10 children’s gift ideas from a book store.

One of my favorite jobs years ago was at a book store. I loved that job. We were encouraged to read books so we could make recommendations when selling. They would allow us to check out books as long as we kept them in new condition. I am sure they no longer do this though with the Bug around.

Sometimes people would come into the bookstore already knowing what they wanted before hand. Or they saw a book on television that they needed that day. This was before the internet and any books on talk shows were always top sellers.

The phone would never stop ringing when ever an author was visiting a television talk show host. Those were days when people would almost go into panics when you would have to tell them that the book that was going to help them in their lives was sold out…but not to worry we can order it and it should be here in about two weeks. Most of those very popular books were self help books.

My favorite book sales were always the children’s books. So much fun picking out books for holiday celebrations and birthdays. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and even parents would come in looking for that perfect book to give as a present.

It has been awhile since I have worked in a book store but I can still share with you all some of the suggestions I always recommended when helping customers look for that perfect birthday gift for children who love to read, experiment and create. With technology monopolizing most of your young ones minds, I always encourage giving them something that helps them grow intellectually as well as gives them a mental break from the fast images from screens that in my opinion do more harm then good.

1. Books that come with toy characters.


Great way to encourage creative play and reacting the story once read. Helps them with memory skills and social skills too. This is also a great gift for children on the Autism spectrum. The toys will help them stay focused on the story page after page as well as help them to understand pretend play. Role playing out the story as it is told helps non verbal children eventually learn language skills by mimicking what they see and hear.

2. Farm animals with electronic animal sounds-

These are great books for keeping those little ones busy. Like road trips and doctor visits. It also great for special needs children as it helps build confidence in that they have some control over learning about each animal. They don’t have to wait around for mom and dad to read it to them. I used push button books like this for my son when he could not tolerate touchy anything with his finger tips. Eventually he was able to outgrow that sensory problem and I credit these books because of that.

3. Science kits- perfect for all ages and such a fun gift and unique one too. Not a lot of kids think of these kinds of gifts to give or receive. When one shows up they always have so much fun with them.

4. Children’s hardback books- I love these books for their art work and beautiful stories. Something you can gift a child with that they will keep with them throughout their life. Never too early to start a child with a supply of books for a future library.

5. Board books- Babies love to chew on these…just a warning. They are also fun to use like building blocks . There so many to choose from too.

6, Board books with puppets- Great way to get a baby to giggle or to keep a toddler’s attention while reading them the story or even getting them to engage with the story you are telling. If I had to pick between a simple board book or one with a finger puppet, I will always pick the one with the finger puppets first.

7. Early readers- Once your children start learning sounds and sight words there is nothing better then finally finding something that they can read all on their own. There are so many varieties and stories now to choose from.

8. Dr. Seuss- This will always be a childhood favorite for so many kids out there. The characters, the way the words roll off of your tongues, that create an almost musical song. The rhyming always made my son laugh when I would read him Doctor Seuss. He still has a whole set of these books I bought him when he first started reading. I have them put away in my library now.

9. Silly books- You know, those books that when read have a lot of emotion in them. It keeps the child interested every time you turn a page. They will laugh or act scared or sad when the characters in the books are going through those same emotions. Perfect for teaching ASD (autism spectrum disorders) children about emotions.

10. Chapter books-These are some the funnest books to read. There’s something comforting about knowing the characters every time you buy a new book about their adventures. I loved reading Pippi Longstocking when I was a kid. I remember looking forward to a new story every time I found a new chapter book in her many adventures.

Here are some of my family’s favorite children’s books that they remember reading.

My son loved chapter books. Every time he would reach a goal of his, or do really well with his chores, we would reward him at the end of the month with a new Dairy of a wimpy kid book. We had a sticker chart for both my kid when they were little. Buying books were some of their favorite treats to get.

My daughter loved reading this story. She said it was one of her favorite books. I have never read it. Maybe I should. Who says adults can’t read children’s stories.

And she also enjoyed Mercer Mayer books.

My husband’s favorite books as a child were huge coffee table encyclopedia type books, which weren’t kids books at all but so fun to look through and read.

And my favorite series as a child is an old classic. The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe.

And I also loved Roald Dahl books.

Happy book shopping everyone.

Extra tip when reading and buying books for ASD children- Look for stories that aren’t too long and have brightly colored photos in them. When your child starts to practice reading skills use puppets and pets for them to read to, less intimidating and judgmental. It puts children at ease. Any mistakes they make will not be noticed because it is just a friendly toy or pet of theirs listening to them pronounce out new words.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    A wonderful job! Your post brought back memories of reading to my daughter. 💖

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    1. They are so sweet when they are little, get excited over those little things.

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        Yes, they are. 😇

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  2. I was just looking for new books to read to Little Miss and you gave me some great ideas! Thank you!

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    1. One of my favorite places to shop, love book stores.

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      1. Me too. I could spend hours there

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