March updates and favorite blog posts.

“ Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
Albert Einstein

Alright, here I go. I’m going to try and keep this updates post as positive as possible. During these times sometimes that is a little difficult when trying to share news for the month from your area of the world. There’s a lot going on out there.

Usually my pattern in my updates starts off with what’s going on here in our city. What’s happening?… the same as last month but step it up 100%. I won’t go into the details as I do want to keep things some what tame here this time. It’s hard to start writing and not get everything that is bothering you off your chest. It happens. Have to go back and edit a lot out.

If you live here in Phoenix, or are visiting this city, just be careful. Especially in certain areas of our city. Arizona is in a battle. The news I fear will be reporting more about violence and there will be more violence to report on.

It’s my opinion this is meant to happen in order to lead to new laws written and passed to change our old laws. Coincidences? The closer we get to our elections, lets just see how much the reporting of ( G) violence happens. And how much it does actually happen.

Seems most of this violence is coming from young adults and teens…where are they getting their weapons ? Who could be giving them to them? Just my opinion. So please, just be extra careful when visiting our city.

Some people are either too busy or distracted to see it, or worse…they could care less as long as everything is good with them. Anyone older then 40 out there knows…

“ Everything eventually gets to everyone.”

March was a pretty calm month, mostly that is. We continued with our weekly zoo walks. On one of our zoo walking adventures, someone on our street was getting arrested that day. I know what you may be thinking…this post isn’t starting out so positive, but I wanted to add an update to what I wrote about last month and maybe it all ties in together…who knows. Some sort of mystery.

Our neighbor across the street was texting my husband at the time we were all at the zoo, asking him what was happening back at home. But he wasn’t home on his laptop to answer back.

My husband didn’t check his messages until around 8 that night and that’s when he told me about there being several cop cars on our street about 30 minutes after we left for the zoo. The text from our neighbor said the cops also towed a vehicle away from our neighbors home.

Remember when I wrote about a strange man that was lurking around one of our windows at 1am in the morning last month? The lurker was crouching below the window and looking back and forth across the street like he was looking for someone. Just creepy. Well that window was at the end of the house next door where the police arrested someone in that back area.

After my husband got that text message while we were at the zoo, he went back to look over recorded camera footage and sure enough a police officer showed up on the footage walking across our yard and going towards the other side of our house where my daughter sleeps. The officer came back on the screen a few seconds later yelling back…

“ It’s not this house.”

My daughter told me that she noticed a dark van was always parked down the street these past couple of weeks at odd hours. A van she had never seen before. Window Lurkers don’t usually get surveillance attention like that.

The fact that the so many cops showed up, with detectives, going into our neighbors back yard to arrest someone, towing the persons vehicle away, says that our neighbors knew this person somehow. It was their back yard after all. Just sad, the whole thing.

Again, so glad we weren’t home when that happened, instead having fun at the zoo.

My favorite trail to walk at the zoo is called the Arizona trail. There is a tiny stream that runs through it. Early in the morning it’s super quiet. So quiet that you can hear the water trickling down the stream. There is a little sitting area with a tiny pond filled with native Arizona fish. Last week I noticed there were also chubby little tadpoles in the pond. Don’t you just love chunky little tadpoles?

The zoo has several trails covered with huge mature trees. It’s a special treat here in Arizona when there is shade on a trail.

One week while walking the zoo we got to witness the lion roaring. So cool. I’ve never heard a lion roar in person. Usually they are just laying around passing the day looking back at us like we are all a bunch of fools. Maybe fantasizing about what we would taste like. Don’t you ever wonder what all those animals looking back at us are thinking? I would love to know.

The zoo got crowded fast. This month was Spring break for a lot of kids. It’s not so fun when there are crowds of people looking for animals, all of us standing together elbow to elbow, trying to get the best view. Everyone wants to see each animal up close.

My daughter got a rescue kitten. Poor little thing has a wonky tail. She was the last kitten left at the rescue center in Scottsdale when my daughter showed up. I wonder if she was left last because of her imperfect tail. It’s like an upside down L.

The vets didn’t know how it had happened as she was found wandering the streets with that tail. I think a door was accidentally closed on it. She is really a sweet and loving kitten. Took her a couple days to warm up to us.

Her name is Leena, but my daughter wants to change the name as it’s too close to her cat that passed away. Saleena was about 15 years old when she passed. We all miss her. Little Leena is now being called kitten by me, and my husband calls her Kink because of her wonky tail. I hope my daughter picks a name soon.

So far our two other cats seem to be handling her okay. My son’s male cat Sammy seems to be the most at ease with the new kitten. He acts like he could care less about a new cat being in our home. As long as he gets his wet food he the happiest cat around.

Although Alley cat is not so happy. When the kitten gets too close to her, she starts protesting. Alley is over 10 years old and Sammy is 13 years old. Haven’t had a kitten in our home for over a decade.

Alley seems to be hiding out more, trying to figure out her favorite spaces before the kitten takes them over. It’s a big enough house for them all, lots of space for everyone. If that cat whisperer guy were around he would probably say three rescued cats is not enough for this home, he would probably tell us we need 6. No way. Three are hard enough to clean after. Lots of vacuuming and we have tile not carpet.

I also worked on crafts this month. My daughter and I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what to do with an old bucket of Crayola clay. It was getting to that stage of drying out. Bought it when we went into a lock down of sorts here in Arizona over two years ago. We decided to make a bunch of those tiny plates that are trending right now.

To give them some shape we laid them in bowls and over jar lids while they were drying.Then we painted them using a mix of water colors, acrylics and paint pens.

Another new pet we added this month was a couple of frogs. One frog escaped when the employee was trying to package it up for me. She ended up catching it and putting it back into the bag of water. It was aquatic so not meant to hold. The next day it was not alive. I wonder to myself if that had something to do with it.

The employee was not the most polite person in the world. Seemed bothered by the whole process of catching the fish and frogs I was purchasing. We have to sign a special paper in order to buy frogs, stating that we understand that frogs carry diseases. So that if something happens, the huge corporate pet store can not be sued.

I think back at all those times as a kid catching frogs and holding them. Not once did I ever get sick. Not saying it can’t happen. Just that everything seems so extreme now days when it comes to just living life. Used to ride in the back of my dad’s pick up truck while he drove too, no seat belts…nothing. Just the wind hitting our faces.

It’s hard to find good help anymore in our stores and businesses around the city. There’s a shortage of people wanting to work now days. Rudeness is just part of the new shopping experiences now.

I have noticed that the big corporate stores don’t have a lot of happy and helpful employees like they did a couple years ago. Like all the pretend happy personality masks have been removed, true colors and intentions are now being exposed. They really don’t care one way or another whether we are happy with their service/products or not.

The second frog in our tank stuck around for awhile doing all kinds of acrobats in one of my miniature aquariums, making us all laugh. I haven’t seen it for a couple days now. Tomorrow I plan on doing a day of tank cleanings, maybe I will come across the frog then.

I have one huge acrylic tank in our main room and two tiny glass tanks in other rooms. The tiny aquarium where I had the frogs also has fancy tail guppies, tetras, and some other itty bitty fish I can’t remember the name of. I have no idea where that frog is, could just be hiding in the plants that float up at the top of the tank.

My husband put some aquatic seeds in the tiny tanks and they look like floating moss balls now that they have sprouted. The little frog used to love hiding in that mess of plants.

Think I am done with the frogs for awhile. I don’t have the best luck with them. I get them because my son loves watching them. I love watching him smile and laugh at their silliness.

There was a little girls birthday party in our neighborhood a couple weeks ago. Our neighbor’s little girl turned 4 this month. So adorable. She has therapy sessions throughout the week for her special needs so I tried to include gifts that she could play with and learn with as well.

This is what I filled her daughter’s birthday bag up with…

A variety of sensory playing balls.
A search book- where you find certain items in each photo while the story is told.
Little play figurines to match the book so she can pretend play along with the story.
Night light
A pretty floral box filled with a variety of small prizes for when mom needs something to keep the kids entertained while waiting or eating out.
Dinosaur eggs with little dinosaurs in them.

I added some extra prizes hanging from the outside that included a grow fish ( the little toys you put in a giant pickle jar and watch as it grows) and a tiny stuffed elephant and tiny stuffed tiger about 3 inches each. I figured the birthday girl could share one of the stuffed toys with her little brother.

The whole street was filled up with cars. Everyone was invited. They had subs, cookie cakes, Icees, a giant bounce house for the kids and a carrot pinata.

All these sensory balls would be perfect in a water play table.

This months second hand purchase was this little bunny made by Avon. Stamped on the bottom was a date 1980. Cost was $3.50. I haven’t decorated for Easter yet. Maybe I will do that this weekend.

My favorite blogger’s post this month were…

Writes about her journey with having a special needs child.

Mel- felt carrot craft project.

Popsicle society- a yummy Spring time salad with lots of colorful and healthy ingredients. My son has been wanting more salads to try. I need to make this for him.

Prayers this month go out again to the whole world. Please, pray for the sick, pray for the ones in violent situations, and pray for the church and the people in this clip down below.

This church needs your prayers to help feed all those people that depended on them. 40,000 lbs of food and their whole center burned down. As I write this, there are no reports on how this fire started. They are still investigating that. With inflation, food shortages and families struggling everywhere…this food burning up just makes things a little more chaotic and sad out there. Another coincidence maybe?

That’s it for this month. Thank you to everyone who stops by for a visit, your likes and my new followers. Please stay safe and God bless you all.

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  1. ourcrossings says:

    I am glad to hear that despite everything’s that’s happening in the world right now and in your back yard, I mean police and all, you still managed to have a great time at the Zoo 🙂 Thanks for sharing and Happy April 🙂 Aiva xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that is so true. We all need to be happy for those moments when are with our family and love ones having fun. The cops were in our neighbor’s back yard. They were in our front yard at first trying to figure out which house had the suspect they were looking for, which happened to be someone at our neighbor’s house in their back yard. Everything is good now, no more cops are showing up. Who knows what that was about. I will probably never know.

      Liked by 1 person

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