A whole year of photos.

Here we are in 2022 now. Thought I share with you all a photo diary of 2021.These are all my favorite photos I took for 2021. Looking back at that time I realized that we were still all suffering from the after effects of 2020 when 2021 came around. If I had to rate the year of 2021 I would give it a 5 out of ten, purely from the shock of everything that went down that year. I do hope and pray that 2022 gives us all a break.

Jan- After going through 2020 we decided to refresh and organize the garden area since this was where we spent a lot of our time in 2020. Little did I know that the garden would be our refuge in the new year of 2021 too. We had hoped we were through with what happened in 2020, but 2021 would show us that we had another rough year to get through, which I don’t believe was necessary. This was a month of making our nest even more cozy. 2020 had taught us how our home really is where our heart is. It really is home sweet home as they say.

I picked this photo because it reminds me of all the fun I had felting and making all these colorful pom poms.

Feb- February was a month that I will always look back on as the month of sharing. A month of love. Our neighbors would share their garden food with us. We made fresh salads, planted new flowers, found lizard eggs, and new chicks were born.

This was a fun photo to stage. I love the Spring time.

March- I worked on tiny gardens, made candles, decorated Easter eggs, and visited a crowded Farmer’s market. This was a month where we started to go out more, mixing with the crowds yet being safe about it. Wouldn’t say I wasn’t worried every time we went out, we were. Baby steps to the normalcy of years gone by. Eventually by going out more and more, interacting with others, we would get back to our old selves once again.

Our chickens were laying so many eggs. I had a bunch to decorate this year,

April- A birthday month, my son would turn a year older. More shopping for our garden remakes and I finished many projects in my garden. I started to have more free time to work on my Christmas and holiday craft book. Christmas in Easter I would call it. I found all kinds of vintage sewing supplies this month while out shopping. This was a month filled with creativity.

My find of the month. I have a whole collection of colorful vintage threads, Some I use for my tiny teddies and animals I sew up.

May- Not a lot to this month. We celebrated mother’s day by going antique shopping here in the city. Ate out, which was another big step in trusting strangers to safe ways of preparing our foods with that ugly old monster out there. I had always worried about eating out when the lock downs and fear first started. I used to have a friend who worked in the food industry and she never ate out…ever. When I asked her why she would share gross stories of how unclean some of her coworkers were when preparing foods. My cousins’ husband used to own a dairy farm and he never drank milk. I will spare you the details of that conversation.

My Mother’s Day gift from my children. A hand made wooden heart and a pretty vase. That month sunflowers came into bloom in our garden.

June- Headed up north this month to check on Our Little Red house. My daughter taught me about a trend at the time called Cottage core. I did some cottage core shopping in the little mountain town on the way to OLRH. Took it back to our place and had fun decorating our home. When we got back to the city we would get up super early one morning and head to one of my favorite Church sales. The year before they were not able to have this sale because of the rules with the virus. Things were slowly starting to get back to normal it seemed. After the sale we made home made banana ice cream. Did some art in the garden, went swimming and watched the new bees we bought play in the bird bath.

July- My birth month. After so many years, birthdays are just another day, reserved for the little ones mostly. I had a happy birthday, got lots of favorite items I love like art supplies and plants. Walking out in my pretty garden this month I would discovered many flower blooms popped out that month. I loved these gifts too, what I call God’s gifts. More art, more basket making and just hanging out in the pool garden. July was a very relaxing month.,

I created some very colorful baskets with these yarns.

August- My camera photo files for some reason have erased this whole month of photos from my system. Later my husband is going to check our back up disc to see what we have on it from older files. When ever you are writing or putting together a craft book always remember to have a back up of everything in case your computer crashes. I hope I have those photos on file but I won’t know until we check later. I had years of photos for my little book just disappear. I am sharing with you all a favorite photo from year 2020 when we visited an art store and loaded up on all kinds of art supplies. We do this once every year, a family tradition of buying our favorite art supplies.

September- More window shopping as they call it. Just getting out and seeing what the world was all about once again was nice this year. I was starting to see some early stages of shortages. This was causing some fear in me. What was happening, why were those early signs of shortages starting up again? I would tell myself it was okay, nothing like it used to be. We were headed back to regular times. This is what I told myself, but sadly… I was wrong. We headed up north again to relax in the woods, exploring, picking wildflowers, foraging and making pretty Fall décor.

Right across from Our Little Red house there was a huge field of yellow wildflowers everywhere. It was like the sun had dropped little droplets all over the ground. So bright and so yellow, Just had to pick some and bring them in to sit on our table.

October- Christmas was showing up everywhere, it was a happy feeling. Bought cupcakes from a small business that was struggling with rent that month. The business made so much money from the community stopping by to show support that they were able to pay the rent and many months after. Couldn’t keep up after that with all the new orders. Headed to Flagstaff Arizona to explore the Fall forest. Everything was so beautiful. This was our month of beauty.

November- Started on home made gifts and decorating a little early for the holidays. For some reason, this month was hard for me to get into. Usually we have Thanksgiving day up in the country at the little red house but this year we skipped that. There are reasons behind that. Some people in town being influenced by my estranged mother’s lies, and we had life long friends and neighbors of ours suddenly get wrapped up in the hate of this year. I am not good with that kind of energy. I love my neighbors but some sadly just want to be in their political and propaganda misery. Might be a terrible trend going on around the world. It is sad to see play out. So much praying that this all stops. Started to see prices increasing and shortages were back. I think seeing this all triggered me as my daughter calls it. I call this month the month that let us all know…that old feeling from 2020 …well, it was back everyone. I call this month a month of familiarity.

Lots of getting the home ready for the Winter months. We have cold morning and nights here in the desert and everyone looks for a warm spot when that happens.

December- For some reason this Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas pasts either. Something up with that. Not as celebrated as years before. In my heart I believe this is all planned, to eventually take away the joys of Christmas season. “They” have been trying to turn Christmas into an ugly thing way before the political hate started years ago, and now “ They” have a little invisible bug to help them with their agenda to take away the happiness that Christmas time used to create. A time when it didn’t matter how you celebrated the holidays…everyone got along. It was harder to get into the spirit of Christmas this year. More people were getting angry out there. At least this is what is happening here in America. In some countries they were celebrating with lots of freedoms, but some countries had extreme measures being put upon them. What is happening ? December 2021 will go down in my history books as a month of misery and miracles. It is the miracles I will stay focused on. When times get hard, there are signs everywhere out there in the world that remind us that God is here, he is right here. Those are not coincidences.

Out shopping this month at an antique shop in Prescott Arizona I would find more Swedish folk art to add to my collection.

Over all 2021 was a luke warm year. Not amazing, not horrible either. It was filled with happy days and sad days. I don’t think I will look back at this year and say 2021 was a great year. Nope, not happening. I will probably look back and say…

“ Oh yeah, I remember that year, that was when the changes started. A year of being in a mist like stage, of not seeing what we were in and slowly as the mist dissolved and things became clearer, the picture…the view…all of it, was right there to see at once.”

A bit of a shock to the system if you ask me. God bless you and keep you safe and Happy 2022 everyone.

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  1. Lillie says:

    Thank you for posting your colourful and cheerful photos. I think I like the yellow flowers on the fence the most! Happy 2022 to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. The month those little yellow flowers were taking over the whole town, they were so pretty everywhere. Good choice.


  2. Sheree says:

    Lovely gallery of photos

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Pure Glory says:

    Happy New Year! We will have more challenges in this year. The best place to be in troubled times is close to Jesus, who gives us his peace and wisdom. Abundant blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so true, the best place is next to Jesus. I learned that when I was a very little girl. So much love, so much kindnesses. If only everyone on this planet understood that. I pray more people get this chance. It will be a challenging year, already I am seeing that in this first week. Jesus is right here next to me all the way and has been always. Have a Happy New Year Pure Glory and thank you so much for everything you do helping others out there, showing them what it feels like to be loved by Jesus and letting everyone know that they are all loved.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pure Glory says:

        You are welcome! ❤️🤗😊

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t look back at 2021 with fond memories either. I had high hopes and they were dashed pretty fast. The increase in prices has me very nerved up as I try to grocery shop and keep it all within budget. Definitely not easy. Prayers 2022 will settle down some but I am not hopeful for that.

    Loved the photos, though. They cheered me up and made me smile. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Lisa. I agree with you about 2022, hopeful but also realistic. I am old enough to remember the 70’s and how I was still young enough to not understand why everyone in my family was so sad and struggling at that time. The inflation was bad and weird things happened like something with milk having poison and Tylenol killing some people. I still hate the taste of powdered milk from that time and I don’t buy Tylenol.
      My parents and some of my uncles with their family had to move back with my Nana. She had enough land in back to add a double wide trailer and also horses if she wanted. My mom and dad and little sister got one room to share together in my Nana’s home. The whole family ate on a picnic bench and smaller tables around that. My Nana would make what I called army foods. Lots of soups and stews. Beans with ham hocks, and once a month a meat barbecue was a special treat. On the weekends I would stay at home with my Nana while a huge truck would come and pick up the adults in the family to pick citrus. My family was in construction but they still worked the weekends to have extra money for food. It was a hard time back in the 70’s but then the 80’s came and everyone was making so much money that they all started buying new cars and even a home for ourselves, all of the siblings. I was around ten when things started turning around. This, what we are going through has a different feel to it because at least back then neighbors seem to care for each other more. I am still hopeful and will still keep praying, knowing that what ever path I walk down that Jesus is right here next to me.

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  5. One of your photos popped up on my iPhone screen and I couldn’t get it off. I found myself staring at it – a little yellow duck in the middle of the colored eggs — and I suddenly felt a sense of calm wash over me. Everything normal and ordinary and yet special seemed to be in that one photo. I screenshotted it so I can have it to look at during stressful times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so sweet, I love reading this. So good that you are saving it, seems photos are disappearing in my file but today my husband found some in a hidden file from 2017, hundreds he said. I need to organize my files better. Plus I have my photos on a disc that I have to look through. This makes me so happy that a photo can bring a calmness. It brings me calmness when I stage the photos too. A very peaceful hobby.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for doing it. Keep up the good work! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re welcome Lisa, just happy you are doing okay and getting better every day it seems. As soon as I figure out when I will be replacing my broken lens I will be taking some new colorful photos for 2022. Until then I am in a mad rush to help my husband finish our pantry remake. Everything that was in that room is now mostly outside. We have a week to get this done before what looks like some rain headed our way.


  6. Michele Lee says:

    Thank you for the cozy and delightful shares. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Michele and thank you as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Anne says:

    You have chosen a delightful series of photographs to illustrate the positive aspects of a particularly odd year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Anne. I wanted to add some cheer with lots of colors. The world needs some happiness out there. It was not the year I had hoped for.


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