DIY a garden pallet.

Well…all I can say is…finally, look what was finally finished. I had some help for it from my family. I can’t take all the credit. I told them this is what I wanted for my Mother’s Day gift. So a couple days before Mother’s Day we all worked together finishing the pallet garden I had envisioned from months earlier. It’s been sitting out in my garden for awhile now.

These garden pallet pieces have been trending for years now. They are so handy to grow little gardens in, especially if you don’t have a lot of yard space and live in cities.

I found my pallet on the side of the road during a trash pick up day. I have no shame in scraping as my father used to call it. We’re scrappers, he would say as he hauled in something strange looking to store in our back yard.

These wooden pallets get tossed a lot here in our city. You can also buy them I believe from some of the larger home repair shops. I don’t know how much they cost though and the way everything is going up, what something cost today, may cost more a week from now. So….if you see one of these being thrown away, best to get it and store it until you have time to fix it up.


First what we did with ours was stain and polyurethane the whole pallet. Then I painted the sections I was going to add dirt and plants to. This was extra protection for all the watering I would have to do once the garden was in it.

I let that dry for a couple of days and then I took one of my white coloring pencils and drew in the design I wanted to paint. I used a very tiny fine paint brush to paint over the design I penciled in and painted the flowers a combination of pinks and lavender mixes.

My daughter is learning Calligraphy and she wrote in mom’s garden using one of her paint pens.

My husband and son added some wood pieces to the bottoms of the pockets so I could add dirt to those sections. They just screwed in extra wood pallet pieces we had on hand. I painted them the same color of paint as the inside areas where the garden was going to be planted. I picked up the paint for $2 on a sale rack. Always check those paint sell sections where there are wrong mixes of paint. You can save so much money that way.

I also added some lining to my garden sections. I went shopping for that weird coconut fiber stuff that gardens used to sell all the time but it is no longer available. I don’t know what they call it but I will say this…it was very upsetting to see another item I got spoiled knowing was always available, to not being available anymore.

I went searching for an employee to ask where they were keeping that weird fiber/coconut shredded plant lining thing at. Yeah, I asked that way…but politely of course. I really don’t know what it’s called. I got a little bit of a laugh and then the older man looked a little sad when he said…

“ We are no longer going to carry that”

I gave him one of my stares of shock thinking to myself….ever? I think I may have said that part out loud because he answered back.

“ No, never…sorry.”

Well that was weird. I’m telling you…somethings going on. It’s almost like they don’t want people to garden anymore.

Went home and found something in my supplies of too many items I have stored for those rainy day moments and found something I could use in it’s replacement. Seems those rainy days are now upon us. I used some old shade clothes (not fabric but a thick polyester type material, very strong) that I had bought on sale years ago from a local business here in Arizona that is still up and running. They Supply all kinds of shade material and farming materials for people locally.

Here is the finished product. The colors really stand out against our white brick wall in the back yard.

I added flowers to it for now. I picked some low water flowers so I hope they last through the summer months here in Arizona, only time will tell. I fear this summer will be a really hot one.

I have one more step to do before it’s completely finished. I need to paint another coat of polyurethane over the painted designs.

I have been trying to get outside garden projects done before the heat gets too intense here in Arizona. Now we have this corner to tackle. Too many inside projects to finish inside first. Today I have to teach my grown kids (in their early 20’s) how to make their great aunt’s Italian pasta. We will be doing a lot of canning this week. This corner will have to wait.

One of my plans for this corner includes fixing this old french door I found scraping. Then I will paint a faux glass painted design on the glass and add solar lights behind it. At night it will look so pretty, that is if my plan works. I will keep you all updated.

Hope you all find a pallet to turn into what ever your heart desires. This was really fun to put together. Always more fun when it’s a family project. Happy DIYing everyone.

DSC_0023 5/9

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  1. Sheree says:

    That is so pretty and practical – well done!

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      1. Sheree says:

        You’re very welcome

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  2. WebbBlogs says:

    Wow that looks great!!

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    1. Thank you, it was so easy to put together too. I have seen pallet gardens online before and every time I come across empty ones I always want to decorate them.


  3. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, it looks fantastic! I think this is the most beautiful and creative thing I’ve seen today. The beauty of pallet projects is they’re affordable low-budget alternatives. For one, you could turn old pallets into a unique piece of furniture, holiday décor or in your case – a beautiful mini garden. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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    1. Thank you. I have seen so many cool pallet projects out there. I like the one where they make a bunch into an outside couch and sitting area with big comfy cushions.

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  4. Beautiful! I love your Mom’s Garden ❤

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    1. Thank you, it was a really fun project to finish.

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  5. mel says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the painting and the writings. It must be more fantastic whenever the flowers are blooming.

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    1. Awww…thank you Mel, that is such a sweet thing to say. I hope I do get some blooms, it will be so pretty with flowers everywhere.

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  6. I love this. I’m a scrapper too. This is a great idea. Your daughter did a wonderful job on the writing. Thanks for the idea.

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    1. Thank you, I am having my daughter sign all my cards now. It is so pretty how she writes. She is getting a lot of practice with her mom, because now I want her to make all my little signs. So much fun being a scrapper too. I am sure we drive people crazy always wanting to stop and look through a pile of wood and old items people are tossing. I love pick up days and have found so many cool things that I have fixed up over the years. One bistro set I redid, making a mosaic table and re-upholstering the chairs for out front, was stolen. They even took the little pot of real strawberries I had growing that was displayed on the table. At least the set didn’t end up in the land fills but I was so sad when it was stolen. Now I only keep things I redo stored in our back yard locked behind our gate. If I have the gate unlock even my sons jeans hanging out to dry get stolen. Very sad at the moment but Phoenix has a drug problem and saddest of all a homeless problem because some big corporations (or someone) made housing very expensive here. They bought up a lot of homes and turned them into very high rental properties. Unless you own your home, it is so hard to afford or find one here now. They are building new ones now, but they are all HOA areas which lead to higher fees as well. I pray this stops so everyone can be a home owner some day. HAve fun searching for a pallet and decorating one, it was a fun project.

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      1. Wow!! It is sad that things are stolen like that. We live in the boonies and so far have never had anything stolen. However my father in law lives next door and he did have someone break into his home and steal a few things. We think that was probably teenagers. Yes I am constantly looking at things on the side of the road. My husband says now what are you going to do with that. Lol. You never know.

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      2. My husband is the same way. I have so much fun fixing things up. Here in Phoenix at the moment we have a lot of drug issues as we are a border state and it is easy to get them. This has created a lot of addicts sadly. It is heartbreaking too. To see so many young people lost and hurting. They are also very angry and confused which can be a dangerous combination. The drugs seem to be causing break downs that lead to violence. It is not as safe as it used to be. Used to be able to walk around late at night and now people are getting scared to go out after a certain time. Although we have neighbors that still walk around at night at all hours. One neighbor said he wasn’t feeling well so he thought a night time walk would help him sleep and he was up at 3am when he decided to go for his walk. The neighbor kids walk their dogs too, so it is still somewhat safe I suppose. Just have to be careful and alert.

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      3. Yes I think you always have to be on your guard.

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  7. Thuja says:

    Well written!


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