The Western diet stare.

“The greatest enemy of all is considered he who tells the truth”

Plato, The Republic


Repost once again 10/31/2021- This article was from years ago. Before the pandemic, before the riots, the chaos, and fear of what the world is going through right now. Once in awhile when I am cleaning out my spam here on my site I notice that this post gets the most spam and every time that happens I remember that this post has good information in it that I should repost for any new followers I may have.

A lot has happened since the last repost I did of this. We had an election, boy did that turn into a mess. Our pandemic is still going strong, according to the media that is, and now our economy and food situation is very fragile. Things did not improve. The tension is very strong out there. So here is a post from years ago when I first started blogging. I left the first repost paragraph in to kind of let you all get a feel of how I felt about a year ago before we had our presidential election here in our country and now…now we are all dealing with so much more. One more thing…my son has discovered by accident a few months ago that they are now adding aluminum in our lotions. This post everyone, is a real life scary one.


Repost from 2019- This holds the spot of number 5 in most popular posts. This is one of those spur of the moment, straight from my heart posts. I usually don’t hold back when I am writing from my heart. It is like I have a message to send out in the universe and that’s just that. This is also a very frightening post to me. More and more I see things happening and how there are so many poisons we have to deal with on this beautiful planet of ours and it is wrong…so wrong.

Our children, the next generations, should always have access to clean air and water. That should also include food. Wish I could say this isn’t happening but it is. I had to add a trigger warning with this post. My intentions were not to frighten anyone with this information but more like wake them up. If I could give any advice to people about our food situation it would be this- start collecting seeds, start planting little things to get a feel for what gardening is like, plant fruit trees, and start canning and drying foods.

There might be a food hording situation going on and I believe with the political tensions happening it won’t be addressed until we are closer to an election to influence the election. This is also not one of my usual posts, but sometimes between the DIY’s, recipes, Arizona adventures and everything else, one of these will pop up like a surprise of sorts. A little venting session of sorts. Hope you enjoy this one again.Oh, and I can’t forget to thank all those farmers and gardeners out there, a big THANK YOU for all that you do feeding us and this planet of ours.


Before anyone reads this be warned, it might trigger some people. It is about the poisons in our foods, at least in my opinion that is the way I see it. I am no expert so please do your research on whatever you put into your bodies.


Something creepy is going on out there. I am talking about that long stare that sometimes happens when you run into people or meet someone for the first time.

My husband and I both call it the same thing…the Phoenix stare, but there are others out there that call it the Arizona glare.

When we usually come across someone out there that glares at us as soon as we make eye contact, my husband will whisper to me “ Man, he is baked” where as I will go straight to my own conclusions which is that people that stare like that are being a bit snobby or judgmental.

I tend to wipe my face like I have someone on it turning to my husband “ Hey, is there something on my face” and he always answers “Just pretty” and ask me why I ask.I always laugh when he says that. I am what I like to call a collectible, in age that s, not yet a beautiful antique but if I were in a shop they would put me under the collectibles category.

“Oh, just got another one of those Phoenix stares” I answer back,and shrug my shoulders. It is a bit confusing. It happens now and then. I know we aren’t the only ones noticing it.

When you live in a city of millions, strangers can be a little intimidating. If you smile at them or do something nice and they give you that stare you try to figure out what that is all about, that creepy stare.

Then one early morning when my husband went to hike the “Big mountain” and I stayed home, he ran into someone who would explain what that stare was all about. It just so happened that that was also the same morning that I would get online and read two of my followers post and connect the dots after my husband got home to tell me his story that morning.

Sometimes my husband will come back from his hiking adventures with my son and will tell me the weirdest things. During the peak seasons here in our city we get a lot of visitors. People from all around the world visit our city. There are YouTube stars that film up there, politicians, movie stars and professional athletes, people from different parts of the world, a lot of people climb that peak to take in our city views.

I love greeting people out there in the desert and hearing their stories. Remember my thing about saying “Sometimes we have friends for fifty years, five years and even five minutes, there are many friends out there for us to meet” well walking in the desert, you make a lot of five minute friends. And from all around the world too.

One morning my husband made a 5 minute friend and started talking to a 78 year old man. My husband knew his age because the man spoke about having a birthday celebration the day before.

While the two of them were hiking side by side, someone passed them on the trail and glared at them. My husband turned to the 78 year old and said “ Phoenix stare” referring to how the person just glared at them.

The 78 year old answered back “ Oh, yeah, I call it the western diet glare” now this got my husband’s attention.

The 78 year old went on to explain what he meant. Turns out this 5 minute friend of my husbands was a retired brain surgeon. He started telling my husband about how that glare is a sign of early onset dementia or Alzheimer. It is from excessive amounts of aluminum in our diets.

They are putting aluminum in everything. They are even putting it in a lot of baked goods. You all know what I am talking about…those yummy donuts, bread, pastries, cookies etc…and it doesn’t stop there. It is going into a lot of our pretty packaged foods.

Anyway, the surgeon continued on with his conversation of how people are doing that stare everywhere because their diets are so high in processed foods that contain aluminum.

The cans we drink from, the biscuit mixes and cakes mixes we use to feed our children. All those things are poisoning us.It is absolutely frightening. My husband came home and started looking through our pantry, taking out things. That sermon on the mountain (this is what we call them) really scared him.

Checking through our pantry, he turned to me and said “Oh and right in the middle of our conversation a white butterfly flew between us”. I knew what he meant by that.

White butterflies and feathers represents an angel near by letting you know that you are okay, that they are near and everything is good. A sign from God is what my daughter calls it.

Don’t judge all you who may not be at a place to believe yet. There was a quote I had in my journal that I wrote in while growing up “Some things have to be believed first before seen” this is not my quote but I remember seeing that quote everyday when I would go to write in that childhood journal of mine. I believe there are signs all around us everyday, especially during those moments of silence when we are out in nature.

After my father died, white butterflies started appearing in our life at odd places. My husband and kids started noticing them too. My husband started calling this little white butterfly Ron after my father.

When the white butterfly appeared in the middle of my husband and this surgeon during this poisoned food conversation my husband said …

“ Hey Ron” the surgeon looked at my husband strangely and my husband told him what it means when White butterflies and white feathers show up. At least to us, in my family…so again, please don’t judge. It hurts to loose a love one and sometimes I believe in my heart we are given signs that they are still with us in spirit.

I also believe in my heart that God gives us signs everyday that he walks with us and is always by our side. I wish I could pass some of the peace I feel and love when I see what I call signs from above. Maybe some day everyone will see them. My place is not to judge anyone that may laugh at my butterfly theory only to share my truths and not be afraid to do so.

The surgeon watched the butterfly fly away and said “That is real you know, some people don’t want to believe it but having done several surgeries myself I have witnessed a lot in those operating rooms that can’t be explained”.

When my husband was telling me this story, It reminded me of that doctor who wrote a best seller about his experience passing over, he even brought up butterflies. I can’t remember his name but he wrote a book about dying and coming back.But this surgeon that morning needed to tell my husband something else and that was that the aluminum is causing the stare.

“It the brains reaction to a fight or flight situation anytime someone makes eye contact with another person, that glare is a stalling of  that process, because the brain’s wiring isn’t working well from all the aluminum.”

Okay, I am simplifying things a bit, so yeah, there are technical terms to what the surgeon was talking about but I am trying to keep this simple.That surgeon even brought up that when he has operated on some brains you can see the effects from the aluminum inside the brains.

I am posting this story second hand, having not been there myself when this conversation happened. So if any doctors out there happen to read this and disagree, understand that I am just posting second hand info. Although I would wonder if any complaints came in that they weren’t by food corporations or employees of these big food chains. Yes, I am getting a little paranoid about big corporations actually being the ones running this planet of ours.

Anyway,I think things happen for a reason and that is why I decided to post about this, even that butterfly story. Like a sign from above to pass this on to you…so I am passing it on to you all.

Oh, and I almost forgot something. The whole time my husband was telling me this story I remembered that morning getting online and reading a couple post from followers of mine

Britchy from the kitchen ( posted about her worries about Alzheimer’s since it runs in the family.And Kat at The Lily Cafe ( ) posted about her own experiences with being creeped out by everyday people in her city giving her that stare. Then I connected the dots and started writing this post. Hope this doesn’t make me seem too weird, my intentions are never to frighten or harm anyone, instead to always help.

Here are the ingredients to watch out for. Please, please, start reading those tiny little labels. But also know that they change the wording on a lot of these dangerous ingredients to make things seem safer or to throw us all off when these changes happen.


Sodium Aluminum Phosphate


Here are some changes we have made in our family. Like everything new, it takes work to make changes. Baby steps everyone. The best advice I could give is to stick to foods that are as close to nature as possible and make everything yourself. As close to how God made them.

Eat more fruits and veggies. Frozen or fresh.


Nuts dipped in honey, in place of candy bars and gummy worms. All those sweets with pretty colors and chemicals are harming our children.


Eat More beans and brown rice.


Make your own baked tortilla chips either white or yellow corn is fine. Then make homemade hummus as a dip, fresh salsa, bean dips, even avocado dips are yummy.


Try mushroom burgers. Pop the stems off and save for an omelet the next morning.  Mushrooms I have heard have great cancer fighting ingredients in them.


Try to buy foods that you can regrow like this head of lettuce. Our dollar store sells these and once we eat the leaves off of it we plant it and it grows more leaves.


Eat air popped popcorn, it’s a healthier choice. Aluminum is even in some brand name chips. My kids love junk food potato chips but now they love popcorn.


Water purifier instead of buying bottled water which has plastic particles in it and it is also terrible for our planet to have all these empty plastic bottles everywhere.DSC_7181

Some other things we are trying:

* Large carrot sticks in place of hot dogs. Just grill them like a hot dog. Don’t laugh, this is actually not bad once covered with onions, mustard. relish, beans, ketchup etc…although my daughter posted on her social media sites that her parents have lost their minds, took a photo of the carrot dog and wrote “Look what they are trying to pass on us as a hotdog”


Add them to a bun.


And top with your favorite toppings.


It doesn’t have the crazy amounts of sodium. It isn’t a mix of meats all ground up together. And its a vegetable. At least try it, if only for one day…your heart will thank you for it.

*Crock pot meals. We do a lot of soup during the colder months. I am not a big fan of soups, I am a big fan of cheese though. No one said these changes would be easy, but at least we are trying.

*Baking our own bread. If you aren’t really big into baking try some of your local farmers markets in your area. There are lots of bakers out there with yummy home made treats for sale. Be careful though, some of the vendors at Farmers Markets are just repackaging food that is coming from grocery stores to make it look like it came fresh off a farm. This is really happening. Farmer’s markets have become like a trend for the younger generation and it is all about the entertainment and environment of shopping in the middle of a big city with farm like displays everywhere. They charge huge amounts too for something that is at the grocery store on sale down the street. Look for sticky label residue and ask lots of questions. It is so sad how easy it is for some people to be so deceptive.


*Banana chocolate chip cookies

*Chia seed milk instead of Cow’s milk. I like the regular milk better of course…this is not easy, but changes never are.

*Grow a garden, even a tiny pot to grow bell peppers or tomatoes in is something.


*Bar-b-Que Cauliflower in place of Buffalo chicken wings.These are actually really good. The texture is the same as chicken meat. Some of that chicken meat comes from chickens that are treated horribly. I love chicken, and there are safer ways and kinder ways to purchase local meats.


Again, these changes are hard in the beginning but they are doable. Also we have our cheat days but we are getting in the habit of checking everything more. It is harder when you have teenagers or kids that are over the age of 7 to make some of these food changes. There are so many pretty packaged foods that have super sugar flavors. All those ingredients that trick us into believing they are so yummy are impossible to detect. And all those wonderful ads and commercials always telling our children how delicious these poisons are, are not easy to deprogram from our children’s little minds.In the end though they are making our children sicker then us by the time they reach our age. Start when they are little and these changes won’t be so hard. Treat days are fine too.


One more thing before I end this, it is getting too long, if you are one of my followers, you know I tend to do this a lot.. I just wanted to let any meat eaters out there know that they are doing something freaky with the chicken meat. Maybe even beef as well, we don’t really eat a lot of beef. It is like a 3D chicken. Like it has Nylon Mono-filament in it. Now, this could be one of those crazy fake stories out there, but my husband and I did get a chicken a couple weeks ago that was the weirdest meat we ever tried. We couldn’t even finish it. It was that gross.

So I heard, again this could be some weird tale going around, that they remove all the real meat to sale in other things, save the carcass and 3D print a fake chicken to sale as well. Wild…I mean, what the heck!

It is stretchy like a rubber band when you take apart the meat and it has imitation chicken flavoring in it. I think it is made from corn starch and something else. I thought this was just some freaky rumor, and it very well may be one. I sometimes joke with the family that we are living in Science fiction movie.

I haven’t witnessed this type of chicken being made so I can’t even say this is for real. But that rotisserie chicken my husband bought freaked us all out. My son said there was something wrong with the chicken because it was like eating a rubber band, he spit it out of course and we all got rid of it after that first bite.

It looked pretty though, just like most rotisserie chickens do. It was so gross. We all looked at each other and said the same thing “I think that we just took a bite from one of those 3D chickens”. We might just very well be living in a Jetson’s cartoon.


You have to ask yourself, why are they putting these things in our food anyway, what purpose do they have.I know some things are preservatives but what is that aluminum all about. Okay, don’t laugh…but is that another preservative? How many preservatives do we need in our food anyway and what about that plastic? What the heck is that all about?

One of our neighbors has a theory, but then he is really into all those conspiracy theories. It is so fun talking to him, it is like reading a really good sci-fi novel you can’t put down.We have the best conversations with him. He thinks they add things into what we ingest because they are like mind altering drugs to control us easier, plus we need to get rid of all that plastic stuff.

Poor Malaysia, think they are getting fed up with other countries sending them their plastic garbage and China doesn’t really want it anymore. Guess they decided the best way is to grind it up and hide it in our food. Hey we have kidneys and the perfect filtering system to them.Creepy huh?

Pass this information onto everyone you care about and love. And if you happen to come across a white butterfly or feather say hello for me. Just stick to the foods as close to what God intended us to eat. Our grandparents did it right, they grew their own food and cooked everything themselves and they lived longer for it. My grandmas were always out there on their tractors or tending to their edible gardens. They raised goats, chickens and rabbits to feed all the babies they had.

Hope this doesn’t give anyone nightmares. Just watch what you eat. I will try to update something healthy at least once a month in my monthly updates. Until then, happy shopping everyone. Wish I had a real farm to shop at here in the city but those are getting harder to come by. We all need to thank those farmers out there, they really do a lot for this planet of ours. More people should look into the study of plants and start collecting seeds.


Special thanks to Edmark M. law’s post Quotable #85: The Truth. ( https://wordpress/com/read/blogs/93710603/posts/13834 ) I used the quote above from that post. It is frightening how much hate is out there when people share truths. This happens during wars. Look what happened during world war two, most were afraid to speak up. We are being poisoned, experimented on and lied to everyday. We need to start looking out for each other. Remember to love your neighbors.The best advice I always tell my kids “Stop believing everything those little electronic devices are telling you, do your research and listen to what your heart tells you”


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  1. Tanya says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I have ideas too about how people end up looking like zombies. People take too many prescription drugs for their problems. All people need is love and care to actually get better. Drugs only cover things up and make things worse. I agree with you about the food too. I’ll have to try the carrot idea and some more things you mentioned. I believe in signs that help us everyday too. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

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    1. Thanks Tanya, that is so sweet. You are absolutely right about too many drugs out there. We as humans have to go through things in life on our own terms, it all part of the healing process. Drugs only mask and cover up what eventually we must face. The food situation is really scary right now. My memories from childhood include how things used to taste and smell, now they are so different. Where are we putting all our waste on this planet?. Sometimes I make my family laugh when I say something taste like they blended plastic up in the recipe and disguised it with over the top imitation flavors that mask the fact that we are being fed poisons…I know, weird and really out there, but something is off with certain types of foods. That is why I always encourage my kids to learn how to grow things and to study up on more natural ways to heal. Medicines after all come from plants.

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  2. Thanks for your post. My spouse and i have continually observed that many people are desperate to lose weight because they wish to show up slim in addition to looking attractive. Having said that, they do not always realize that there are other benefits just for losing weight as well. Doctors state that obese people suffer from a variety of disorders that can be perfectely attributed to their particular excess weight. The great thing is that people who definitely are overweight and suffering from different diseases can reduce the severity of the illnesses by simply losing weight. It’s possible to see a progressive but marked improvement with health whenever even a slight amount of weight loss is reached.

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