Merry Christmas everyone.

Every year I try to think of a special post to share with you all about what Christmas means to my family. The holidays usually are all about everyone coming together, all religions, all nationalities coming together and being there for each other. A time of peace. But each year that goes by since the red monster showed up, I have noticed that every year after, this beautiful and special time of season gets interference of some sort.

Some of my long term followers, that have been with me for years now know that sometimes I will vent about what is going on out there in the world. Just me being honest about my opinions. I have lost some followers in the process. To be up front and open now days can cause some to become very angry. No one has gotten mad like that on this site. And that’s okay, this is who I am after all.

I am not exactly sure what “This” is about though. Some of you know what I am talking about. There are people out there that see things in a totally different way then others. That is just life. To each his own as they say.

One of those sights I see that some may not, is the sight I see of Jesus. It is not what normally could be defined as a sight in the physical form. It is a sight of feeling and knowing deep within our souls when you just know. A sight from our souls, is that what it is called I wonder?

Many out there sadly may be triggered by anyone bringing up Jesus. Just His name alone causes people to walk away, even if you say it out loud. I understand that too. I know that some were raised by false truths about Jesus. Some people used the love of God and the gift of Jesus to abuse others. Who do you think is really behind that? I won’t give that one center stage here. What terror some innocent children grew up in because they were being taught such fear when it came to the love that Jesus is really about.

Too many rules some will say, too much judgment others will complain about, just a fairy tale they will go on. There is nothing I can say or do that will change their minds,. I am only here to share why I have the faith I do, so no judgment on my part towards non believers, it is not my place. No judgement for my beliefs either…wouldn’t it be nice if were that way?

Seems there is a lot of ugly going on right now in the world for the faithful. I would never come from a place of control or judgment towards anyone. Just sharing what I believe and how beautiful and special this time of year is to so many. I have witnessed too many miracles, not coincidences, to know that there is a God.

Right now the world is hurting, there is so much anger towards anyone of faith. The movies always portraying the bad guys as religious fanatics, haters of “ difference in others” , control freaks and other sad versions of people of all faiths. The media stories coming out direct people to fear more the closer we come to Christmas day. More lock downs, more rules, more hate pushed out there. Doesn’t matter which political side you are on either, it is all about fear right now from all sides.

This month the gangs are increasing their violence around the cities. More hit and runs I notice, more people being harmed while out hanging lights up and decorating for the holidays, people celebrating Christmas parades are being terrorized and harmed, people trying to celebrate this time of year with joy and peace in their hearts. Almost like it seems all planed.

In all of this I am also seeing miracles and moments of kindness too. Just reading some of your posts I am seeing some amazing stories out there, letting us all know that some things first have to be believed before seen. I still have that mustard seed you guys. Boy do we all need miracles right now.

No matter how much is manipulated in this world we live in, or directed to us to turn our hearts against our families, friends, neighbors, and especially Jesus, I will always stay loyal and thankful to the one who has stayed loyal to me…Jesus. We need to continue to spread kindness and love to as many as possible, even when the environment you find yourself in looks down on that type of behavior.

We need some miracles here in our city right now. Phoenix is in a battle. I have written about a theory of mine. Solders come in all forms during times of the big W. This pattern below (in links I am posting) is being played out all over this country right now, around the world too.

Please, where ever you are in the world out there, be extra careful on the streets. Please pray for the civilians in this battle, walking the streets, unaware that wicked solders that drive the streets are looking to harm them. At least it looks like this in my opinion.

Please send well wishes and prayers to the families down below in links. Please pray that this stops, that the ones who are contributors towards it no longer have that power to do so. Not just here in Phoenix but in all the cities.That is the biggest prayer of all, that the ones causing this to happen, encouraging this to happen, are exposed and stopped.

Please Pray for answers and comfort for the families who have lost love ones out there on the streets. There is an officer here in our city right now, battling for his life. He was hurt, and so close to Christmas by someone that drove the streets late at night, who should have not been on those streets to begin with.

Sometimes when it is especially quiet in the safety of my home while I sleep, or try to, I will hear these solders that were released out there on the streets, racing, revving their engines, fireworks and gunshots going off and the screeching of tires. It’s a frightening sound to wake up to, and it has been happening for a couple years now, longer in fact. I hear those noises and know there is hatred behind the ones who cause it.

Then this young officer, who just became a police officer, barely 22 years old, still a kid pretty much, was attacked and harmed in such a terrible way. Trying to protect us from one of these street racers one night. The officer’s church he attended since a child is praying daily for him. This city has new management running it, things are played a different way now. Please pray for a Christmas miracle for these families here in my city, they need answers as well as healing.

Officer Tyler Moldovan.

This officer was so chocked up when he did this update that he had many tears he had to wipe from his eyes.

Please help find Daniel. His father came all the way out here from South Carolina to help find his missing son. This story for some strange reason is not being reported on in our city. Strange too, the father seems to not be getting any real help except for mostly volunteers. In the process of volunteers searching, they have found another man that was missing in the area. It is frightening how this family is not getting the proper help from Buckeye police, an area outside our city where many farmers live. Now vloggers are trying to help through their podcasts, spreading this information to help this family find their son who went missing here in Arizona. Please pray that this family gets answers to where their son is.

Prayers for answers for the Owen family. Many hit and runs happening here in Arizona. This is a heartbreaking story, another family has lost someone they love.

Help find a hero. This is a happier story as the woman who was in this hit and run incident was able to survive when two people stopped to help her after the vehicle who hit her sped away. Like angels out of nowhere.

I know this wasn’t one of those cheerful post, but it is a time to think of others after all, and these strangers need our prayers. Arizona also needs lots of prayers for the families coming over our borders right now. I know some may argue that they are all criminals but that isn’t true. Yes, there are many bad ones slipping in, but mostly they are people struggling and scared. There are so many stories out there to get us to hate each other, careful of that. That is just hate propaganda to turn everyone against each other.

There are many little ones abandoned and scared, and young women too, young couples with babies trying to escape poor conditions being mislead. Please pray for everyone in this battle, pray for their safety.

Merry Christmas everyone, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanuka. What ever religion, what ever nationality, where ever you are, may only good things always come your way. May you always stay healthy, be surrounded by peace, and protected by God’s army of angels. Please stay safe out there everyone. Many blessings to you and may God always bless you all for all the days of your life. And thank you to Jesus for all the gifts he has given me and many others, everyone in fact. The greatest gift is his love he has for us all.

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  1. mel says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and family! Have a blast holiday!

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    1. Thank you Mel, have a Merry Christmas as well and a Happy New Year too.

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  2. Gersom Clark says:

    Maligayang Pasko sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya!! [Filipino]

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    1. Merry Christmas to you as well and a Happy New Year too.

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  3. ourcrossings says:

    Wishing you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity this Christmas and in the coming New Year 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thank you Aiva, Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year too.

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  4. Wow, so funny to read so much of this when I had literally just finished responding to a blog I follow and follows me that was a pure litergy of hatred toward Christians and christmas. I was so sad to see the comments agreeing with it as well.
    My 1st response was to respond negatively followed very quickly by unfollow him! But, my faith in rapid succession, won my inner argument. And, I told him so earnestly.
    I did respectfully countered his points but pointed out if I unfollowed him, how could I show him the essence of my faith and that it’s heart is love? How might he witness that love for himself if I were unwilling to show him…or love him despite our differences? If I could not love him despite him disparaging my faith then I’m not being who and what I claim to be. And I wished him a merry Christmas with love. 😊
    Many prayers for those who need them.
    Merry Christmas Sweet Friend. I love you💕

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    1. That is so true Laura, it is hard being in the environment of hatred when we ourselves only want to show others what it is like to be in the love, in the light. When we walk with Jesus, we are always in the light. I have noticed that some people hate that and will fight that positivity with lashing out at the ones in the light. I even have had family members do it to me, and all was doing was sitting and reading, watching a show, or helping out in the kitchen. I never brought politics or talked religion with them. They just knew by me not participating in their hate and gossip fest that I just was not like one of them…so they couldn’t stand me.

      Their anger comes out in forms of sneering and just distaste being near someone who walks in the light. Sounds strange how I am trying to explain this, but it is a difficult one to explain. It’s like when you try to connect with someone and they just do not like you and will even go behind your back to sabotage and lie about you to others.

      This is happening all around the world right now. Two sides are separating farther and farther apart, each finding their people. It really is a spiritual battle. The ones who know how wonderful being in the light of love feels compared to the misery and false warmth that hate deceives others with, understand how important it is to help others switch over to being in a world of peace and not misery. We have to keep trying to be kind as much as we can and when it gets really bad, we have to walk away without confrontation and say a prayer that the person we are walking away from will eventually come to a place of kindness themselves.

      It was hard what you did, sending out love to someone who only wants to send you hate in return, and by doing so you know how it feels to be on the right side. It is still peaceful, it still full of love, and you are still walking with Jesus in his light. Wow, is this one ugly battle we are all in right now. I know exactly what you mean, people are getting meaner. But we know as well as so many more, that there is great power in prayer and loving our neighbors. Thank you for this comment Laura, it is always encouraging when we know we are not alone in this battle. You are not alone remember that. This comment back is coming a little late, the day after Christmas but I hope you and your family had the best Christmas ever and that you all have the best New Year ever, God blessing you with courage, health, safety and lots of love.
      Lots of love back to you all as well.

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      1. I think it’s an absolute example of 2 Cor 2:16…
        To those who are perishing, we are a dreadful smell of death and doom. But to those who are being saved, we are a life-giving perfume.
        This blogger is a self proclaimed atheist and the comments I’d mentioned, well, birds of a feather so I should not have been surprised.
        What suprised me most was me in the moment. That initial gut (and worldly) response to punch back, immediately overcome by my faith and a huge helping spiritual counsel by the Holy Spirit too. Lol That sudden spiritual knowledge that something bigger was happening here.
        As you may imagine, my comment was lengthy at best but within it, I held up too things….a mirror, where he would see himself within the venom and rancor he had written and the glaring contrast of my love through my faith, in the face of it
        My respectfulness countered his denigrating, my peace countered his aggression, my love countered his hate.
        I don’t see myself as a bold person at all but in that moment I felt called to the proving of and to step out onto my faith like a proving ground of actual being what I claim to be.
        It was a powerful moment….for me, for him and for at least one other commenter who prior, had gone along with him.
        You know Cheri, he apologized to me! And not just a little bit but in lengthy discourse. He had not seen himself as a hateful person, nor his pointed direction so specifically at Christians. Though an atheist, he had not seen himself clearly reflected in that hate filled post. I warmly accepted with much grace and with love, offered the wisdom of my faith, that only love can overcome hate. And he recieved it openly, thanking me for this beautiful wisdom.
        One who had previously had gone along with his post had been reading this discussion between us and replied. She then told him that while she had agreed with him concerning finding not proof that God or Christ existed that she wanted to confess that she equally could not prove that they don’t and began to a long list of what she has witnessed from Christians she has seen and knew of….how they are so giving, charitable, acts of kindness and serving their communities and fellow man.
        Cheri, it was a beautiful thing to witness and experience! This angry, venomous atheist disarmed by love and calling me now, his friend. A woman who cheered this rhetoric, turn back with a confession of uncertainty and a witness of Christian character!
        It reminded me Luke 6
        If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?(A) Even sinners love those who love them….but love your enemies.
        Maybe those are the ones who need our love, to see our love, the most? Maybe it’s the hope they are searching for?
        Praise God for every seed planted, every door opened, even if it’s just a crack, where faith may enter in. 💕

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      2. This is so powerful and reading this Laura gave me goosebumps. I heard a story earlier that week where a man was on his way to jail for the Jan6 event and he wasn’t used to the environment of jail. He is a Christian who got caught up in that mess and so sad too. Traveled all the way from Georgia to DC to witness that day and see our former president. When he was arrested and on his way back to jail he was riding with some men that know the system because they do illegal activities. I call them broken people, and sadly there are many of them that come from broken families where there are generations of misery and pain.
        Anyway, here is this new criminal, a Christian who finds himself in the criminal system riding with men that harm others. In the van they had a male and female side. There was one female riding with them separated on the other side.
        The men started picking on her and saying terrible things to her of what they wanted to do to her. The Christian was sitting through this all trying not to let it effect him but then he said he started hearing Gods voice ” Do something”. And the Christian spoke back silently saying ” But God, these guys are bigger then me” and still this Christian heard God’s voice again. DO SOMETHING. So the Christian looked at the main instigator behind tormenting the woman in the van and said .
        “Hey, would you speak to your sister or mother this way?” and then the guy who was meaner and bigger looking started swearing and verbally attacking the Christian now. Now all the other men were joining in and verbally attacking the Christian. They were saying that the Christian was going to get it when they were in jail, he better watch his back now.
        Now the Christian was really scared but he knew that he had to speak up and defend that woman. Once they all got to the jail they had to wait to be processed. They all got separated except for the Christian and that big scary instigator who were left side by side for awhile together. The Christian was sacred when the instigator approached him and started yelling at him for what he did, saying he was going to get it later. The Christian all of a sudden had some courage and stood up and started telling this man off, saying he had no choice because God told him to speak up and then the Christian went into why it was wrong what the other man was doing, that God loves him too and all his children.
        Well, to make this long story short, the mean criminal started crying and confessing to the Christian and saying he was sorry and that he acts that way to protect himself knowing that if he doesn’t act tough he will get beaten up in the system by others. The hard criminal started talking back and forth to the Christian now about Jesus. The Christian by speaking up when he did, was able to turn someone who had anger and hate in his heart into someone who got to experience God’s love instead. God always knows what is happening, and even when we question ourselves or fear or anger takes over our hearts, God is in us to remind us the right way to get through every situation.
        Right now, there are many miracles where people are coming together and learning to love one another instead of hating them. This is the battle, a battle to separate and turn us into no longer loving our neighbors. You Laura, have a beautiful heart, full of kindness and love, and God is protected it, it is his and we are here, all of us for a reason. To love one another and teach others how to as well. Some we will not be able to reach, but we can always pray for them.
        Have a Happy New Year and again God bless you and your family and keep you strong, healthy and spreading His words and love where ever you go.

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      3. Wow! That is amazing!
        You know you are so right! I think we have definately entered into that time where ” The love of many will grow cold” and its absolutely a battle we are facing and must rise to meet it.

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      4. Very true. Everything happens because it was meant to happen. That man who was arrested probably never thought he would be there in a jail sail some day, yet when he was, there was a man there that was very lost and just needed someone to introduce him to Jesus. He will never forget the moment he met Jesus in a jail. Who knows what battles that guy has been through and will go through. I pray he really does find the strength to turn his life around. Have the best New Year ever and God bless you and your family and always keep you safe.


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