Sunday greetings and a box of blessings.

Good morning everyone. Today’s bible verse comes with a little bit of a back story on this little gift of verses I received from my friend. It has been more then 5 years now since her husband was first diagnosed with cancer.

I remember that first day she told me all those years ago to please pray for her husband. My friend was the town librarian for years when I first met her. There is a back story to that as well. My husband and I had just purchased Our Little Red House in a small town up north, up around the Mogollon Rim around the time I met my librarian friend.

One week when we were up north fixing up the mess Our Little Red House was, when we first purchased it, I came across some scribbled words written on the wall in one of the back rooms. I was up on a ladder pretty high up when I saw that someone had written this…

F——- (the towns name) Arizona.

Well now, I thought to myself…how unhappy someone must have been to have written such a terrible thing. It was pretty high up and written with a pencil in very tiny words. Looking around the tiny room I was painting I figured these hurtful words were written by a child’s hand. Apparently from a bump bed high up. Words written in their space, so their parents eyes could not see it. And here I was painting over it now.

That is when I got down from the ladder and went to my husband to tell him what I had discovered. I told him I believe the kids up in that small town must get bored. No fast food, no movie theater, no malls or stores…just a couple small markets with a few little items here and there and one tiny gas station.

Told my husband I was going to head down to the town library the next morning and see if I could volunteer teaching an arts/crafts class every month to the kids in town. I went down to the little town library and met a friend that day, that I still have over a decade later.

The town librarian was so sweet when I first met her, she no longer works there as she has since retired. I loved teaching the kids art projects, some of those projects I have shared with some of you all here on this blog.

Rancher’s kids would come in on some days, being out in the middle of no where for months at a time, they would spend a couple hours painting and creating art at the library. Something that small town did not have for the kids who lived there. I couldn’t bring them a mall or a fast food place but I could teach them art. My daughter took over teaching when she got older.

One day my librarian friend came to me very sad and worried. It was her husband. So sweet of a couple. He came in early in the mornings to sweep the front porch area at the library every day while his wife went to work inside. They had lunch together every day. He always had his cowboy hat on when he was out there sweeping.

He was sick, had cancer of the throat. It was a rough year. After the surgery, and chemo , when all his test started coming back that there was no longer any cancer showing up, my friend and her husband worked on making boxes of bible verses for all their friends and family who prayed for them.

Each box had a letter attached to it and these were the words written…

Dear friends-

Enjoy this little box of scrolls with bible verses of love, hope and inspirations. When my mom went to heaven I inherited the one she had. Every morning she read a verse. I made this one for you, patterned after hers and R made the wood pick.

Love and God bless you


When I received this beautiful little box in the mail one day I emailed my friend back to tell her I was going to share it with my WordPress friends, as they helped with the prayers when I asked everyone to please keep my friend’s husband in your prayers.

I received the box a couple years after her husband’s cancer had first started. Every year, when my friend’s husband had to go in for his checkup to see if the cancer had come back, she would always contact me to pray again. I told her I am always praying for them now, ever since that day. This last check up that happened a week ago was a special one. It would mark 5 years, so once again I said a prayer that all would be well. My daughter, my family, we all prayed for cancer free. Then we all got the good news…no cancer, no cancer for 5 years now. He is officially considered cancer free.

So on this Sunday, I want to thank you all again for your prayers and everyone who help to pray for my friend’s husband. These bible verses are meant for you all to read…thank you and Thanks to God for answering so many prayers. So much to be thankful for. Today’s bible verse is…

God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil.

I John 3:8

Have a beautiful week everyone, stay safe and God bless you all.

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  1. WebbBlogs says:

    Wow I had chills as I read your story, God is truly amazing. I am so happy for your friend and her husband. 5 years cancer free, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing the back story.

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you. Sometimes not all prayers are answered but there are a lot that are and we really do have much to be thankful for. I love happy endings like that. That was such a sweet little gift my friend made for everyone too.


  2. Pure Glory says:

    Love how your friend spread the love of the Word of God to those that had prayed for her husband. God answers prayers and Jesus paid the price so we could be free. Wonderful that R is cancer free by the grace of God! Blessings to you this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was such a beautiful gift my friend shared with us and we are all so thankful and happy that God answered our prayers. When I think about all that Jesus did for us, it brings tears to my eyes, especially now with the things going on in our world. Jesus and His teachings are being attacked and targeted more and more. Believers are being hated. The suffering and ugliness that the broken ones are doing is such a sad tragedy in itself. We all have a lot of praying to do, for all those broken souls. A prayer that everyone knows the love that Jesus has for us all. Blessings to you and yours and have a beautiful week.

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