In The Garden….Making Christmas wreaths, one pepper, four baby tomatoes, and two new chickens laying.

It’s Winter here in our desert city. No snow, but cooler mornings and nights now. This month we got some tiny cherry tomatoes, and one pepper that I noticed one morning when I was planting rosemary. It’s like that song, the twelve days of Christmas. Should do a garden version of that. Four hens a laying, five cherry tomatoes and one little pepper. Welcome to the desert everyone.

We are still new to city gardening, so we don’t have a lot. We do share food from our neighbors gardens, and we barter with each other. What we have a lot of, we will share and trade with others on our street. Right now my husband got a bunch of lime from next door that he will be making into Key lime pies and rolls.

I purchased some new cushions for some of our garden furniture outside. I had some really bad pads on the chairs and finally got around to purchasing some new pillows and pads. The shortages make things interesting. Not a lot of color choices out there. I tried to match the colors in the garden as close as possible. I could have made my own but the foam is so expensive, as well as the material, it was cheaper finding cushions already made. These that I ended up buying were not the best design but they were 50% off and I figure I could make different slip covers to switch things up over the seasons. I will keep my eye out for tablecloths, old blankets or even pretty shower curtains.

Our bees are happy, the tree out by the pool had a ton of pollen when I took this photo.

Painted the back wall green. Still working on that. I left one wall blue, it is very pretty and colorful.

The back wall is empty during the Winter because there are no grape vines and leaves.

I repaired another Terra Cotta pot melting away. I still have lots of left over glass. Decided to use it as a stand for the birds water bowl. The wild doves are still coming by twice a day for the feed I leave out for them. I never, in all the years I have been feeding the doves, have gotten pigeons. The neighbors across the street get pigeons but over here it is all doves.

This pot is not finished, I need to add the grout.

One morning my husband called me over very quietly and whispered.

“Look out the window very slowly, there is an all white dove out there.”

Next to this old door you can peek out if you are quiet and watch all the doves fly in after I leave food out, Although lately they don’t even wait for me to leave, as soon as I throw out some wild bird seed, they all start flying down around me.

“ He’s back, haven’t seen him in awhile” I said back to my husband.

I have a very beautiful and wild dove that hangs out in the garden sometimes. I don’t know how long doves usually live but this dove has been around for years it seems. At first I started thinking maybe he wasn’t all white and it was just a trick of the light but now that my husband has seen this dove as well, I know this dove really is white. I would usually see him during the summer or Spring when out in the pool.

I never have a camera ready when I see this dove, which is a little larger then most of the other doves. Most of the time the dove is by itself. So happy to see it is still around. I have written about this white dove in my garden post before so some of my regular followers will probably remember this dove as well.

Planted some more herbs and tomatoes. We have things growing inside if it gets too cold outside. We are still learning about growing gardens inside too. What a learning process this is. The whole thing takes time and I can understand people giving up, but if you too are learning about this, please don’t give up.

My little red wagon plant hospital has taken off. It is packed with growth.

December is a month where my husband cleans up the grape vines. I always have vines to make wreaths with to decorate the home.

I made two wreaths for Christmas with this years vines. Used fresh Eucalyptus for one wreath and some pine clippings from one of our trees for another wreath, then added a pretty red bow.

Rosemary is a great clipping to add to your wreaths too, or you can make them into tiny wreaths. Rosemary I have heard, helps with memory. Eucalyptus has a pleasant aroma. Some people tie up bundles to hang in their showers to breath in while taking showers. I also dried some apple pieces and made a little apple wreath.

Some of our chicks have officially grown up, they are starting to lay now. It’s always nice having fresh eggs but be warned…chickens are messy and dirty little critters. They will keep you entertained that’s for sure.

We still have some little ones.

Not a lot of new flowers blooms in December, except this aloe. I didn’t notice for days and then I bumped into it when I was cleaning up. Must be really happy because the flower it produced is huge, and it has three blooms on one stalk. What a pretty gift from the garden for December. The hummingbirds will be so happy. We also got some marigolds.

Here are the veggies we got this month. Nothing so good as a fresh veggie picked from a vine. Cherry tomatoes are my favorites right now.

And this month we had a storm blow in, rain here in the city and snow up north. We had to cancel our trip up north to cut a real Christmas tree down in the woods. We still have our permit as I write this post. It’s good until December 24th, so maybe we will have a chance to do it. Not if there is snow up there though, The roads up on the rim can be very dangerous in the Winter.

That’s it for this month. Now I am off to decorate and fill the house with Christmas cheer. Happy gardening everyone.

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  1. Webb Blogs says:

    Everything looks so beautiful. I do have a question for you. The very first picture, the plant that is closest to the camera , where is the best place to clip? I have 3 of those plants that I keep inside. One is about 10 ft long and I want to start cliping and make new plants. I watched a video on YouTube but I think I clipped the wrong part because it never grew roots. Suggestions or advice? 😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Webb Blogs says:

    Sorry its not the first picture. Its the 3rd one. Its sitting on a table with an empty pot next to it. Its the plant this is closest to the camera if that makes sense lol. 😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My computer was acting up this morning, husband just cleaned out the fan…freaks me out when that happens. I always think it is going to catch on fire or something. so I am a little late in answering you back. The plant you are writing about is a Pothos…they are so pretty. If you don’t cut the clippings right it won’t root. It’s hard to explain but I will try. When you cut them make sure you have a V, like two leaves growing together, cut part off and then leave one leaf or small section of leaves on the other side of the V. There are some vloggers online that explain it in videos. Pothos are so easy to propagate and you will have a whole house full soon. When the roots get huge I transfer several stems together in a pot of rich soil (I buy by the bag at garden shops and sometimes dollar store) when you first transplant the plants will struggle for awhile but I am still learning this whole process and eventually the plant comes back to life and start growing more leaves. That plant in the photo that is huge was from a small plant that I propagated from, so second generation Pothos. The elephant food plant is also a really easy plant to grow from, as well as Spider, and snake plants. I hope this helps as I just started getting involved a couple years ago with plants to have some peace in my life, gardening is a lot of fun once you get the hang of things.


      1. Webb Blogs says:

        Yes you helped alot. I think I know exactly where you were talking about. I think where I made my mistake before was I cut right below the “nub” I think thats what it is called. Anyway I am going to try this again and hopefully I will see results. 😁 I will keep you updated. Thank you again. 😁😁

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      2. You’re welcome. Your house will look like a plant jungle before you know it. Plants tend to take over.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    I love drying oranges for Christmas – there is nothing to start my favourite season off better than the scent of oranges permeating my home ❄️🎄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the best time of year for so many wonderful fragrances. Later this week our home will smell of cinnamon, ginger and chocolate. I have to bake this coming week for cookies everyone wants every year. Some friends say they want cookies over a store bought gift. Home made cookies of course. Right now our house smells like pine because I just picked up fresh clippings from a tree lot here in our city and I am filling the house with pine clippings everywhere.

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