Woodland Christmas décor…a bottle top tree from nature.

Cottage core is about simpler times. Making things with our own hands. Either baking a sweet treat for someone we love or creating a gift to pass down each generation. It’s our grandparent’s world of enjoying those little things from our hearts. While out exploring up north I decided to do a little cottage core myself and picked up some of nature’s supplies to make this tiny tree that can be used for several seasons. Fall, Winter and Spring. A little bottle top tree for the whole year if you like. Just add different colored bows for what ever season you are in. Best of all, is that this little tree was made from your hands using supplies from the areas you live in. No worry about shortages with this one.

Supplies needed:

Dried pine needle branches.

Glue/low temp glue gun

Dried flower petals, and leaves.

Small pot or container


Watered down glue or Modpodge

Pretty easy, just takes a lot of small steps. First you will have to go out foraging for dead pine tree branches. Careful when collecting them because the needles will fall off if you are too rough. You want the needles to stay on and connected to the branch.

When you get your supplies home you can spread Modpodge over needles. Use watered down school glue if you don’t have Modpodge.You will also need to add glue on bases to hold needles in place for later when you will be laying all of these to create a tree base. Just add a dab here and there around the branch where the needles meet.

Once glue dries you can start gluing your branches together to create the shape of a tree. After you have several layers glued together using a low temp glue gun, trim branches to create more of a tree shape. You can also add extra pine needles into some of the bare spots around the tree, making sure to glue in place as well.

Find a base/pot to put your tree in. I used an old faux plant bowl I picked up at the thrift shop. Most dollar stores have little plant pots that you can use. Or you can skip this and use the trimmed wood piece from a tree. Usually they give out round wood trimmings at the tree stands during the holidays.

After you have your tree done you can start adding dried flowers and leaves. I decoupaged some Fall leaves and drew shapes to cut out for small decorations for my tree. Glue in place. I even used some of my tiny dried roses from my garden.

While I was out foraging I came across all kinds of dried wildflowers. If you don’t like the natural color then you can always watercolor your dried flowers. I painted mine red for this project. This is your little tree so what ever color you choose will beautiful.

I collect bottle top trees. I think they are so cute. I have been collecting them for years, way before they were trendy and when they were harder to find. Now they are everywhere. Thought it would be fun to try and make my own version. While I was out walking I came across a huge dead branch and the sun was hitting the needles in such a pretty way…then bingo, it gave me an idea. They looked so much like bottle top trees. Why not make one using all supplies from nature I thought to myself.

Hope you all liked this one and it gives you a head start to decorating for the holidays. It doesn’t cost a lot to add some cheer to your homes. Happy crafting everyone.

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  1. That arrangement is stunning!!

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  2. Betty says:

    This is very cute! I never thought of putting modpodge on leaves.

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    1. Thank you Betty. The color still changes but it does stop it from crumbling in your hands while working on arrangements. I have heard some people use hair spray too.

      Liked by 1 person

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