Some of our favorite stocking gifts this year.

This year we decided to leave all the Christmas up in the attic and use items we had down in the house and our garden to decorate with. Which included our stockings, so we made stockings instead.

I love little gifts the most. Just simple and inexpensive gifts that tell someone they are loved. With stockings there is no breaking the banks. Unless they are filling them with diamonds. I know this is going to sound strange but I never liked diamonds.

When my husband was shopping for an engagement ring for me before we married he would take me around stores to try on diamond rings. Every time I would put one on I would be polite to the sale person telling them it was pretty but one day I had the courage to say my little secret out loud. As soon as we would leave the store I would tell my husband…

“ I don’t like diamonds, I can’t explain why, but I don’t want one on my finger.”

I felt weird telling him this little secret that I had kept to myself for years. Every girl I knew and all my female family members growing up…loved diamonds. They would think something strange about me not loving that beautiful little stone.

I don’t see beauty in Diamonds. I like how the light hits it and there are colors everywhere, but it is like a reflection of the real and true beauty that surrounds it. Kind of like it takes the beauty from around it and captures it, keeping it for itself, as it’s own…I know weird.

How beautiful is that same diamond when there is no bright light around it? I suppose you could say the opposite and say a diamond captures the love and beauty around you and captures it so you can carry it around with you where ever you go. Your families love, the beauty in all of that. Everything, and I mean everything has a good and bad side to it, depending how your attitude is and whether you are a half full or half empty kind of person. Nope, I don’t want a diamond I finally had the courage to say out loud.

Instead I would get a blue topaz stone. The color of the sea, the sky and my favorite color of eyes. I also love turquoise and pearls as well, oh and lets not forget Sterling. What I would eventually name a son my husband and I would have. I’m a weird one you guys, at least I always felt that way around my family growing up.

Here we go again, getting off subject. No judgment to you all out there that love diamonds. For me, diamonds just never felt good when I put them on my hand. Maybe I tried on some bad gems…who knows.

So anyway, this is what we got in our stockings this year, minus diamonds. This is my favorite gifting part of the holidays, the stockings. Just silly little prizes and gifts.

Popping toys. This is purely for fun and entertainment. A tiny toy to laugh about. This is also a great toy when working with children. A fun reinforcement toy during therapy sessions.

Soap- This is such a funny photo down below to me. There is nothing fancy about this soap but oh boy does it smell wonderful. We went shopping at a Korean market out in Mesa Arizona, which is outside Phoenix but not far. There was a whole Asian mall out there and so much fun to visit. I need to do a post on that shopping adventure. I didn’t have my camera with me at that time.

One of the markets we went in had all these soaps for sale. We are so used to checking for harsh chemicals and ingredients that we forgot that these products were coming from a country that has pretty strict rules when it comes to what is allowed in their products as well as food, so everything is so much better then American made items.

American made items, that our corporate companies make and are allowed to get away with adding harsh ingredients when selling to American people, are items we are trying to stay away from as much as possible. Years later when people start coming down with illnesses and cancer, the big corporations are so rich that they can just pay people off, or pay fines…they don’t care. Money is their king and we sadly are just their subjects it seems.

I love my country, just don’t love the corrupt individuals that are allowed to get away with this. Anyway, we found some safe soaps, not so pretty but their fragrance is nice. I bought all kinds of scents. My husband got blueberry, my son and daughter got raspberry and I got honey, and raspberry too.

The soaps were in pretty boxes and sealed inside. You could still smell their fragrances through their packaging. I opened them up to take this photo.

Containers- So adorable. I think they are meant for lunch boxes. Maybe sauces and spices go into them. I will be using them to store tiny glass eyes that I use for my needle felted animals I make.

Candy- There was a variety of candy in the stockings this Christmas, candy cigarettes for some nostalgia, cute gummy candy containers, chocolate caramel snowmen, dark chocolate with sea salts, and Hershey’s favorites like peanut butter cups and candy bars.

An Alley cat pen, drawing pencils and fun erasers.

A giant pomegranate that didn’t fit. Oranges and nuts. Crackers and cheese.

There was also pretty hair accessories, mango coconut lip balms, hand and face masks, fruit fragrance hand creams. An itty bitty tiny view finder toy that you can really see toy images from when you look inside. Cowboy stickers for my daughter’s journal/art books. And one wooden toy rabbit coming from Russia that hasn’t arrived yet which is for me. The photo is from a tiny wooden rabbit that I purchased this year in a thrift store grab bag. Do any of you do the tradition of having Christmas stockings? If so, what do you like gifting others with or receiving in your stockings?

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  1. Those soaps look lovely. I bet they smell great too. We do stockings and usually we do little toys for the kids and some sweet treats of some kind.

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    1. I don’t know what it is, but watching the kids go through their stockings is so fun to me. Doesn’t matter what age they are. They will always be our babies.

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