Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Happy Sunday everyone. Today’s bible verse is…

And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God.

Romans 8:28

I’m keeping all my followers and friends in my prayers, along with many prayers the world needs right now. I know there are a lot of people who may read this and know exactly what prayers I am talking about. Wicked people playing their wicked games. Lots of terrible people are playing terrible games right now, to hurt people…we all know that in the end…they will loose. Also Prayers for Carlin Bates. Remember that show? Carlin is having some health issues that are really frightening for her and her husband. They have two little babies they are raising too, just heartbreaking to hear what they are dealing with right now. The doctors are having problems with trying to figure out why Carlin is having the symptoms she is. Passing out all the time. They have a heart monitor on her now and she had a head scan that showed nothing happening on the scans in the brain images. Sometimes her blood levels are off and doing weird things…just terrible watching this all play out. I pray her and her family get the answers they need to move forward and heal. Stay safe out there you guys and God bless you all.

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  1. So weird – this is the verse my pastor mentioned this morning during his sermon and then I came here and it was your verse today. Cool.

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    1. That is cool. When God wants us to really know something that He is trying to tell us, we will see that message several times. Christians all over the world are doing and saying the same things. Hearing God’s messages inside of them, or signs like that little paper roll of bible verses I pull out every Sunday to share with you all, and then in your own church family hearing those same words from your pastor…that’s God reminding us all… That He is here, He is right there by our side, all of us, all his children.
      When the bug came out and before the lock downs started, I told my family certain things to prepare for, that were coming. It was like one moment an answer would just come to me out of the blue like it had always been there in my head. Something I have done since a child. My family started following the things I was saying. Then one day my daughter came to me a couple years after this new world started and she said ” Mom, everything your saying, my Christian followers are also saying. They are all telling people to do certain things, to buy and how to heal etc….prep, stay calm, have faith…what to do and what to buy now.”

      I told her that it was God speaking to all his children. The distractions in the world are meant to block us from hearing Him and His messages. The riots, the hate, the divides, the fears etc…all these are distractions to keep our hearts broken and hopeless. A stone and cold heart God can’t reach.

      All God’s children will see signs when they are close to living the way God intended. No one is perfect or innocent but when we follow as close to as God intended for his children to live, then all good things come to those that live that way. There are always bumps in the road as I call it, and I tell my kids to not loose faith during those times, as those could just be test to make us stronger for something else that may come up in our futures. Or maybe to gain knowledge in order to help someone else who may be going through the same thing later.

      Thank you for sharing this message with me Lisa, I love hearing about signs from God like this. Have a beautiful week, you and your family, stay safe as always and God bless you all. Now I am off to make banana muffins, bananas going ripe. Just had time to pop on to check comments.


  2. Erin says:

    Thank you! Keeping you in prayer as well ❤

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