Arizona adventures…Prescott Arizona

“ Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Martin Luther

We have always started our yearly Christmas shopping in July. Hopefully done by September. We never really liked the idea of crowds and the craziness of shopping during the season. Instead we use that time to do fun activities as a family like road trips and Christmas events around the valley. Less stress of shopping and more celebrating what Christmas is really about to us.

But now with this new world we are dealing with, we decided to start Christmas shopping earlier this year…like now. We don’t know what the prices will be like months from now, or what selection will be available. We had a free day to go shopping and decided to head up to the cool pines of Prescott Arizona. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for second hand items. There are also lots of new shops there too. We stopped off at several different shops when we drove into town.

When we were walking down in the center of town, my daughter said that all the trees everywhere are probably what it’s like living in Tennessee.

I look at photos of the south and everything is so green, like here in Prescott Arizona. It’s so much cooler in Prescott too. In Phoenix the temps are getting hotter and hotter by the day. The trees keep everything cool. It would be nice of everyone would plant more trees.

They are turning Phoenix into a asphalt city. More and more raw land and nature gets torn to pieces to build more cookie cutter looking homes that people can’t actually own outright since they come with HOA’s that keep rent expenses going, even when the home is paid off. HOA’s can increase. Never made much sense to me to pay someone to tell me what rules they want me to follow. Just another way for them to not allow people to be real home owners. I like nature, I love trees. It’s sad what is happening to this state right now.

The old tree in front of the court house was planted in 1912.

It’s huge. It’s a great tree to sit under and read a book or have a picnic lunch.

I should have named this post…Trees. As you can tell by all the photos I took, it’s all about trees. They’re so beautiful, I mean look at them. I hope they never cut these down to build big apartments. That would be so sad. It’s happening all over Phoenix, I pray it doesn’t happen in Prescott too.

I also hope that the beautiful statues in town never get removed. An artist created these.

It does look a little like Tennessee. As many as you know, I am searching for a good place to park my adult children to live in the future. I search through states, and even other countries. Not feeling anything yet…I will know when I know. Like an answer that I never felt before, will all of sudden be there.

Arizona is growing too fast, and the atmosphere is getting mean. Sometimes I feel my honesty about things offends people, sorry to anyone who may be from Arizona that is reading that comment. Hey, I was born and raised here and I love my state too…but lets be honest…some bad people have done some bad things that we can not see with our eyes but we definitely can feel with our hearts. Everything is changing and fast.

My kids asked me why the flags were at half mast. I couldn’t answer really. I didn’t know. I said maybe it’s the virus, maybe it’s what is happening overseas, maybe it’s all the lives lost…who really knows anymore. This was before the mass shootings started up again. Here in America when ever there is something big coming up, like elections, or weird news stories that paint certain “people” in bad ways… mass shootings and hateful protest start up when that happens.

There is a meanness here in our city. It wasn’t this intense before. I definitely can feel it. I felt it the day we went to Prescott too. It was even at a little bakery my family and I have been going to for years now.

Two women walked into the bakery several minutes after we had already been there ordering and stood across from us sneering and staring us down without a smile on their faces even though we smiled at them.

Here in Arizona it’s rare now to see a face mask, seems everyone is maskless. Our local news is now reporting increases in the virus…more fear, more separating and distancing that they all want us to follow, so that we no longer smile and greet each other I suppose. To scare everyone back into wearing the masks. Unless everyone is wearing N95’s it doesn’t matter really. And the They’s, the Them’s…Those people, they knew this from the very beginning. They looked into those cameras and lied to millions of people the moment the red monster showed up…they lied.

What are they planning I wonder? What does the mask really represent? Have you noticed that in certain situations the more higher up someone is, that they themselves aren’t wearing masks but the workers around them have to.

What are they trying to program our eyes to get used to that may be coming up later. Look at all the women in some countries that have only eyes seen, hidden and voiceless as they walk the streets. They are covered but others are not. What is happening all over the world? What are the Theys preparing our eyes to get used to around the world.

In the movie series the handmaids tale, they started having the women wear weird looking mask to keep them silent…blaming it all on religious fanatics. What a wicked way to twist things…what a tangled web evil weaves, a master manipulator for chaos. Taking words, and creating images of horror with those words…lies to turn truths into fears, to frighten and turn everyone into thinking a certain way. It’s a web that once caught in, is very difficult to get out of. The wicked weaver needs it’s fuel.

I don’t know why the two women who both stood together glaring down at my husband, as well as my son and daughter, seemed so angry. I turned to them at one point to smile and was stared back with contempt as well. They weren’t wearing a mask, just like us, so that wasn’t it. What were they so mad about?

I stood outside the little bakery as the women (one in photo standing with her arms crossed in front of her) stood there at the register glaring at my husband and kids who were across from her picking out their treats. The other woman was standing behind this woman very closely, also staring down my family. They were not friendly at all. The staff at this bakery is really sweet though and their cookies are yummy. Not getting anything for that, just sharing a good place to get some sweet treats.

I walked out as soon as I felt the tension. When the two women walked in, all of sudden I felt the change in the room. As soon as I felt it, I turned to see where it was coming from and was greeted with those two pairs of staring expressionless eyes. That smiled of mine was my attempt to break the ice but it didn’t work.

They walked in through the far back door, where we walked in, as this is where we are suppose to wait and order from. After we order we make our way to the register and pay. The two women were so impatient they went straight to the register to cut in front of us, even while we were still placing our orders and we were already in the store when they walked in. The nice lady behind the counter told the women politely that she was helping us, as we were there first. Later I laughed as we crossed the road back to our parked car.

“ Hey, what was that about, those women seemed angry at us.” I asked my husband. He had noticed it too.

We had gotten there 15 minutes before them, and we weren’t even walking together, they came from the opposite direction from us. They must have parked in the parking garage. It’s not liked we pushed them out of the way to get to the bakery first. This reminds me of a Seinfeld episode. Imagine the humor in that. Someone running down the street pushing everyone out of the way, rushing into Grandma’s bakery to be able to purchase the last black and white cookie. I believe there was a Seinfeld episode similar to that.

My husband thought the women seemed angry because some people out there are hating certain men. All political hate of course. We are a typical family of four. The media, depending on who you watch and believe, is constantly telling people to hate, hate and hate some more. Remember that evil weaver I wrote about above…well hate is It’s favorite fuel. Typical normal looking families (whatever the correct term to call a mother, father, son and daughter is now days) are being glared at and hated all over the place right now.

I waited outside after I placed my order. It’s a tiny bakery so it gets crowded fast. In the Red Monster world, it is the polite thing to do when space gets crowded, to social distance of course.

Sadly some people never turn off those channels that are directing people to behave with hate, they believe the lies that are meant to separate us. Right now it’s intense with the newest Supreme court leak…so much hate between everyone. It’s a terrible thing to carry in ones heart, hate that is. A hateful heart eventually turns to stone and a stone can’t be reached. A stone has no feeling, a stone has no voice and a stone can’t hear.

I told my husband that maybe the two women were mad because the kids got the last cinnamon roll and last black and white cookie. Maybe the two women were at the bakery to purchase those items and we bought the last two.

We have gotten to this bakery late before, to be told they were out of most items. Once out, that’s it for the day. This day we were able to get there early enough to get the two things my kids wanted.

One cinnamon roll and one giant black and white cookie.

Anyway, even with those two very unhappy women we ran into at the bakery, we all still had a fun Arizona early Christmas shopping road trip adventure. Man, that was a long title. I am not sure if Grandma in this photo is still around, I never see her, just younger people working. If she is no longer here with us, I wonder what she would say about the world we are living in now.

Inside the bakery was a board full of family photos including many of Grandma, the creator of all those yummy cookies for sale behind the counter.

I ended up buying all kinds of things on this road trip. We stopped off at our favorite thrift store that takes donations that helps animals. That is such a cool store. We also pick up pet supplies there for our cats. The have a similar thrift store in Payson Arizona too.

I bought a pretty floral leather purse, a teapot for my daughter for Christmas, some tiny teddies for an Altoids tin project I will be working on later, and some sewing supplies at Hobby Lobby. There were some other purchases too but this post is already getting too long.

I will try to share with you all some photos of some of my Christmas purchases in my monthly updates. Best of all, I got to hang out under some big beautiful shady trees. Imagine the stories they could tell from all the decades they have witnessed. Hope you all get to find some good bargains out there as well. Stay safe, spread kindness, and happy shopping adventures to you all.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    It is always wonderful to visit the Prescott Town Square. Thank you for sharing. 🙏🏻 Enjoy!

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    More empathy could make us healthier as well as happier. but recently, it seems, online harassment has been rising, and commuter rage is becoming a thing. Wouldn’t it be nice if people practised random kindness more often and spread happiness and gratitude to friends, family, and even complete strangers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would love that, the world would be so much better if every single human loved one another and treated each other with respect and kindness. No wars, no mistrusts, no fears…if we never had to worry about being harmed or our children living in a cruel world it would be such a beautiful thing. Thankfully, the majority of us on this planet do think this way. There is a lot of love and kindness out there, a few bad apples, but more good then bad.

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  3. I love the idea of early Christmas shopping then you have time to just truly enjoy the season. All of you photos are beautiful. It does remind me of Tennessee. Everything here is really green right now. We literally live in the woods so lots and lots of trees surround us. I love trees and I love to take pictures of them. There is one on the road I pass every day on my way to work and back. I started taking pictures of it in every different season. It was tall and majestic looking in a field and it was beautiful. And then someone bought the property and ow they are building houses there. I hope this tree doesn’t get cut down. I am so sorry that happened in the bakery. I have noticed how much meaner and ruder people have become. I work in tourism and I see people from everywhere and it just amazes me at the impatience and rudeness of people. It’s really sad because people who do this are really missing out on the beautiful things in the world. I am a talker and I talk to everyone, which is probably not always good but that’s just who I am, wouldn’t it have been nicer if they could have smiled a greeting or commented on the cookies. Oh world!!! We need to do better. Great post I loved all the pictures!!!

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    1. Thank you. We have had several mature trees, huge trees too, cut down in and around our neighborhood of older homes (1950’s) and you can feel the ground shake when that happens. When someone new moves into a house and they hate the clean up of leaves they get rid of all their trees and shade. Even the city does it for apartments and what they call street improvements. It’s just awful. I believe people get rude and meaner because they believe all those ugly images and protests that happen all the time. Then they go out and judge people thinking to themselves ” Oh, I know what you are…you’re one of them” and they do this all based off of constant messages the media tells them to believe. There is a divide, and I pray that more people start realizing what truly is important and stop with the hate. You’re right, we do need to do better.


  4. ruthsoaper says:

    Shopping early makes a lot of sense. We have been buying things we think we will need while we can get them and they are still affordable. We have a brand new dryer sitting in our barn because the old one could give out at any time. I bought a spare sewing machine too because if my old one breaks down who knows if I can get it fixed. We figure it’s best to spend the money while it still has some value. Last weekend I took a short trip to Tennessee to visit my sister. There are pictures up on my blog if you’re interested. It was very lovely and a totally different lifestyle than this fast-paced world we live in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel a draw to Tennessee for some reason, not sure why. I have come across photos and it is so beautiful there and people that I have run into that are visiting Arizona that are from there are so sweet, and polite. Just good, good people. My husband wants to go somewhere that is warm and no snow, and my daughter hates tornado. She has never experienced weather like that, but I have when I was a child and lived in Texas and North Dakota. MY son just wants a place that has a good university he can attend as well and social and economic opportunities. For now both my son and daughter attend a Christian university here in Phoenix but I am seeing cracks even in their curriculum. Greed is an evil, evil sickness once someone becomes weak to it. My opinion that a lot of money being passed around is causing people to loose their good common sense that God gave us all. Universities and public schools are breeding grounds for so many things that can go wrong when it comes to our children’s futures. Our children are so vulnerable. You and your family are so smart for thinking ahead of things and preparing like you are. Smart that you got a dryer and sewing machine now. People get mad at anyone who thinks ahead of things, but I know you are doing the right things. Half the world would agree with me. I need to go visit your site later, you always have beautiful photos of your garden. I am making muffins now as our bananas were getting a little too ripe. Can’t waste anything. Have a beautiful week, stay safe out there, and God bless you and your family.

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