November updates and favorite vlogs this month.

“ In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”

Anne Frank

My daughter finished her Oreo cookie house. It’s from a kit. I will be making our traditional gingerbread homes later this week from scratch. Those actually get eaten. Box kits are fun too, just hate that they don’t get eaten but then they don’t really taste that great, just pretty.

Something a little different for my monthly updates. I usually do favorite blogger’s post every month but to be honest I haven’t been on that much. Sometimes I will share a post of what I am watching in the vloging world so I thought I combine the two instead of writing up two posts. Should also add a trigger warning with this one. My monthly updates sometimes come with a few rants and they tend to be long posts. Just getting it all out. A lot can happen in a month. And as most of my monthly updates go, this will eventually be deleted just like so many others. So here it is…a very long post about November.

I think the reasons why these months are flying by so much is because we are always thinking, always on and never off. This is how it is during times of war. Some out there do not see yet that we are in a war, they would probably read this and think I have no idea what I am talking about. Sadly…in time, as history as shown before, eventually everyone will understand what that sentence I wrote above means. So… to the ones that can already see, the months are flying by aren’t they? These early months that is.

This month we did a lot of shopping. Mostly for those favorite food treats we don’t normally stock in our house. Special treats for the holiday season. I stocked up on extra baking supplies since I love making cookies for the neighbors around this time of the year.

We don’t do the black Friday sales. My husband and I used to work in retail when we were teens and in our twenties so we know how busy the stores can get. We don’t really like that. It is the cold and flu season after all, along with a few other new bug visitors I would like to avoid. We tend to avoid the crowds when ever we can. Sometimes we get in the middle of them by accident. This past year and a half we have tried to be as careful as possible while still living our lives and getting out there and being happy.

We visited a fly fishing store this month. The owners just moved to Arizona from back east. Their little shop also has classes available on everything about Fly Fishing.

Stopped off at REI for my son who was looking for a vest. He ended up buying a blue vest. Said he wants to protect his chest from the cold when we are up north. So smart, I need to brag more about him but he loves his privacy. Brags about how there are no photos on his social media that he posts, he wants to keep it that way as much as possible. All the people out there taking selfies and doing DNA tests to see what they are…so weird to me. All just being added to a database. But then I am the weird one, and apparently my son is thinking the same way. Uh oh…might be mom’s silly influences.

This store has the coolest sweaters and well made too.

My son and I visited a very creepy antique sale that was in some sort of abandoned junk yard. I will be sharing that post later. I took a ton of photos everyone. Weird, that’s what it was. Like I was in the Twilight zone. There was no one around, no one to buy the antiques from. The whole junkyard was empty. The gate was opened. I noticed that it had several locks on it for when they close up. And there were razor wires all around the site. Then there was the huge creepy military metal bunker that was way in the back all alone and secluded. I looked around seeing that I basically walked into a trap, if this were one that is.

This way of thinking, is the after effects of growing up around bikers as a child. They are always teaching these weird types of lessons in life. Although I didn’t agree all the time with my biker gang uncle, and we would have our clashes. I loved him and miss him now more then ever. He was a true viking at heart and me being a little bit too over the top sometimes with trying the best I can to do the right things (hey, I’m not perfect either) well, we did clash about certain subjects.

This weird junk yard of sorts was like a museum. A museum of all kinds of antiques just laying outside wasting away, covered in layers of dust. And lots of hand made cardboard signs that read…smile you are on camera. That post will be coming up as soon as I write it up and get the photos ready. It will be a very unusual shopping adventure, not like my others. Fortunately I had my camera with me, as you all know I don’t carry a cell phone on me or even have one. My son does though and he was exploring this junk yard with me.

I never seen so many dolls in one place. They were displayed everywhere on furniture too, like someone was creating a world of tiny people everywhere. One wall had dolls on top of dolls that stacked up. It was kind of creepy. Some of the dolls were even stuffed and hidden behind shelves.
One of the many items out rusting and baking in the Arizona sun.
The old cook stove was nice. Again, everything is just left outside getting damaged.

I worked on some of my gifts from the heart this month. Melted a whole bag of used crayons into little shapes for some coloring sets I am putting together.

I also had some orders to finish. Some little terrariums, wreaths, and baskets. Oh, and coloring pages. Did some bartering with some of my hand made products.

My husband’s cooking lesson with our son and daughter this month was home made Nutella and chicken pot pies. Not all at the same time of course. That would not be a good combination together.

My daughter got called for jury selection. While she was doing that we all explored the city. It has changed so much. I like that the trees are bigger now and there is more shade. I don’t like the fact that there is still construction always going on. I still need to share those city photos with everyone. I love sharing Arizona nature with you instead. A Maricopa government center is so boring to me.

My thrift store purchases this month were for the furry family members in our house. Every year, around this time I purchase fuzzy beds, blankets and homes for them to curl up into. The cats are loving their nesting homes right now. The igloo was brand new, never used.

Alley cat just turned ten years old this year. Our little furry family members seem to age so fast.

Selena loves this basket but she has been hanging around Alley’s igloo too, even though I bought her a brand new igloo from Ross.
For some reason Sammy, my son’s cat, always looks angry, is this a Ginger thing?

Made some crackers for our English friends. I always call them poppers. Makes my husband laugh every time. This year we used items we picked up at second hand sales instead of what I have done in the past, which was hit the dollar stores for plastic party favors. I did have some ornaments that I bought last year and forgot to give them out, that is the only thing that isn’t locally bought,. along with the wrapping paper, oh and the candy.

It has been quite the challenge trying to stick with local items to give as gifts this year. We have stuck with this style for a few years now, not really new to us. We tried to shop this way before that ugly old bug opened our eyes to the real issues happening. Issues that have been happening for so long…decades now.

There are so many products here in America. We have been programmed to buy, buy, buy. This will, and is, coming back now to haunt us. Eventually everyone will understand that this buying and promoting of buying was always a chain, a lock of sorts. Now I understand the reasons behind so many hoarding homes. It is so sad. Anyway, everything happens for a reason. Some of those hoards will now come in hand if shortages continue. Maybe those hoarders all knew something we didn’t.

Candy selection for the poppers.
Little prizes that I stuffed in the crackers.
I used empty paper towel rolls. They don’t really pop with confetti when you open them but this is one of our traditions every year. To make crackers for our friends.

I didn’t have a chance this month to do my monthly garden post so I will combine my November garden updates with some December DIY’s from the garden. I started making grapevine wreaths for Christmas and I want to make some tiny Rosemary wreaths as well. I have a little pepper coming in and we got some cherry tomatoes that taste like tomatoes and not fish guts. I know gross, but come on…tomatoes here in Arizona do tend to taste like fish.

Oh, and here is a laugh from my garden DIY for November, another nailed it moment for me. Should have left it the way it was. It is time to toss this little house. I even tried painting it with some chalk pant and then covered up that mistake with some dried flowers…yep…just a mess. But hey, I did have fun trying to bring this house back. It was destroyed by our summer monsoons. This you guys…is what happens when you don’t stop. Keep it simple, always keep art simple. They can’t all be gems.

This was our visitor very early one morning, way before the sun was up…an owl. A huge one too. The photo is hard to see but he is there.This owl visited us the next morning after our city tour and jury selection adventure. Look how huge his eyes are. He wasn’t even afraid of my husband when he stepped outside to see what the chickens were making all the ruckus about.

Here are my dollar purchases this month. Fish were on sale, normally around $3 each, they had a sale where they were only .99 cents each. Also picked up a plant at the dollar store but inflation has now made these tiny plants $1.49. And in streaming services my husband just purchased uplifting channel for .99 cents for the whole month. It’s a family friendly channel with safe shows that don’t promote some evil agenda.

Okay, laugh, call me wack a do…but come on, we all can see how bad and wicked the shows are getting. Like every commercial, video, and movie has some sort of ritual or hatred towards a Christian, traditional families, a certain sex and race, or family rated G viewing shows. It is getting intense too, just evil doing it’s thing I guess. It’s nice finding good shows and good stories when we can. Shows that don’t have anything to do with politics, who you love, what your sex or color is, or whether you are religious or not…just a simple safe story we can all relate to. Those kind of shows are extinct it would seem, at least here in America they are.

Something else that is really wicked and hateful, is the fact that here in America, the agenda is not only to separate and make us all turn on one another but also we are only allowed to watch certain shows here in this country, or so it seems this way. How should I word this in a different way, because we still have choices, we can turn things off…our choices though are becoming more about depressing subjects.

Most of these shows seem to be geared toward making us all feel depressed and down, just like that color gray always being our choice of décor and clothing options. In other countries they get happy shows, and their clothes are brighter colors.

There are reasons behind all the suicides happening. Our environments are being manipulated to keep us down and turn us against each other, in my opinion that is. This is why the used book stores and older published books are being bought up like crazy. People can see…not everyone is blind to this war. Anyway, it’s always nice finding a good deal. We even picked up some potatoes for .37 cents a bag. Have any of you found good deals in your area? A dollar doesn’t get you much now days but there are still dollar deals out there, just have to look for them a little harder.

My favorite vlogs I watched this month were….

Big Super- Down south trip to Helena.

Big Super and Cookie his wife live here in Phoenix and take everyone on their adventures around town here, plus road trips with the Family. They are not originally from Arizona so it is fun seeing them experience the state for the first time with some things. They have lived here for awhile now but Arizona is a big state, it can take awhile to experience it all. I love their humor, the love their family has, and just seeing Big Super drive around sharing where we all live. This episode was about a trip back to Arkansas to surprise Cookie’s mom for her 70th birthday. Big prayers and well wishes for Cookie’s uncle who is going through Cancer treatments now. They run into him at the gas station. Such a beautiful family.

Grandpa’s Christmas candy

This just showed up in my recommendations. It’s an old recipe past down from many generations. I love the coziness of the cabin kitchen too.

Cooking with Erin.

Erin is one of my favorite Bates, she is so talented and such a kind soul. Her and her husband Chad are doing such a great job with their kids and I love their little cottage surrounded by all those trees. They even have goats. Erin shows everyone how to cook chicken three different ways. I especially like the grilled version, makes me hungry just thinking about it. It is time for lunch right now as I write this post for Monday. It’s Sunday, which I usually spend catching up with you all.I am behind on many things right now.

Spun cotton chickens.

Another recommendation that just popped up one day was this channel. Uh Oh, looks like I have a new skill to learn. These little chickens would look super cute on the Christmas tree this year. Now if only I could find the time to make some.

10 favorite Nature Inspired Christmas DIY Decor

Just a fun one to get started on some home made Christmas décor and you all know how much I love my nature art supplies.

And before I forget, thank you to everyone who prayed for my friend’s family. The update is that her brother who was in a really bad accident here in the city ( someone ran a red light and hit him) got stuck in the hospital. And with the red monster rules everywhere, his wife was not getting any good answers to getting her husband home, nor could she see him.

It was his leg that needed surgery. He would end up getting pneumonia while in the hospital, it was looking bad. My friend emailed me that we need to please pray for her brother to somehow find a way back home to heal because the hospitals here in Phoenix were not giving her sister-in-law clear answers to why he seem to be getting worse. My daughter and I sent out prayer request with everyone on our social media sites.

That next night a nurse would come in and tell my friend’s sister in law that her husband was going to be able to go home, they were going to send nurses to the home to help him in healing and also doctor visits at home. She said it was like an angel just showed up after everything they have been through. God answers so many prayers. So much to always be thankful for. Sadly only the prayers that don’t seem to be answered in the way the person asking wants, are the ones remembered by some. Thank you to anyone who prayed along with us for the healing of this family…God heard you all.

This family had just recently lost their son to suicide. They threw away all their Christmas decorations and no longer pray anymore themselves, they always prayed before and look what has happened they said. They have broken hearts from what happened to their son. It reminds me of the story in the bible of Job that my daughter always talks to me about. During these dark times, where everything seems to be so sad, some will loose their faith. Please pray that your hearts don’t harden…pray that you don’t loose your faith. My husband still suffers from PTSD from his red light runner experience. And here is a clip of one the other day. Here in Phoenix it seems to be an epidemic. The news is reporting accidents all the time now.

And this red light runner it seems, is being protected at the moment, until they investigate some more. Weird, not even a ticket, even with all the witnesses. A Tesla driver…wonder who this person is to have his identity protected after three teens were basically murdered. I feel for the mothers. No answers and the same patterns are being played out all around this country, probably world. Noticed there are a lot of hit and runs with pedestrians too. Like many people are playing some evil video game for real. May never know why this is happening, not with all the strange censorship going on lately as well. Have any of you seen all the protest world wide happening? Scary time when there is so much happening around the world and most of the important stuff we are not hearing about.

That’s it for this month. Prayers go out to the world. Just pick a corner, any corner, in any country. Pick the stranger you saw in the store, or on the street struggling. Pick someone on the screens suffering, we are in desperate need of continuous prayers right now, for many. This is a wicked war we are in everyone. Most of you all already know this. Love your neighbors everyone, just love them. The light always overcomes the darkness . Darkness will loose, it always does. As my husband has been saying for years now, way before this war started…United we stand, Divided we fall. Or my father’s words from long ago growing up as a child ” Stay in the light, don’t go dark” And I always have said “ There will be pockets of peace, all around the world, not one place will be safer then the other…but there will be pockets of peace in them all.” Stay strong, stay healthy, stay courageous, stay kind and may God bless and protect you all. And thank you to all the courageous ones, you know who you are.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    Wow! You packed a lot in this festive and fun post! Love the owl spotting. 🦉


  2. ourcrossings says:

    I love your son’s cat Sammy – ginger is such a beautiful and unique colour – and I am sorry to hear about your friends family suffering, I hope he is feeling much better. Have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Aiva, he is doing better. It is nice that he is able to heal at home. Sammy the cat is such a fun one, he has so much life in him. I have a little ginger in me too, get the red high lights from my great granny, heard she was a bit of a ginger. You and your family have a wonderful day too.

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