My turn…shopping for my favorite vintage wooden Christmas ornaments.

This one is a little harder then searching for an ornament for a love one. I like a certain type of ornament. One that I have been collecting for years now. For the past couple of years I have been sharing with you all my yearly purchases of these ornaments. And every year I always find ornaments that aren’t in my collection. I wonder how many different varieties they made in these little wooden ornaments?

You can find these ornaments at second hand shops, church sales, yard sales, swap meets and antique shops. They’re priced anywhere from .10 cents to $3 each, all depending on where you are purchasing them.

My favorite place to find them have always been church sales and thrift store grab bags. With the grab bag purchases I will buy the whole bag, take out what I want from the bag, then donate everything else back to the store. Here are just a few things I came across while on the hunt. So much fun, like a colorful scavenger game. It’s also fun seeing unique products from the past. A couple years ago some of the big department stores were stocking modern versions of these ornaments but this year there weren’t any reproductions so I had to hit the second hand shops. I like the older versions better anyway, they last longer.

This wooden doll on a chair was at that out door antique sale I went to. There was no one around to purchase this so she is probably still there. I don’t have this one in my collection.
Some modern wooden ornaments.
Not ornaments but on the hunt I find other items that I like, like these little stone hearts with pretty polka dots and flowers.
Okay, this scares me but I have an aunt from my mother’s side that would probably like this.
I thought this vintage elf was so cute but she has damage. She was at one of the antique shops. Some stains like ink in vinyl are impossible to remove.

At an outside antique sale there was a gold mine of these ornaments. There were so many I didn’t have. But sadly there was no one around to buy them from. Some strange junk yard and no one was there when my son and I were there looking through everything. There were handwritten signs up that it was opened but no one around. I couldn’t buy anything so I just took photos.

The best part about the hunt is all the unusual items you come across from the past. I love seeing the new items too but there is something about vintage shopping that is more fun to me. Sometimes I laugh at some of the weird designs they have from different decades. It’s fun researching and learning the history of those designs and trends from the past. A fun way to work in some history lessons with the kids. When studying a certain decade, take a field trip to an antique store to see if you can come across items from that time. Or visit a museum from that era.

I love folk art. This little carved grandma reminds me of fairy tale stories.
Book ends on a shelf at Christmas time with Christmas books would look so cute.
I am pretty sure my grandma had some of these types of decorations out when I was little. I remember making tiny felt trees with little beads like this when I was 7.
There are still angel decorations available at the antique shops. This was a candle holder set.

I will share with you all the ones I bought this year in my next post. I didn’t take photos of all of the ornaments I bought like photo below, They were too small and I forgot my filter for the camera for close ups. The photos were not so great. Some corners and areas where these tiny ornaments were displayed were dark and I only like natural light when shooting. The flash makes everything so harsh to me. I bought a lot of cute ones you guys. Happy shopping everyone.

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  1. Webb Blogs says:

    Oh my are the creepy doll heads sitting on a glass jar 69 dollars? And is that a lock an key on the jar? Oh so creepy. If I woke up to that sitting next to my bed I would scream 😩 haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I didn’t check for prices. I had a really fun hippy aunt when I was a kid and she was into things like this, very creepy to me though.


      1. Webb Blogs says:

        Oh im sorry I thought the little tag said 69 dollars haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will have to check again, it probably does. I didn’t check the price because it was such a scary piece of art to me. I am sure it was that much. Art pieces are expensive usually. Not my kind of art. I like flowers and pretty things.


  2. ourcrossings says:

    All of them are beautiful! Bringing natural wood to indoor spaces is the answer to the chaos of modern life. So it’s no wonder why the calming presence of wood in the house has been such a hit this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, that is so true.


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