DIY frugal Christmas décor…pine cone trees.

I picked up some pine cones on my Fall adventure a few weeks ago. Pine cones are one of my favorite items to use for art projects. Kids love them too. They can spend hours out in the woods exploring and looking for the perfect pine cone to take back home with them.

Once home they can make turkeys, penguins, elves, and my favorite are miniature trees. They look like tiny trees anyway.

You can paint them or leave them plain.

Glue them down on a base or into a small pot. I added mine to some baskets I made from yarn I picked up on sale while shopping in Flagstaff.

In the past we have used pine cones for fire starters, wreaths, and pine cone roses. I have even taken them apart for tiny wooden tile pieces for roof tops on little houses for my miniature gardens. What ever you decide to make with your pine comes, have a ton of fun finding them and decorating your homes…happy crafting everyone.

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      1. MJMCM, RN says:

        You’re welcome 💞

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  1. Webb Blogs says:

    I love this idea! I’m going to make these with the grand kids. 😁 I love to crochet (haven’t done it in a while) so I think I will crochet the baskets. Thank you 😊

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    1. Thank you. Those crochet baskets will be so pretty with the trees.

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  2. christina says:

    I like the idea of painting pinecones.The color you painted yours is real pretty. Thank you for sharing inexpensive ideas. Have a great day 😀

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    1. You’re welcome Christina and thank you.


  3. We have a tall White Mountain Pine in our back yard, which means we have plenty of pine cones. I keep several on display around the house year round, just because I think they are so beautiful.

    This morning I took a bag of trash down to the alley. As I was walking back to the house, I noticed a pine cone lying beneath our tree with a long tail feather, probably from a Eurasian Dove, sticking straight up out of it. When I got closer, I saw that one side of the pine cone had been chewed. My guess is that a dove was going after the seeds in the pine cone, and lost a tail feather in the process. The feather is wedged in very tight. It is now on display on our fireplace mantel.

    I like your pine cone decorations. Art from nature is the best.

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    1. I bet it is beautiful. Dove feathers are so pretty.

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  4. What a darling idea! Guess I’ll be scouring our yard for pinecones today! Lol

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    1. It’s nice using something that comes from our yard. Don’t have to go out and wait in a long line to purchase it. I am not a fan of crowded stores. I love Christmas but not the chaos it can sometimes produce. Sitting at home, sipping hot cocoa and making mini pine cone trees, now that’s fun to me.


      1. You are my spirit animal! Lol. I hate crowds! Have pine cones in my own yard, much rather be sipping cocoa by the fire. 😊


  5. Southern Patches says:

    Great ideas. I love using pine cones.

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