Arizona shopping adventures…a garden gift shop.

“ It’s not how big the house. It’s how happy the home.”

About two months ago we went shopping at a gigantic plant nursery here in our city. On the site was an old home that they had turned into a gift shop. It was tiny and super cute.

My husband and I both looked at each other and said that we would love to find an old home like this to fix up and make our own. I love the coziness of small spaces. I think it would be fun to have one of those She Sheds that are popping up all over the southern states, they are so adorable. And I really love the country cottages over seas. They make perfect art studios, mini offices, reading nooks, and quiet spaces. So much you can do with tiny houses. Even living in one is nice I would believe as there wouldn’t be so much clean up like the bigger homes. Not too tiny though. I am not a big fan of the mini tiny houses that are popping up everywhere that end up costing as much as some regular sized homes. As long as you don’t have too many items to crowd the space, I think small homes would be nice. Less rooms to clean.

The shop used this huge room for old furniture, frames, pillows, and ceramics. I think it was originally used as a dining and living room.

I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the house we were visiting that day. It was plain white and there was no life around it. It wasn’t so great looking on the outside to be honest. All the beauty to this tiny shop was inside.

Sometimes we see something in life that looks a little rough or plain on the outside but once you discover what is inside it’s so pretty, it always shocks us when we discover that…but it shouldn’t. Sadly most people don’t go past what they believe is boring on the outside and never get a chance to discover all that beauty that’s inside.

How many times does something look amazing from the appearances it puts out, to only discover what ugly things hide inside. Bet Johnny Depp can relate to what I am writing right now. Not that he is so innocent. It’s easy to fall prey with the crowds we keep company with…choose wisely I always tell my kids.

Anyway, here are some photos from the inside of that cottage home. Do you see anything you would buy to decorate your home with? Would you rather live in a big house or a small house?

The perfume bottles ran $60 and up.
Loved this old cabinet. If I had one I would probably fill mine with books.
This tray was in the kitchen area. I love the vintage look of it. I will have to check out the art store for vintage replicas of floral prints.
I didn’t check the price of this horse. I was afraid to pick it up or touch it. Reminds me of Wheel of fortune way back when you had to pick items for your winnings from a showroom of prizes. Ceramic cats were in the hundreds. It became a comedy skit, then they just switched to cash as winnings. This horse reminds me of Wheel of fortune prizes…I wasn’t touching it, may have broken it.
I can’t believe unicorns have come back as a trend. I remember these when I was a kid in the 80’s.
There is one item in this photo that I like. Can you guess what it is? Yep, the frame with the black and white photo.
Such a gorgeous vase. Sometimes I will take giant glass vases like this and turn them into mini fish aquariums.
What a pretty way to package a dainty vintage hanky.
I love the pattern on this frog paper weight.
I have run into many people like this in my life. Just can’t make everyone see your way of the glass is half full and not half empty.

That’s it for this shopping adventure. Did you see anything you liked? Happy shopping adventures everyone.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    Looks very cute!

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  2. I would have loved this shop. I am into trays so I really loved the tray. I have nowhere to put all of them but that doesn’t stop me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have about 6 trays right now but I’m the same way when it comes to trays. It is so hard to pass up on one that’s a good price and pretty design.


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