What’s happening in our garden…not much.

“ And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed, and every morning revealed new miracles.”

The Secret Garden

Our garden is out of order right now. I’ve been trying to get things cleaned up out there but there are not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish everything.

My husband still has boxes of tools to organize from our tiny pantry re-do. We basically have to fit a whole garage and food pantry into a small closet.

We took two large shelving units from the back yard and moved them into our home for some extra storage. All this moving around of huge items has created piles and piles of garage items. It’s a good thing we don’t get any sort of bad weather here in this Arizona city. So far we have been able to keep everything outside, but boy does it look ugly in my garden right now.

I still have Christmas branches that I was going to use for my Christmas craft book photos. I waited awhile for my new camera lens and now that its finally here I can start taking photos for that. Can’t believe these branches are still good. I kept them in a vase of clean water that I changed out every few days.

Lots of dead leaves and overgrowth that needs trimming and cleaning up. Starting to look like that childhood book about a garden. I watched the movie years ago and still remember that jungle of a garden from that story.

I still need to frame my mosaic table I made and these cacti are looking a little rough. Maybe I over watered them…I believe I may have. Or I used the wrong dirt. The tiny succulents are so sensitive. Definitely got something wrong here. They don’t look so good. Maybe they are going through an ugly stage and by the time Spring rolls around they will be beautiful. I’ll keep you updated.

I transplanted some baby plants one Saturday morning.

Best time to garden here in Arizona is in the afternoons but not all of us can keep to that kind of schedule except on the weekends maybe.

Lots of empty pots and struggling plants that need some TLC right now.

My little wagon hospital just took off in growth. Every time I come across a struggling plant I will stick it in the wagon. I can’t believe how well the plants are doing in the wagon. I think when I have some free time I will make some mosaic stone bird houses to display in it. That could turn out to be a fun outside Spring project to work on.

My daughter and I spent a couple days painting a wall out by the garden. It was the wall where we had our huge shelving units and now it’s empty. I found a pallet that I may try to hang from the wall and add some pretty flowers to. I’m not sure how I will fix this pallet up so any ideas would help greatly.

I also want to paint some rocks I have out in the garden. This rock in photo down below would look cute as a cottage house.

There are some plants that I planted a month ago that I have mostly forgotten about that are showing new signs of growth. In the Winter we don’t water as much so I don’t see the slow process of growth like I normally do in the Spring and Summer.

looking around I can see that I have lots of plants to transplant. The sun changes through the seasons and some of my plants have to be moved to better spots where they either get more sun or less, depending on the plants of course. Then there are those plants that just have overgrown their pots and need new homes. It’s so hard to find garden pots now days. Seems that if they come in at all they get bought up fast even with the higher prices they are now.

I can’t wait to get a handle on this mess and to finally have our pantry finished so we can move everything back inside that is cluttering up my garden right now. I will finally be able to move around my garden and start propagating and growing new plants everywhere. I want it to look pretty once again. I bought a magazine at the dollar store and it was all about garden make overs. It has inspired me to do all kinds of new projects out in my garden.

This little bird started out with a tiny bundle of leaves from the original baby plant I planted into it and now look at it. I wonder if I will get flowers from it this year. These plants are so pretty when they bloom. They are like upside down pretty pink tulips shaped into an umbrella. It’s hard to explain.

The bees are doing great, we have new chicks this month, and the chickens are laying more. I am collecting eggs for Easter décor. And I can’t wait to make a pretty Spring wreath from grapevines from the garden too. I also have an old French Door that I want to fix up and design something cool to display in the garden with solar lights behind it. I have a lot of ideas and can’t wait to get our garden ready for Easter breakfast outside. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Spring time.

Until then, I will take a tiny bit of time from each week to get this garden back under control and in order. Happy gardening everyone.

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  1. JOY journal says:

    I think it’s beautiful even now!

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    1. Thank you, that is so sweet of you. I can’t wait to get out there and add some flowers later this month. It starting warm up here in Arizona.


      1. You are very welcome.

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