Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone. Today’s bible verse from my friend’s box of blessings is…

Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.

Psalm 23:4

This past year and a half have brought so many fears into our lives. So much going on out there and so many sad events. This is my husband’s favorite verse above. In every step we take through life, God is right here with us. Fear stops us from becoming who were are meant to be. It shouldn’t be that way. God is always with you.

Sunday photos are from a couple days ago. Took three hours to drive to Fall here in Arizona.

This isn’t our RV. It was such a pretty road but someone was off exploring the woods and parked here.

We do have Fall up north in the forest areas of our state. Arizona is a big state. My husband has been keeping track of the Fall color guide here in our state and the day before we drove up north it was rated as being at it’s most colorful. So we all got up early and drove up north.

There is a scenic route you can take here in Arizona during the Fall season that is so gorgeous. It goes through several towns and every area is so striking, the whole trip is a photographer’s dream. It includes the towns of Sedona, Flagstaff, Jerome, and Prescott.

Red cliffs, and giant oak trees line the road like colorful tunnels.

Took photos as we drove through the route.

I will do a more detailed post with more photos on that later. Haven’t had a chance to visit some of my favorite bloggers out there as well as new ones because I have been helping my daughter repaint and organize her room. It was nice getting away for the day on a beautiful road trip to visit Fall. I even had a chance to forage some. Can’t wait to make some pretty craft projects with the supplies. I have some large pine cones, twigs in different sizes, old pine tree branches for home made bottle top trees, tiny dried flowers, and lots of Aspen leaves.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and God bless you all.

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    A blessed Sunday and may GOD always protect everyone in tue community!

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    1. Blessings to everyone, that is so beautiful…thank you and God bless you and keep you safe.


  2. I LOVE these beautiful nature pictures. God’s creation is amazing!

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    1. I know, it is so beautiful out there. I feel closes to God when out in nature.

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  3. I also love your verse from Psalm 23. A few weeks ago, I drove myself to have a dental procedure that I was very nervous about. I was also nervous about driving sixty miles each way on a busy interstate with big trucks all pushing the 75 mph speed limit. So I decided to quote Psalms 23, as a way of calming my nerves. I have done this for years, ever since I first memorized the Psalm as a little girl.

    But this time, I couldn’t get past the first five words. I was struck, for the first time ever, with amazement at what those first five words really mean.

    The Lord is my Shepherd…. What? The LORD — the Creator of all the earth and the entire universe, the Lord, Who is watching over all of His creation, every single moment without end — this One and Only, Awesome Lord — He — is — MY — Shepherd? Really? Little old messed up, silly me? The Lord of the universe shepherds me, day and night, every single second, everywhere I go? Wow wow WOW!

    I prayed and meditated on those five words all the way to the dentist, while dodging big tail gating speeding trucks, and all through the dental surgery, and all the way back home through the traffic that seemed even worse on the return trip, with my jaw now aching like I had been in a boxing match. The Lord is my Shepherd! He really is! Hallelujah! Praise the name of the Lord!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this story with me Linda. God, the most powerful is our Shepherd, even little old messed up us…so true. And he loves us so much. WOW, is the perfect word to describe the amazement to that. Driving down that frightening interstate into another frightening room, and all along God is right there by your side watching his child and making sure you are safe. Have a beautiful week and God bless you and yours.

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      1. Thank you! God bless you and yours, too ❤

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  4. Michele Lee says:

    Happy Sunday to you! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. I need to get up north. 🍂

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    1. Thank you, you will have a wonderful time out there in nature. It is so beautiful right now.

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        Yes! Thank you.

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  5. I got to stay a night in Flagstaff in the summer of 2019. It’s gorgeous! I would love to see all the trees in the middle of fall. Your pictures capture the beauty of that area so well.

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    1. Thank you, it is gorgeous up there. I always love spending time in those mountain towns. They are fun to spend the night in during the week of Christmas too. There are lights everywhere and with all the snow and pine trees it is like a Christmas village. It puts you in the mood for hot cocoa and fireplaces.

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