Arizona shopping adventures…an old bank becomes a store.

Remember that Fall road trip we all took? Well there were a couple places where we parked our truck and got out to explore. One of those places was Prescott Arizona. Prescott is one of my favorite places to shop.

It isn’t too far away from Phoenix so it is a very popular place to go for fun shopping trips outside the city. It also doesn’t hurt that it is up in the pines. They have a couple lakes in the area that are great places to have a picnic or grab a pizza in town and have a meal in a beautiful peaceful spot by the lake.

We spent more time in Flagstaff and Sedona on this road trip which didn’t give us a lot of time to explore Prescott. Everything in the center of historic street closes at 5 pm except restaurants.

There was one store that was still open when we got there. It was such a cool building too.

Outside the building there were window displays of some of the items for sale inside.

The building has been around for a very long time. It used to be a bank.

In the front of the store they had several vintage style jigsaw puzzles.

I loved the displays they had in the store. I’m not into the scary Halloween things, these pumpkins and ghost were whimsical and cute.

All the table displays were decorated so pretty. Who ever the designer is, is doing a great job.

It’s Halloween season in town and all the shops plus houses are really decorated. More then what I am seeing in the city.

Some of the houses even had ghost hanging from their trees.

The store also had Christmas items on display. This Santa basket down below was something I have never seen before.

It was mostly Fall and Halloween merchandise that was for sale.

Do any of you remember plastic Halloween masks? They still sold them in the 70’s and 80’s.
Up north every time we visit Our Little Red House we have plenty of webs to dust away and vacuum up. October is the month to let it be. Still going to clean up…spiders are creepy, creepy.

In the back of the store they had baby items for sale in the old bank vault.

There were hand made soft toys like these little bunnies and pigs with felt ears. So much can be made with fabric scraps. If there really is ever a toy shortage then sewing up fun animals like this would make such a nice gift for little ones.
I love the wooden animals on this shelf.

Can’t wait to go back when all the stores in town are open. I will be visiting this store again as well. I am curious to see what beautiful Christmas displays and products they will have for sale. Prescott is such a Christmas town. Sometimes they even get snow.

On the drive back to the city we drove through some of the old neighborhoods with their Victorian homes decorated for the season. One street had so many homes that were decorated that I told my husband there must be some sort of competition going on or something with the neighbors for that street. It was fancy as my dad used to say.

“ We are definitely coming back for the Christmas season.” I said to my husband as we drove away.

Some were spooky, but there were a couple that were just pumpkins and non scary for the little kids, which is how I used to decorate. I don’t celebrate Halloween since the Pandemic. I only celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter now. I remember as kids our neighborhood would decorate our windows for Halloween. Our parents used to buy construction paper for us all and we would cut out black bats/cats, Jack’o’lanterns, and ghost to tape to our windows. Our favorite part was cutting the pumpkin and roasting the seeds later to eat. Now they have extreme horror with some really freaky stuff. Scary haunted houses that people pay a lot to go through. Really horrible images too.

Everything I have seen, even years before the pandemic happened and since, have opened my eyes to a lot of truths. All I have to do now is turn on those screens and it’s Halloween 24/7. Generations have been desensitized to horror, real life horrors too. And it starts so innocently doesn’t it?

Cute vampire novels for tweens and teens, trendy goth dolls in place of Barbie and friends, violent games, trendy movies that make Christians seem so bad and evil seem so good…and on and on it goes.

Something has happened, the environment has changed. I started noticing this years ago. Some people, not all, seem to be more concerned with themselves and their own needs then to care about others. Each generation seems to have less and less empathy.

I used to watch that series the Walking dead, then one year I started seeing things differently. It was like my eyes had been closed for such a long time to so many truths. I haven’t watched the Walking dead in years, no longer interested. Just like those housewives that fight all the time, hating each other secretly while trying to keep up with their world of vanity and materialism…don’t watch them anymore either. But there are so many that still do. What a comfortable distraction for many.

May all seem innocent enough. Walking dead was cartoonish to me. Then one day, years ago, I listened in on a child’s conversation with their little sister while waiting in line at the grocery store. A ten year old was talking to their 8 yr. old sister about the series True Blood. Yep, I was shocked and I think you get my point. It always starts out innocent enough and then our children grow up and we wonder to ourselves…when did things all go wrong.

Violence is increasing, people are turning against each other, and don’t even get me started on envy and jealousy. Think they even have a cute way to describe that ugly old green monster…Jelly. Jealousy in it’s purest form, should never be referred to as being sweet like jam.

Again, everything seems innocent in the beginning and then you step out your door and realize society has changed. No one seems to love and care about their neighbors anymore. They envy more and help less. We aren’t exactly at a high level of this yet, but it’s coming. That is if what I am seeing and feeling keeps going on.

That green monster combined with our newest monster, the Red one, are strong together. Look at the mandates, lock downs, shortages, fears, depression, and the connection we used to get with simple eye contact and a smile. Some places you can no longer see someone’s mouth. All these things contribute to the chaos someone wants. No one should ever hate someone for what that individual chooses to do and no one should ever be bullied or forced to do anything. That’s not freedom.

Whoops, getting into one of my blogging rants, best if I shut this down now as not to offend. Let me end it with this…years ago they had a problem showing belly buttons, single beds for couples and gore. Now, well you all know where this is going…come on, you all know whats out there. What is all this leading to? What will our children’s eyes see on future screens? What will future children be like? I pray things start changing.

They have virtual screens now that you strap on to make you feel like you are in the horrors as it plays out. Some may believe it is test to how strong they are with how long they last with that strapped on their heads. I fear for empathy, kindness and love if this continues. I love going to Fall festivals, and Christmas markets and events…just not into Halloween since the world changed. Suppose that was my causality in this war…Halloween.

Anyway, if they are decorating like this for Halloween on this street, I know this place is going to be filled with all kinds of pretty lights and beautiful Christmas trees everywhere. At least I hope so. We will see. Until then, Happy shopping adventures everyone. Stay safe out there and God bless you all from all of us at Our Little Red House.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    We still carve the pumpkins and make the time to slowly roast the seeds, as I don’t like to waste anything. Plus, they are very delicious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is fun, carving pumpkins and the seeds are really yummy.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Betty says:

    I agree we need to watch what our minds consume. I like Thanksgiving with the focus on thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So important that we guard our mental health and minds especially our little children. I love that about thanksgiving too.

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  3. Those decorations were amazing! Yes, they must have been doing a contest or something.

    I bet Christmas will look amazing there!
    You know I agree with your thoughts on the slow increase of violence, etc. My mom used to say “garbage in, garbage out.”

    This weekend, in our little area, a 9-year old slashed a 11-year old with a knife in a fight over a nerf gun. The 11-year old died and the 9-year old is being charged with homicide. I don’t know if the kid thought the knife wasn’t really or if he really meant to do it. Sadly, there was little info in the news story which is how news stories are any more – hardly any details so people don’t get the full story and judge on only half the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so sad. Kids are watching such extreme violence now so I am not surprised that they wouldn’t understand how bad real violence is. News doesn’t report it anymore, even on online neighborhood apps. It used to be you could get on to see why there were cops on your street everywhere or helicopters flying around. As soon as a neighbor post what is happening, they take it down.
      Right now, here in our city we are having a lot of west nile outbreaks. Really scary stories too. The news is all over reporting this. Everything on the news now days is planned. Because of these outbreaks, htey started spraying early in the mornings around 2am while everyone sleeps. They used to report the areas where the misting van was driving around to spray but now they just give let people know sections but not when I guess. Hard to find information now. Anyway, our area of the city was sprayed a while back we discovered after the fact. That week we lost three young chickens. The teenage ones (what I call them) one was walking around the yard, seemed fine and then in front of my husband just drop dead right where it was standing. My son found two dead chickens in those two days around the time of spraying.
      Our bees were all in the pool, so many. My husband rescued hundreds of bees out of the pool that week. Hive seems to be okay now. He just invested in that hive too. Bees have never acted like that before.
      That week our neighbor’s across the street noticed their Winter garden had wilted and died in a couple of days which normally has not happened before. They didn’t even know about spraying.
      I have noticed that online neighborhood apps will bring up that the van was out spraying on their street. Some people don’t sleep I guess. Anyway, some of the neighbors get on and say that their pets are sick, or that they feel sick. Sure enough someone pops on to defend on safe the spraying is and then the whole post is removed but not before someone claiming to be either an expert or another neighbor saying it is safe everyone. I know what my family is experiencing, I know what the neighbors close to us are saying and I know that we all suffer from breathing and sinus issues on days of spraying. It is very upsetting to me just how easy it is to harm and control others.

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      1. That spraying is not safe. They did it here for years to cut down on the mosquitoes and other bugs. There seemed to be an increase in childhood cancers around the same time.

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