DIY Rope baskets.

Hi everyone, I’m still busy with trying to figure out how to add a whole lot of storage to this old 1950’s home of ours here in the city. Came up with a idea to take big garage industrial looking shelves and bring them inside to add extra storage to one of our rooms in our kitchen area. We had these on hand already but they were all outside being used for storage outside.

Cleaning and fixing up the shelves.
For now I am storing some of our can goods on the bottom shelves as they are very heavy. Everything else will get moved once I figure out where I am going to officially store things. I want to get some pretty baskets so it looks somewhat nice. We painted the shelves white since they were grey and in some areas rusted a little from being outside. We picked up these huge shelving units for $10 each unit at a yard sale. Now they run anywhere from $100-$300 depending on the size. I am in shock with how much everything cost so much now.

I’ve been so busy with that and the mess I have created trying to move things around to figure out where everything will finally have a place that I haven’t had any fun creating Valentine DIY’s with you all. I have so many home projects going on right now I’m afraid I will never catch up with anything.

We had to make our own shelves for the racks. My husband and son cut up small pieces of wood.
I’m going to redo this little wooden planter. I bought it on sale a couple weeks ago, just haven’t gotten around to transplanting the succulents. There are 5 succulents in this planter. It was on sale for $7. Noticed that these tiny succulents have now gone up to $5 each. This was my bargain for the month I guess you could say.
I added some of my acrylic paints to glass mason jars. This way I can see the colors better. It’s also annoying to me that I have to always clean the little plastic white tops all the time because they jam and cause the paints to dry out quicker. My paint area was one of those projects that I was putting off but glad I finally have all that cleaned up.

I thought I share with you a video I found from a vlogger who gives step by step instructions on how to make colorful rope baskets. I love making these when I am taking a break while watching a movie or something. They are so easy and I think they are fun to make too. You can find yarn just about anywhere. I love vintage yarns the most as well as natural yarns that are hand dyed. Last month I picked up some yarn in a little shop from the Navajo nation that they make from their sheep here in Arizona. Can’t wait to make a pretty little basket with that.

Anyway, I wanted to share a DIY with you all and thought you would enjoy watching this vlog to learn how to make your own. I’m still waiting for my new camera lens (remember I dropped and broke my camera over the holidays). Order said it will be arriving a little late because of weather condition. The next couple of posts I have here will explain why my photos are a little off. It’s because I am using my broken camera this week to write up some new posts for you. I was able to get some photos in focus. Hard to explain, it’s not well. It jams a lot now. Gets stuck or the lighting is off , or flash doesn’t work. Just a big mess.

Update on my neighbor- she is home and all seems well. She sent me a photo of one of the rope baskets I made. I added a baby spider plant to it and she has it hanging in her little garden area along with some other plants I have given to her over the years. They are still all coughing over there but at least she is home resting. I never found out if she tested positive because I over heard the conversation while outside and I think it would be rude to bring it up that way. If she wants to share she will. She works in a hospital lab so she would be exposed a lot to conditions where there are sick people sadly. Thank you to everyone who was sending out prayers. I hope you are all well yourselves and having a good 2022 so far. Also, I hope you get to try your hand at making these baskets, so therapeutic making them.

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  1. The craft things so awesome and photos so inspiring 🌷🙏👌♥️grace wishes 👏

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    1. Thank you. I love your photos too, especially the sunset and family photos, all very beautiful.


  2. These are so super cute!

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    1. Thank you Laura, they are easy to make too. It takes a couple practice baskets to get the hand of things but once you do they are so so fun to make.

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  3. vinesprout says:

    I’m making one of these baskets but in a bigger size, so far it’s a bit lopsided but it’s my first try.

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    1. That is so cool, you are going to love making these. My first ones were all over the place. So lopsided, some with gaps and kind of flimsy. Practice makes perfect as they say. After you get the hang of it you will get really creative with mixing colors and textures. I make baskets while I watch a movie. Very calming.


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