DIY pom pom tree.

Happy December everyone. Can you believe December is already here? This year I will not be participating in Blogmas. I just can’t find the time to do that many posts, but I will have a few fun DIY posts to share with you all. Some of those DIY’s might include lots of snowmen, tiny hedgehogs, wreaths and maybe even some recipes. We will see what I am able to find time to share, which I love doing. This is my favorite time of year, and next is Easter…I love Easter, probably even more.

This project I am sharing with you today came from a magazine article. I have done twig pom pom trees before, before I saw this article, but this one was so pretty, I just had to try and remake my own version.

Have you guys done that before? I had this friend that used to live here in Arizona, she has since moved to Missouri, that would cut out magazine photos of outfits she wanted to recreate for herself. I remember telling her I did the same thing with home décor. I have a whole folder of fun decorating ideas that I would love to try. Some of my ideas just come naturally, but there are some that I see out in the world, like this magazine photo that inspired me to try my hand at something similar.

Oh my goodness, there are have been so many nailed it moments and funny mistakes over the years. It’s good to laugh at the silliness of trying something new and failing…nothing ever wrong with that. Important too, that we get back out there and keep learning and creating no matter what the outcomes.

This is another really easy craft project. Kids can even do this. Just go out and collect some twigs from a tree. My husband had to trim one of the trees in our garden and I picked some branches from that pile. I painted the branches a cream color with chalk paint and then glued on a variety of pom poms in assorted colors and sizes.

That’s it, see, so simple. Whoops, forgot one more thing. I didn’t have a big pretty green vase like the one in the photo, so I used an old mason jar that I painted green. The green really brings out all the colors of the pom poms, so that is important when recreating this project. A really pretty and inexpensive way to add some cheer to a room. You can display this tree all year long if you like. Stick with Christmas colors if you want a Christmas theme tree. This would be such a pretty bouquet in a kid’s room. Happy crafting everyone.

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  1. Betty says:

    This is a fun and colorful project. And I think you point about the vase being green is a very important one, too. I have not heard of “Blogmas.” It sounds like a lot of posts during a busy time of year. However, I am interested in any DYI posts you publish. I file ideas away in my brain, but I do like the idea of keeping a picture file. Thanks for your post, and Enjoy the season!

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    1. Thank you Betty. Blogmas is where you post something every day until Christmas. Usually bloggers will work on posts starting in October and November to pre-schedule ahead of time, otherwise there is no way to keep up…unless you never sleep. I also did a 12 days of Christmas crafts in the past but it has been a busy year this year for us all. So many fun DIY and recipes out there and just like Blogmas it’s hard to keep up with them all, so file them away for those rainy days. You both have a wonderful holiday season too.

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  2. So beautiful. I love it. ❤️🥰

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    1. Thank you Deborah. This one was a lot of fun to recreate.


  3. This is cute. I am so not crafty, but this almost makes me want to try. We have lots of twigs from our massive white mulberry tree.

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    1. Thank you Linda, this is a really easy one and it is kind of fun picking out the branches you will use and gluing on little pom poms. You can find all kinds of large vases at the thrift shops and change them to any color, just buy some paint and change the clear vases to colorful vases.

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  4. ourcrossings says:

    Happy December, my friend! I very much love your DIY pom pom tree – I presume it would be also possible to make a pom pom Christmas tree using different shaped pom-poms! It would be a fun alternative to your typical Christmas tree. It could be a time-consuming project, but putting family to work trimming pom poms is never a bad idea. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. I love that idea Aiva, I know it would look adorable with all the fuzzy characters and animals on it. IT would be worth all the time it would take to make one and yarn is pretty inexpensive so you could make a bunch. Have a nice too and have fun decorating for the holidays.

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  5. Thank you for sharing! It’s nice just to read about nice crafts after I just got out of the hospital for COVID! Five days in there. I wish I had thought to read blog posts but instead I just freaked out and Googled too much part of the time! lol. I did pray a lot and I mean a lot, though. So glad to be home and back to reading blog posts! Tonight is the first night the tremors I’d been having are better and I think it is because I am distracting myself with blog reading!

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    1. Oh my gosh Lisa, that is so scary. I pray for my blogging friends all the time, that you all stay safe, healthy and happy. I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital, that is frightening to me. I am so happy to hear you are back at home now and around your family, this will help you to heal faster being near the ones you love. I always panic when it comes to anything medical, sadly that is just my personality. I try, I really do, not to get all weird about that and google everything but I always end up going down that google road of fear. What a time to get sick too. I have been trying to write up Christmas posts this month to cheer everyone up and haven’t had a whole lot of time to visit everyone’s sites but I am also trying to catch up with all my favorite bloggers. Thank you God, that he was by your side and you are out of that hospital. Just stay calm and rest now. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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      1. Thank you! Reading posts from my blogging friends has really helped in the healing process that is for sure. It’s given me comfort and a sense of life is carrying on and okay in other parts of the world!

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      2. I know exactly what you mean. Just the comfort of familiarity is so nice. Each day will get better but it will take time as you know, you have been through quit an experience.

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    2. Elaine says:

      Gosh I hope you’re feeling better.

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      1. Slowly feeling better. Hopefully all the way better soon!

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      2. That’s good to hear, so scary, the whole thing.

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  6. Elaine says:

    Such a lovely pom pom tree, so colourful, it brightens up the darker autumn days. Thanks for sharing. And Happy December back to you.

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    1. Thank you, just visited your site and it is so cool and colorful. Love that too.

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