorite time of the year. I am a fanatic when it comes to all things flowers. I bet it is so pretty where you live right now.

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      3. marymtf says:

        It is lovely. I love growing things.

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  6. Hamish says:

    Beautifully crafted, and your story and instructions are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing them. 😊

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