Decorating the Christmas tree.

We didn’t get a chance to head up north to cut a tree from the woods. It was storming that week and there was snow up in the area where we have our permit to cut from. Maybe we will still have time, permit expires the 24th. The roads up by Our Little Red House are not really safe during the Winter months to drive. We have 4 wheel drive and the right tires but I don’t want to take the chance of getting stuck up on the rim, in the middle of no where, searching for a tree when another storm is headed in. So a city tree it was.

This year we added colorful lights and in years past we have done clear. I think we all need the happy colors right now.

I am still slowly decorating it. First day we added lights. Then I started adding ornaments a little at a time. Trying to keep things really simple this Christmas. Skipped going up to the attic to pull all those dusty boxes down that are filled with all kinds of holiday decorations from all the years we have lived in this house.

I already have a few things I had on hand from shopping we did this year. There are all my little wooden ornaments I bought this year. I also had a bag of wooden snowflake ornaments. And all my little needle felted animals.

Something so peaceful about twinkling lights everywhere.

Only four or five days left till Christmas depending on where you are reading this from. I am so far behind in spreading Christmas cheer. We are still in the process of making our handmade gifts from the heart. This year we are sewing open hand mittens, scarfs, painting art, baked goods and terrariums from the garden succulents I have everywhere . Most of our friends and neighbors request our baked treats, rosemary foot soaks, lavender goat’s milk soap and the little plants I put together in my garden. Those are always the most popular gifts.

A very busy early morning of sewing projects.
Since we didn’t go searching through our dusty attic for our stockings, we made some silly stocking with vintage fabric and a flour sack.

I sent out Christmas cards a couple days ago. I started getting some and realized I still had my cards to send out. Do any of you still send out cards? I love Christmas cards and that includes sending them out too.

And in the middle of all these Christmas projects I decided to finish painting that old french door in living room that I have been wanting to experiment with. I used paint and clear school glue to make a translucence paint, then added lights behind it to shine through. It looks a lot better in person then the photos. Food coloring and clear school glues works the best for faux stain glass.

Then I made some fresh wreaths and filled vases around the house.

Oh, and I finished wrapping gifts. But I am really not finished, you all now how that goes. I still have some little gifts to give out to the neighbors.

Anyway, this is a busy week for many. Please, whoever is reading this, send out well wishes and many prayers to the world during this time. Seems there is a lot of sadness during one of the most special times of the year, no matter what religion you are. This is the season where we all should love one another. Pray for all the countries that are experiencing extreme weather and tragic events right now. Pray for the ones who are cold and hungry, lots of people out there that need a warm place. Winter is a terrible time for so many. Pray for anyone scared and afraid, that their anxiety is gone. And pray for anyone who may be in lock down situations. Pray and send well wishes out that every single person on this planet lives in freedom. Hope you are all having a beautiful holiday season. God bless you all.

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  1. Southern Patches says:

    I love this post. I think the Christmas wish at the end is just perfect. I designed a Christmas card this year with a picture of me and hubs and then photos of all the fur babies, there’s 8, it is the first time I have sent cards out in several years. I really enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!!!

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    1. Thank you, what a gift it would be for Christmas if all those prayers and wishes came true, so many people out there need that. I remember you cats. I made my whole family laugh when I talked about your photo of all the cats sleeping together and hugging each other. I was upset with our cats that day because the ginger and the baby (alley cat is the youngest) fight all the time. I have watched the cat whisperer, got the cats (we have three) all their own boxes, own toys, own beds, own food dishes etc… but the two cats can’t stand each other. Sometimes they tolerate each other and we see them sleeping near each other. But I laughed so hard when I saw your beautiful cats loving each other. Told my family, where do I get cats like that. Cats keep us entertained and they are the perfect cuddle buddies during the Winter when they jump in our laps purring like crazy. Like a warm fuzzy greeting. Have a Merry Christmas too.

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      1. Southern Patches says:

        The difference in my cats may be that they are all from the same litter and we also have the mama cat. But they are very loving to each other. I think mama cat really had it tough when she was in the wild and now she is so appreciative. The babies are the same way. Even though we have added a couple of cat houses they all snuggle and sleep together. They are precious we get so much enjoyment from them.

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      2. That is such a sweet story, love that. You kept the whole family together. The two cats we have that fight with each other are years apart and both rescue kittens that were abandoned or found at very young ages that had to be bottle fed every three hours. They didn’t have their momma cats, they were raised by humans. Came from feral cats but being as they were so young when they were found they are now tame but still a little cranky at times with each other. My daughter’s cat which is the oldest and was from a home of domesticated cats is very sweet and calm. Think that may have a lot to do with the other two cats, they are just different.

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  2. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    A very sweet and cozy post. I love your little tree and all the cute decorations tucked here and there. Very homey and welcoming 😊.

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    1. Thank you, my favorite time of the year.

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  3. Liz says:

    I love what you have done with your door and the lights shining through it.
    Have a safe and cosy Christmas.

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    1. Thank you Liz, a very merry and cosy Christmas to you as well and a very Happy New Year too.

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      1. Liz says:

        Thank you.

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  4. ourcrossings says:

    What a lovely post! I love your Christmas tree and all the beautiful decoration, especially the bright red horse. Can I ask you what do you mean by having a permit to cut down the Christmas tree? We don’t have such a thing in Ireland and our only option is a store brought Christmas tree. Thanks for sharing and may all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thank you Aiva, you are always so sweet. The tree permits are given out every year to help cut down a certain amount of trees in the forest. There are only so many permits handed out between the months of October and December. Best to get your permits as early as possible so you get one. They are only $15.

      Live trees here can cost $100 or more, so people who live in Arizona save money by cutting down their own trees for $15, which helps thin the forest and wildfires during our wildfire season. The rest of the year park ranchers and forest service thin out the forest themselves to help with that.

      Certain states have out of control wildfires because they don’t have programs like this in place. The forest becomes overgrown and with dry conditions it’s so dangerous to put fires out when they start. Here in Arizona we have one of the world’s largest Ponderosa pine forest.

      There are rules with these permits. You can’t cut down trees over 10ft. You can’t just cut the tops off of trees, you have to take the whole tree you pick. You can choose any tree in the forest to cut as long as it is within the 10ft range or smaller. I just wanted a little tree for when we were going to head up to stay a few days at Our Little Red House.

      It is more like Christmas up north. The area we have our permit for is right by Our Little Red House. You can’t cut trees on private land of course and with Arizona being so huge, they give out maps to let us know where we can search for our trees.

      Arizona has a lot of ranchers and there are Native Americans that have a large part of the state for the reservations. Up where our little house is, is close to the Apache reservation, a very green and beautiful area that some people say looks like a little Switzerland.

      If you get caught without permits for certain areas, whether fishing, hunting, Christmas trees, etc….you can get arrested or given tickets with fines in the thousands depending on the area you are in. On the reservations that is a whole other system. On the reservations, which we drive through sometimes to get to our place, which is not on the reservation, we are always very careful to follow all the traffic laws carefully so no tickets are issued. People who travel here to Arizona will go to the reservations to buy cigarettes because they are cheaper and also gamble as gambling is illegal in Arizona (it was, but new laws came out this year to change that) but not illegal on the reservations because that land belongs to the Native Americans.

      Anyway, sorry such a long explanation. Arizona is a huge state and very different then most states around the country. I hope you are all have a beautiful Christmas and Holiday season. I know your home is beautiful right now and filled with all kinds of nature’s art. You and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.


      1. ourcrossings says:

        No worries at all, I very much enjoyed your well informative post about how things are in your part of the world. What better way to begin the festivities than by cutting your own Christmas tree? And I am glad to hear that you can do that in an Arizona national forest if you obtain the proper permit.

        In Latvia, a Christmas tree can be cut down at forest roadsides, along trenches, on dikes, under power lines, or in a mature forest under large trees. Meanwhile, felling in young forest plantations and specially protected nature territories, which are marked with an oak leaf sign, is prohibited. We don’t have to obtain any permits – the only rule is that the tree must be cut at ground level to prevent forest animals from being injured on a tree stump that is too high.

        Wishing you a season that’s merry and bright! Aiva 🙂 xx

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      2. I bet the trees are beautiful there. I love the trees over there. It is nice being respectful of the forest too. Happy New Year to you and yours and I hope you all had a great Christmas too. I can’t believe it is over, it came and went so fast this year.

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