DIY repurposed crayon shapes.

Supplies needed:

Old or new crayons


silicon molds



Remove all the wrapping from your crayons.

Break into small pieces to fill up silicon molds.

Cover cookie dish with foil and lay down mold filled with crayon pieces. The foil is there to protect from any spillage. Heat oven to 205F and add crayons to melt. It should only take a few minutes to melt.

Fill the molds completely, even if you think it may be too much. When it melts down it will fill up more evenly if you have more in the molds.

Once melted take out and let cool before removing shapes from molds. If you remove your crayon shapes too early they will break apart and you will have to remelt them.

My crayons were old and beat up so the shapes have all kinds of colors that melted together. If you want cleaner versions then you will have to buy newer crayons and make sure to clean the molds in between each color you melt. I kind of like the mixed colors, like art all on it’s own.

When you clean out your molds you will have to use hot water and a bucket outside so as not to clog pipes. The hardest part to this fun project is the clean up. Find some free coloring pages online, or draw some up yourself and add them to these crayons for the kids in your life for Christmas gifts. Something different and hand made from you. Happy crafting everyone.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    Cute and colorful idea and post!

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  2. This is the perfect idea for broken and worn down scraps of crayons! A thrifty way to keep the fun going!

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    1. I gave a few bags of shapes and different colors for the neighbors preschooler and toddler across the street and they loved them. She sent me a photo of her kids coloring with them. Her daughter was naming the animal shapes and colors. Mom is a school teacher and she thought they were cute. Told her they are super easy to make, everyone makes them, been around for awhile.


      1. Awww…that’s so precious!
        When I was little, a babysitter showed me how to take the crayon shavings from a sharpener and mix them with glue. Once they dried, we had rainbow colors to use and I loved them! 😊💕

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      2. I like that , another fun project.


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