Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone. Today’s bible verse that I picked from my friend’s box of blessings is…

For I, the Lord thy God, will hold thy right hand saying unto thee, Fear not, I will help thee.

Isaiah. 41:13

Many prayers to the southern states, to Kentucky and all the ones who are suffering from the storms. I am just finding out about this as I write this up. Please keep them all in your well wishes and prayers. May God bless them, and send angels to help them. To keep them safe, as well as comfort and heal them during these times. This is getting scary. I have never heard of tornadoes like this during the Winter. I have love ones in some of these states, so far I am not hearing anything about areas they are in but just heartbreaking. So many beautiful and kind souls from these states, amazing people. God’s people. Please continue to pray. Something terribly wrong, not sure what, but hearing this news so close to a season of loving one another, just breaks my heart.

Photos from the garden early in the morning. December 11th is a special time in our family, the day our first born, our daughter was born many years ago. Our beautiful Christmas baby, such a gift we were given all those years ago. A tiny preemie that would spend her first month in a hospital, what a Christmas that was so long ago. They grow up so fast. My son was born April 8th, I call him my Easter baby. Two of my favorite times of the year. Have a beautiful, peace filled week, and may God bless you all and always keep you all safe.

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  1. Gersom Clark says:

    Praying for them and yours as well! These natural hazards are getting extreme. Blessings!

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    1. Thank you, prayers for you and yours as well. You are right about these natural hazards getting extreme. My husband and I were just looking at property for sale in Kentucky because we are looking for farm land. It was Bowling green Kentucky. I feel so sad for everyone there, the photos coming out are too hard to see.

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      1. Gersom Clark says:

        Watching at the aftermath, it seems it was stricken by an earthquake and not a tornado. A blessed week!

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      2. It is shocking to see and you are right, it does look like that.

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      3. Gersom Clark says:

        These disasters makes us reflect more on GOD’s Word, Cheri. Still praying relief and fast recovery of these communities especially the most vulnerable people.

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      4. This is so true. Many prayers need to continue. There is great power in prayers, God is here, he is always near us and by our sides. I am seeing so many people and hearing their stories, they all need our love and prayers right now. You have a beautiful heart, and you praying is helping so many. God is giving out many blessings in these times, some can seem them and accept them, being grateful and some can not see it yet. The signs from God are always there. I pray that more people can see them too, because it is such a beautiful thing to experience when you understand and see them.

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      5. Gersom Clark says:

        Very true, Cheri! May more people be illuminated, understand, and experience the grace and true blessings from GOD!

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