A Dollar store candy land tree.

I made another magazine inspired Christmas tree. When I was organizing my paper mess in my craft office I came across a page I tore out of a magazine at one time, filed away to try and recreate another time. I had a couple of those Dollar store trees that I wanted to use for something like this. What perfect timing.

Those dollar store trees sell out fast. I bought one years ago and when I pulled it out I laughed at the odd shape. Very long single branches everywhere and that top single branch that steals the whole show…it’s kind of funny looking. Then I saw online all these designers buying two sets of these trees and making a really pretty tree combining two trees into one. Made things more symmetrical.

So, the next year…this year, I bought two packs of these tiny trees. They only had white at the time but that was okay because I was going to change the color of my tree anyway. Then I came across this magazine article with it’s Candyland theme tree. I believe it’s from a Martha magazine. I checked through my supplies and doing the best I could , I tried to recreate this tree with what I had on hand already.

The tree in the article was more of a silver color, and I had gold paint, not silver. If you are recreating a candy tree yourself make sure to use silver, as the color of silver with the pastel colors of candy look better side by side.

If you look at the magazine photo you will see that they made a lot of their candy ornaments using felt. I tried to recreate those ornaments with the felt colors I had on hand. Everyone who walked by this little tree loved the little felt ornaments but they all thought they were different things. Those things being, books, and presents. Everyone laughed when I said they are suppose to be candy ribbons.

“Come on…those are candy pieces”

Hey at least I tried, just like the pom pom inspired tree I made. How many times have you come across pretty photos of really cool designs and you just want to see if you can make one too?

This was another fun challenge for me. Like putting a puzzle together. How fun it is to look at a photo of something that is so pretty and tell yourself…yep, I bet I can give that a go and make it myself. And as always, I guarantee, you will get laughs at whatever version you come up with. Isn’t that the best part of this whole thing? Laughing at how different we can turn something we see, into something we do.

I still have a couple of other trees I came across in my paper piles, here they are. I have most of the supplies for the wooden tree, but not the feather tree. I have a whole bag of crystals that would look pretty with the feather tree but no green ornaments. I have no white feathers on hand right now. And I don’t want to go out shopping for craft supplies in the middle of Christmas traffic. What ever I find time to recreate now is all stuff I have in this house.

It’s a cute little tree, considering it came from a couple of dollar store trees. Vintage silver would have been a much better color, along with tiny vintage glass balls. Maybe next time. Now that I have an idea how to make them, I can make my own version of a vintage Christmas tree with pipe cleaner teddies and paper ornaments too.

Alley cat discovered the tree and knocked down some of the candy ornaments.

So, if you guys have any of these silly little trees on hand from your dollar stores, here is a fun candy tree to make with it. Happy tree decorating everyone.

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  1. Olivia says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Very cool! I love all the different trees and designs here, like the wooden one. We don’t have a single mini tree but I’d really like to get one now or make my own little ornaments for one. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, mini trees are so much easier to clean up after the holidays too. I like the wooden tree too, I hope I eventually get a chance to make one. I love all the tree designs out there to be inspired to make ourselves…so many.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Very cute! They remind me of German feather trees.

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