Monthly updates at Our little Red House.

” Do what is right. Not what is easy”

April is my favorite of all months. This month was my son’s birthday. I must have blinked too many times because he grew up so fast. Now he towers over me. He got so tall, when did that happen?…and a man now. Used to be my little man.

This year my son picked out a peanut butter chocolate cake again. My husband usually picks German chocolate, my daughter loves all cakes but her favorite is chocolate, and mine is lemon or carrot. In Italy it’s Nonna’s cake, I forget what it’s called in Italian. It is one big creamy cake sprinkled with powdered sugar…yummy. Do you have a favorite?

We went to the movie theater this month. It has been a couple years since that has happened. Cleaning out one of our drawers I came across an old movie gift card that had $60 dollars credit on it. Still good, apparently they never expire, the movie card that is.

We waited awhile until we finally all could agree as a family on what movie to watch, watching trailers on YouTube to help us decide. We found one about a treasure hunt. It was a safe movie. You know what I mean. No agenda seemed to be attached to it with propaganda hate and the likes. We all had a good time watching a good old fashioned type of movie with adventure in it. I forgot what that was like. Eating popcorn and fruit teas. So much fun.

I didn’t like the movie commercials though. There was a creepy one with Dolly Parton and Miley singing a song together about worshiping their cell phones…I’m not kidding. Guess we all know what the golden calf is now days. I remember Dolly when I was a little girl when she sang about her coat of many colors, such a beautiful song. And now she’s singing about worshiping a communication device…or is it? She has come a long way, down a path I never thought she would take. That’s all I’m going to write on that. It makes people angry when obsessions and addictions are interfered with, for peace I will leave it at that.

This month was all about pollen here in Arizona. It’s exploding all over the place. The bees and birds are happy, people not so much. Lot of sneezing going on. On windy days when I head outside I will come back in with pollen everywhere in my hair.

There is a mama dove hanging out in our garden all day long. She has two baby doves that have left their nest but are still close to her as they learn how to survive on their own. They are so cute together and every time I water they hang around close to me waiting for bird seed. I also had a visit this month from our Arizona wild parrots, love birds that took over our desert. They have a special song they sing so I know to look up in the tree when they are around.

It’s beautiful and makes for interesting coloring pages that I enjoy designing and drawing out but it’s not so fun when it comes to pool clean ups. We clean our own pool here ourselves, no hired help. During pollen season this means cleaning the pool several times throughout the day.

I have all kinds of outside gifts I got for Christmas this year with one of them being shade screens. We are experimenting with placement right now. Once we figure out where the best place to put them is we will put in posts to hold them up.

Even with itchy eyes and sneezing I still found time to work outside daily in my peaceful garden.

I’m not doing so great with my tomatoes, maybe for Barbi. Our friend has plenty of tomatoes in her garden right now, as well as her sister and we have plenty of extra eggs…think we will be doing a trade.
Still getting blooms in our garden. Little ones that i. This tiny gnome is only 2 inches tall, it was a gift from my kids a couple years ago.

I found some glass to replace the broken window in this old french door. My husband and son will be fixing that later, for now the garden plants are starting to grow through it. I think it looks kind of cool. It’s becoming part of the garden.
Third generation spider plant. Our garden has a lot of spider plants right now.
Most of these plants are all second and third generation plants I have clipped from my garden area. They are in the house right now to help with filtering and cleaning our air naturally.

We got our baby chicks delivered. They didn’t do so well. This has never happened before. They came in very stressed. Usually when you open their box they are very active and jump out if not careful, like popcorn. There was something terribly wrong with this shipment.

In the past years when we ordered chicks through the mail, as soon as we opened the box they were very active and full of life, all ready to jump out like popcorn…not these babies.Not in this year of so called food shortages.

When my husband called the company explaining that more then half the chicks he received died within hours, they were very helpful and kind. Told my husband they were so sorry and would send out a replacement. They also said this is happening more and more with their baby chicks shipped USPS. All chicks and chickens are tested for illnesses and none are shipped out that are sick. So far no chickens at these centers are testing as being sick…just the news reporting it that way as being the case in some areas. This war is getting really wicked.

The company went on to say they were going to look further into what is happening. My husband has been having problems for the first time ever with chick orders. Remember when I did the post on how another company was hacked and someone had canceled all their poultry orders saying there was a flu and shortages…that turned out to be false.

The box of chicks that came were reacting like the babies had been shaken terribly in shipment. Again, we have never had this problem before. We aren’t the only ones this has happened to, it’s happening to a lot. We were lucky as some of our chicks actually survived. Why would anyone purposely kill live chicks that eventually will be egg layers and poultry for homesteaders?

Now this is just my opinion, but what has changed where poultry centers are being hacked and baby chicks are no longer being delivered active and alive once they reach their destination? They leave healthy but by the time homesteaders get them, they are droopy eyed and huddled together in corners, barely moving when you open the box up. What is happening in transit that had not happened in years before.

We were able to keep 8 alive of the 20 we got. My husband was gentle with them as he fed them and gave them water through a tiny eye dropper. it reminding me of the story my aunt told me about my father when he was a baby (long story).

Anyway, we didn’t loose all of them like most people are right now. Something sinister is going on there in my opinion. I wonder what a tiny camera would show if one were attached to orders going out with live poultry in shipments. Another dot to connect maybe? Some of you know what I am talking about.

Our new kitten is doing good. Although Alley cat, the other female in the house and the kitten are not at a good place right now. Still working on that. They will tolerate each other some days and other days when we aren’t looking they will both stalk and attack each other. We are trying all the tricks to get them to accept each other but Alley is older and stubborn. My daughter loves the little kitten so I am hopeful all will eventually be well

Sammy, my son’s male cat seems to be the only one who has no problem with having another cat in the house and even shares his food with the kitten. So sweet. He is a senior cat so he mostly just sleeps. My ten year old rescued cat still plays sometimes with me, and Sammy runs around sometimes rolling around on one of our rugs to get it to skid across the tile floor. The kitten has an explosion of energy all the time. She sleeps a little during the day. I forgot how active kittens can be. She keeps trying to get out but we have giant night owls out there.

Had a really great Easter this month. I included cat toys with this years Easter treats for the new kitten. We all treated each other with special treats.

We have discovered our kitten loves to play in water, the rubber ducks are for her.

My husband bought me a white rose bush for Easter. It smells wonderful when the flowers are blooming. I have been bringing them inside to put in a vase. We still need to find a large pot for it, or somewhere in the ground.

The cactus in my garden came into bloom and once again I missed my opportunity to get photos of them all. Cacti flowers don’t last for long once at full bloom.

Cleaned up my messy bulletin board in my craft closet this month. I have little crafts my kids have made me over the years, art that inspires me and my first tiny teddies I made. There are also souvenirs from some of my travels. And a couple of magazine photos on some projects I want to try making later, if I have time. A truck cacti planter, and a little gnome jewelry holder. Do you have art boards that inspire you to be creative?

And I worked on designing a cover page for my two books. One for Christmas crafts, and one for Arizona coloring pages. I will be staging more photos later next week and hopefully be able to decide on a good photo to use. I won’t be using the photo down below, I have decided to re-shoot photos again for the Christmas book. It’s kind of weird shooting Christmas photos with the temps being in the 100’s ( in the sun that is) the local news uses temperatures that are registered in the shade only.

This is my thrift store purchase for the month. A cute little planter. I saw it the week before but the price was too high. Even in thrift stores there is inflation. The next week I visited the planter was a dollar. Now it sits on my kitchen pantry shelf. A dollar is much better then paying $6. How are inflation prices in your part of the world? Here in Phoenix they are pretty high. I hope it doesn’t get like New York prices.

I think the flower eyes are cute.

This was also a month where I got some family ugly out of my system. It wasn’t easy but it feels good now that I had a chance to just get it out. I decided to share it in a post, in a way that too was also healing. To keep secrets locked away for so long and finally expose them I believe makes someone a little stronger. The post will be taken down soon. When I write from my heart like that, it is always long, always healing and always up for short periods and then taken down. As they say…this isn’t my first rodeo with a post like that. Is that how you say it? Gotta laugh at it all sometimes…who would believe half the things I’ve seen.

Update on my cousin that you were all praying and sending well wishes for that had a stroke, she is out of the hospital and rehabilitation center now. At home with her sister doing well and happy. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

This months prayers go out to those countries where there is sickness, fear and hunger. Please pray that the citizens of those countries are back to the lives they loved and surrounded by the ones they love and are safe always. Prayers go out for peace as always. Pray for food and water to be plentiful for all. There is enough food on this planet for everyone without interference of course.

Extra prayers for water. I believe it will be the new gold, it already is secretly. America is a country where gold runs above and below, it’s below that they are concentrating on. Some out there already know this, and have for decades. Studying maps from long ago they know exactly were to get it. An illusion of fear will lead to paper words passed in the night that will be used as locks to keep us away from it. Please pray that clean water is something that is free and always available to every living soul. Water is the main thing I always thank God for and I’m thankful for every day.

Thank you everyone who visits, likes, and follows my blog. Please stay safe and God bless you all.

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  1. Love the photos of all your plants!

    Sorry about the chicks and yes something weird is going on and I do think our government is behind a lot of it ….

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    1. Thank you Lisa, it is so scary to think that these things happening are planned against people. Used to be in times of war, at least the civilians were suppose to be protected. Now the civilians have become the enemies sadly, at least it seems that way. Lots of praying, and trying to help one another. Can’ t let what is happening make us all turn on one another. That is something I do know.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ourcrossings says:

    What a wonderful collection of beautiful and colourful photos 🙂 Happy belated Birthday to your son, I hope you guys had heaps of fun at the movie theatre. I am very sorry to hear about your chicks dying, it must have been very stressful to see these little cute creatures pass away

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it was fun watching a movie on the big screen again. Oh, it is awful when we loose one of our pets or baby chicks. It doesn’t happen a lot. This is the first time delivery orders of baby chicks have died and so many. People don’t want to believe that something is up with these shortages happening but everything is pointing in the direction of this being planned. I don’t know how it is in your country so I hope everything is good and everyone is well. I tell everyone to collect seeds, not to scare, but to help. Nothing wrong with everyone buying local and helping each other locally as well. We all need to love and look out for each other.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ourcrossings says:


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