Arizona shopping adventures…A Christmas Junkyard.

Oh boy, did I ever walk into something I’ve never shopped at before. Arizona is one of those states where you never know what you will come across. This is your trigger warning, some photos may be upsetting to see, especially if you know anything about hoarding. This one you guys, is a really weird one.

This is what you are greeted with when you walk into this antique sale. In the back ground you can see a whole wall of hub caps.

One day my husband discovered a new store opening up here in our city. It was a store that sold all kinds of fly fishing products. They even have classes available. My daughter has been wanting to try fly fishing for awhile now and we thought we would all go and check out this new store.

The fishing store was right in front of the antique yard sale which was in the back of this store.

When we got there I noticed a big sign out front that said Antiques. Well now, wait a minute. I had to go check that out. I mean come on…do you blame me? So while my husband and daughter headed into the fly fishing store I said I would be right behind them but first I was going to go check out what these antiques were all about. My son decided to go with me.

At first I was a bit confused with where the antiques were but then I saw some more signs next to a gate and a dumpster area.

“ I guess this is the entrance” I said as I turned to my son.

We both walked through the gate. I was first drawn to what looked like beds that were rusting where they were being displayed. Hmm…I thought to myself. This must be one of those yard sale antique sales. Okay, I like that, yeah, that’s okay. Ever since the virus I rather do outside sales anyway.

All this old furniture was rusting and baking away. The wood was so dry on the chairs that it was split everywhere.
I’m not sure how this bed works. The wood is beautiful and all it needs is some refurnishing oil but the metal bed frame was rusted.

I looked around to see who to ask about the prices but there was no one around. I figured since the place was so big maybe the sales people were somewhere inside one of the many buildings on the property. I would eventually run into them.

“ You know, this reminds me of my uncles old junk yard growing up” I said to my son.

I loved that my adult son will hang out with me when I shop but the things I like compared to the things he likes are two different worlds. He loves the new and expensive items out there. Little did we know that we were up for a special kind of treat with this place. At that moment we had no idea the mess we were walking into. At that moment I was still trying to figure out the bed frames.

What is this? A bed or a giant crib? I am terrible at antique furniture. Phoenix is a new city, we don’t really have as many antiques as the east.

I started picking up stuff to see if there were little stickers with prices on anything…nope, nothing. Every now and then I would turn around and look for someone, anyone, just another living soul. Starting to feel like that 80’s movie Night of the comet, where everyone just disappeared after a comet hit the earth, except for a few survivors.

There was no one around…no one except my son and I. And every time I would pick up an item, something would fall apart. It was starting to feel like one of those old time movies my dad grew up watching, you know, the Twilight zone. I watched that show as a kid too. Where was everyone. Are we in the Twilight zone? I said to my son.

“ How long do you thing these items have been sitting outside to fall to dust when you pick them up like this?”

My son just answered “ I don’t know”

So strange. Where is everyone, again I asked my son, not really expecting an answer from him but I actually found something that I thought would make the perfect Christmas gift for our friends up north that live in an old country store museum. How much did they want for this crazy little gift. One of those unique gifts to make someone laugh. What do they call those? Oh yeah, white elephant gifts. This place was loaded with white elephant gifts.

This little country store would have been perfect for their old museum.

There were also Christmas trees outside with all kinds of vintage ornaments on it.

Someone was in the process of making a giant tree from a ladder. I thought this was really creative, but there was no one around to compliment them on this for,

A lot of those wooden ornaments that I love collecting were everywhere here. I have been having a hard time finding then around the city this year. Well no wonder. Think they all ended up here in this strange antique shop with not a soul around.

I started going to the buildings looking for someone to ask my questions. What is this place? What did I walk into. It was in the buildings when things started getting even more strange. I starting getting the creepy crawlies.

This was chaos, something was not right here.

On a table there was food that was still fresh and open like someone had been eating and just got up and left. My son noticed this too. We continued walking from one area to another and soon would discover even more messes. Just bags and bags of stuff. Where was all this stuff coming from?

Some of the buildings I didn’t go into. The reasons for that were because I started to see a pattern with the merchandising of products. It was the dolls that gave me a clue to whoever was working on the displays might have some mental issues going on. Now I don’t say that to be mean, no judgment from me. There are patterns in behaviors that you can pick up in art, or how people live, and play. You recognize right away when something is off. Sometimes it can just be something small like someone is just sad, but there are times when there are more sinister things at play and you have to be cautious. Looking at how the dolls were being displayed and how some were hidden or displayed in ways like they were real people sitting on chairs…yeah…creepy vibe happening everyone.

I had this doll in the blue dress as a child, I got it at Disneyland right outside the ride It’s A Small World.

The things I was picking up at this sale started reminding me of a family member of mine from years ago.I had a half aunt that was mentally ill when I was a little girl. In all my years growing up she was never really nice to me. She would pick on me, make me feel ugly and when I was a teenager she handed out my senior photo, that was meant for her and family only, to strangers in her neighborhood instead, along with my number. Strange boys I did not know would call me up wanting to talk, telling me my aunt gave them my number and photo.

My dad would get very angry and have talks with her. She had children of her own, we all played together growing up. There were also several other nieces and nephews she could have picked on, but out of all the twenty she picked me for some reason. I just have that effect with some people, even my own mother.

Thing is, is that I was a very shy and quiet child, never creating drama or doing anything against anyone. I would make little gifts to hand out, which was my favorite thing to do. Finally when I turned 18 and moved away from home, I stopped going to my grandma’s house when my aunt was around. My dad noticed and brought it up, so I told him…

“ There is something wrong with Aunt L, something there.”

So walking around this Christmas junkyard of sorts, I started picking up that vibe, that someone here…someone or many, were broken, There is definitely something wrong here. There were clues to the people who ran this antique store, who ever they were, where ever they were. Exploring even more I would see there still was no one around. One of those clues to who ran this place pointed in the direction of a veteran from the license plate on one of the vehicles. Flags everywhere. Did an old war hero own this junk yard?

So many different piles? All different feelings. The dolls pointed to someone who was lonely maybe?. Some of the toys that were everywhere were displayed like they were still being played with, pointed to someone who missed a childhood?, creating their own childhood in this nightmare of a strange yard sale.

This room was like an old gas station room. Maybe this junkyard used to have areas where you repair cars.

It didn’t have structure. Then I smelled something burning, it was awful. I forgot to ask my son if he smelled anything on fire at that moment. Later he would tell me he did smell a fresh fire but it was more like plastic burning and it was not in the junk yard, it was coming from somewhere else in the area. Then the smell was gone. Where did all this stuff come from? I’m telling you all, this city is getting stranger and stranger. I have never been to a sale like this before.

I love the old stove in the corner.

There were hub capes on the back razor wire wall. And the gate I just walked through I noticed had not one but several locks on it. There were handwritten signs everywhere saying cameras were everywhere, but I never got the feeling of being watched, never picked that up. Just signs. You know when you are being watched, all humans do if they are in tune with their surroundings and listen to that God given gift he gave us all. Picking up when we are not safe or we are not alone. That’s God telling us to be cautious. I was not picking up any fear.

The rooms I walked through reminded me of movie sets where there is some creepy bad guy around the corner. My husband used to work in the world of Hollywood, he left years ago, has his own story behind that, that I will not be sharing with a public blog like this, even though I don’t get a lot of views, have to be careful now days with anything you say or write down.

Anyway, I did enjoy shopping with my husband and his friend when we had to find items for set designs. This place had a ton of unique items for art directors. Again, and I know I keep writing this… I did not sense there was anyone around. How strange. Where did they go. Anyone walking around this weird sale could see that many footsteps and many hands had been around at one time.

Some buildings were darker then others and this old garage had vintage movie poster on display inside.

My son and I left the yard and walked into a pool supply store near by and asked the employees inside where are the people that run the antique yard and they started laughing and said they are there and then shook their heads like some inside joke that only they knew. We all started laughing then, me because I was nervous about what I walked into and they because they saw that junk yard every day knowing the real back story behind it. Maybe they too were afraid to share too much information…what a weird time we are all living in.

Maybe someone lives in this trailer on the property, but they never came out when I started yelling hello. Look at this table full of old oil lamps. There was a large variety if items everywhere.

There was a man who was out back working on pool engines by the pool supply store, so I asked him what is that antique place about and where is everyone? He also shook his head in frustration with laughter and answered…

“ I don’t know, there is usually a ton of people around and they even have a dog that barks to let them know that someone is coming. The man that owns it lets homeless people live there, they go in and out all the time, lots of them, different ones all the time. There should be someone around, just yell out hello and someone will come.”

So I went back in and started yelling hello, hello, Nothing, not a soul. My son and I left and when I went to tell my husband and daughter about the strange Christmas land junkyard they refused to go past the gate .My daughter’s words were “ Mom, that’s totally sketchy, how could you have walked in there.”

Another weird room on the property, this one came with a bathroom that had whimsical paintings everywhere inside,

There is no way I could explain to my daughter that I felt okay, just felt safe. There was only one area I did not cross and that was way towards the back where the old army shed was away from the other buildings. I started to go to a really cute she shed that looked like a miniature home and then turned around. I did not like the vibe back by the metal army building. Still have no idea where all the people went. Maybe they all ran to that shed when my son and I came in but we would have seen them or at least heard them. Maybe they are just super quiet.

Look how cute this little red shed house is. I wonder if it was for sale. I would think everything was for sale here, if only there was someone around to pay.

“ Do you think I scared them away, they left food out? Just like my aunt all those years ago. I seem to have that affect with some people.”

All this took me back to that aunt of mine. She was a half aunt.What that aunt ended up doing years later would make headlines here in this city. In the newspapers, on the news stations. It was a tragedy that left all the family members in shock and a little broken themselves afterwards. The house where my favorite uncle lived with his family, the one who owned a junkyard, was torn down and the land as of now still sits empty, at least this is what I have been told. I never went back to that house after what happened.

The original owners I guess being superstitious, decided to never rent out a home where a tragedy had happened. So the whole thing was torn down. I miss my uncle and his colorful junkyard of broken cars. I don’t miss my aunt. But like I wrote above she was never really nice to me so we weren’t really close.

Anyway, this yard sale/antique sale was triggering to me I suppose because it took me back many years ago to when my aunt was still alive and how she treated me, don’t know why, just did. I guess the junkyard vibe made me think of one of my favorite uncles from long ago too. The two of them were very connected in a way, at least how their story ended. I did a post on that a couple years back, along with the newspaper articles and photos, that has sense been deleted. Not a happy subject, definitely not one for the holidays.

So here they are, a bunch of photos of a Christmas junk yard.There were so many cute little wooden ornaments, you all know I love collecting them. Had to walk away, there was no one to pay. Also, not sure why, but do you guys get the feeling that these could be items that homeless people collect from the city dump and put them in bags to hoard? Maybe store them here. Just strange. Look at some of the photos, some of it didn’t make any sense.

This old RV would make a really cool mini home on wheels, I love watching those before and after vlogs where people turn their vans and buses into pretty little homes.

I think a second hand shop run by the homeless would work if done right. That sounds like a good plan. Of course you will need people there to help guide and mentor. Actually, it’s really not a homeless problem as much as it is a drug problem. But then saying that this mess is caused by greed and corruption. That it’s only job is to take down environments that once flourished…well, that just doesn’t fit the story that is being told. But, again, everyone knows the real truths. Doesn’t matter how many lies are thrown out there or stories being told…many have eyes that see truths.

This place was kind of sad to me. Looking at piles of plastic and items that never got opened or used from long ago, makes you realize how unimportant things are…people, that’s what counts…people…not things. I don’t think I will be doing anymore shopping adventures like this one again you guys. I mean, I didn’t even get to buy anything. Do you see anything you would have bought or remember from days gone by. It was such a mess, I wonder if anyone does buy from this place, when the employees are around that is.

My family thinks I walked into a homeless encampment. The sale signs were all up front on the main highway too and according to the shops around there, there are people usually out selling stuff, just not with me…they just disappeared.

I always tell my kids, that if God wants you to meet someone, or for someone to come into your life, then it will happen. Guess there was no one special I was suppose to meet this day. I think you all know what I mean. You know, like when you run into an old friend from your past or something…like it was meant to be. Walking around this huge junkyard, my son and I got a feeling of what it would feel like in that movie from long ago, Night of the Comet, like we were the only ones in the whole city, it was that quiet. Happy shopping adventures everyone. Stay safe out there and God bless you all.

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  1. Webb Blogs says:

    Wowza! All those dolls would have freaked me out. But I’m like you, I would have kept looking around. As I was reading this I pictured me and my adult sons walking around that place, it would definitely have been an experience to remember lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a fun yard sale. I like sales like this though.


  2. Wow, I saw some treasure in the trash, a remarkably interesting place to visit. I was fascinated by the iron crib visualizing it repurposed as a planter box or a patio table with a glass top. Arizona side road flea markets are fun! Looks like it was a fun trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did too, so many treasures, wish there was someone around to find out the cost.


  3. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, so many amazing Christmas decorations and wonderful furniture pieces that could spring back to life after a fresh coat of paint! Some people love garage sales; others pass by without a second thought, writing them off as a jumble of other people’s trash. If you’re in that second group, you’ve been missing out on a chance to score some incredible deals. Aiva 🙂

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  4. Wow 😍such a wonderful photography and gorgeous beauty of these photos,
    Specially the lovely , amazing several dolls 🌷👌🙏👍🏻Merry Christmas 🎄❄️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, so many antiques and collectables at that sale.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes ,actually 👌🌷rare to see like this place 👍🏻♥️happy weekend 👏

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is true, have a happy weekend too.


      3. 🌷🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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