DIY yarn pumpkins.

This is not an original idea from me, saw this on one of those YouTube sites where it is just a re-purposing of DIY pumpkin projects one after another. I don’t remember which site it was since it was awhile ago. It was something my daughter and I watched while up north. So much fun getting ready for the holiday months with all the decorating that comes with it. I can’t wait to find some time to do some of my little felted pumpkins.

This is an easy one you guys. These are the supplies you will need.

Yarn needle

yarn-assorted Fall colors.

Tacky glue

Twigs for stems

Assorted sizes of Styrofoam pumpkins ( you can find them at dollar stores, craft stores and sometimes in grab bags at thrift shops)


Step one- Take your scissors and cut out a hole through the center of your pumpkins. Start at the top and dig out the Styrofoam to create a hole that goes all the way through pumpkin.

Step two- pick you color of yarn and using a yarn needle thread through center hole of your pumpkin wrapping entire pumpkin with yarn. Repeat when you run out of yarn until you have completely covered pumpkin in yarn then glue in place at top.

Step 3- Glue stem to top where you glued yarn in place. The stem (branch) will hide that in place. Add extra stems like curly stems from grapevines.

I think these pumpkins are so cute. I love how you can switch up the colors to match your home colors or Fall decorations.

This is a really easy craft and a great way to turn those simple pumpkins that are everywhere that all look the same into unique pumpkins that you created yourself.

Happy decorating everyone.

Do it yourself tips- The Styrofoam pumpkins are everywhere but if you want to try something different instead of buying this from the store then try making small clay pumpkins to wrap. Use salt dough or corn starch clay using ingredients from your kitchen. Poke a large hole into center of your clay balls. Don’t forget to add lines around balls to shape into pumpkins, you can use a strand of yarn for that. Once dry, string threads and yarns around your little clay pumpkins and glue in stems to the tops. If you are low on yarns you can tear strips of fabric scraps to wrap your pumpkins with. Get creative and figure out ways to use supplies on hand that you have around you. Remember it’s about having fun, and making your home a happy place for the holidays. Don’t forget to drop some off on a neighbor’s doorstep as a happy surprise with a little note of greetings.

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  1. Webb Blogs says:

    This is such a fantastic idea, and so cute! 🎃🎃

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    1. Thank you. I wish I could remember the video I watched to share that with you all. It was one of those videos that has a mass amount of crafts on but no one is on , just photo after photo and instructions. I loved the little yarn pumpkins, they were so unique looking.

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  2. Betty says:

    These are very cozy looking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. The .99 cent store has a package of 4 little glitter pumpkins that I used for this project. They might still have some left. They are so cute to display around small spaces.

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      1. Betty says:

        What a good deal!

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  3. You’re so clever and always have the best ideas! Darling!

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  4. This is such a neat idea. I’ve seen pumpkins like this and did wonder how they were made

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I did too and thought it was a felted pumpkins which takes time and also can be hard for beginners. Felting can cause injuries too. This is so easy and kids can do it. Parents will have to carve out the center holes though.

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