May updates.

May updates.

“ Courage is knowing what not to fear.”


A bucket full of my art papers.

May was a month of lots of DIY’s again.

Some plaster fish I made, some of the whales didn’t make it.
A tiny wooden bird kit from the Dollartree that I made into a stone house.

When we get to our Sunned in ( the opposite of snowed in) months, I always pull out my art projects to finish.

Making some Lavender infusion oil from the garden.

We did some early Christmas shopping. Went up north to the cool pines. It’s so nice in Prescott Arizona. There are trees everywhere. I enjoy my little cacti garden but trees are always my favorites.

There are all kinds of shops around center court here. My favorites are the antique shops.

Did some pepper prepping. Try to say that several times and fast. I think that sounds so funny, pepper prepping. Got two huge boxes of bell peppers and celery. After sharing some with neighbors on our street, dropping off bags of veggies to them, we canned, froze, and dehydrated a bunch of ours. We made some celery salt with some of the celery.

The new kitten seems to be fitting in better with our older cats. The older cats are still annoyed with her most of the time, but the fights have settled down at least. The kitten has gotten bigger then my mini Alley cat. How fast they grow.

Her favorite place to hang out is still the huge window in our Arizona room that overlooks our garden. It’s so funny how she gets ready to pounce on a bird on the other side of the window only to discover she can’t reach them. Kittens are some of the silliest creatures. We have discovered she is terrified of the vacuum monster. Her and Alley have something in common now.

My husband brought one of his trays in and sat it on the back table here. Poor Zella can’t get to her window spot comfortably. We moved it somewhere else.

For mother’s day my family took me shopping to pick out some flowers at the plant nursery. I hung out at the succulents for awhile, deciding on whether to get some but knew they wouldn’t last a summer here. I already have cacti that I propagate myself. I like the little chubby leaf succulents which don’t last long here in Arizona summers.

This is the first year I didn’t buy cute little succulents. I have finally accepted that I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to succulents. Remember I’m stubborn, so easier said then done. I picked some really pretty pink flowers instead. I don’t know what they are called, but the plant is a low water plant.

The pool is warm enough to jump in now. Some people in Arizona head out to the desert lakes and creeks up north to cool off during our hot summer months. Blow up pools, plastic play pools and above ground pools keep many families sane during our hot months. Although those last two months of summer the pools heat up and it is like a sauna outside.

To help with the heat and keep the pool somewhat cool over the summer we got some shade coverings. The other day when it was really windy it was like giant kites were flying over the pool, it was kind of cool to watch. The breezes made the water a bit chilly though. Here in Arizona we are still in our summer months where the temps are cool in the mornings.

Purchases this month from second hand shopping include some tiny teddies I picked up for an Altoids tin project. They were $1. The bear in the middle is about the size of my pinky. Their very tiny bears. The smallest ones are jointed. I believe they could be Hallmark ornaments.

Prayers this months go to two families. One you all will recognize from vlog down below.

I started getting recommendations on my Youtube to watch this family and I made the mistake of clicking on one day, maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Watching what I did reminded me that prayers are needed for the lost and broken ones the most.

Some people may appear perfect on the outside, but in reality they are the most in trouble. What I call Mascots for the broken, and even they don’t realize it…at least one of them knows though and she has known it from the beginning I believe.

I used to watch their show years ago when the youngest girls were tiny. I didn’t know the background back then to their fame. Back when I first started watching that is, I just liked watching how the other half lived I guess you could say. I really didn’t know any of their back stories, except the father as a sports star. Curiosity is not always a good thing I would discover. I stopped watching them years ago.

Over the years things changed and fast. Years ago, it was hard to see what road this all would lead to. Now, many children and young adults all over the world base their own lives off of keeping up with this family. How many hearts are suffering now from the mentoring they received from these cheerleaders to a faux life.

Yeah, mascots… that’s what it was all about, all along. They’re mascots for big businesses and they don’t realize it. Right now, there are many of these Mascots in the world, leading others down a road of chaos, depression and fear. So saying a prayer for this family will lead to helping future children/young adults as well, as well as those beautiful babies this family is bringing up themselves.

No judgment, I just see sadness here. Their stories aren’t finished being told yet, what more sadness awaits them going down the road they are. None of us is completely innocent in life, so I have no right to point a finger at anyone, that’s not what I am trying to write here. Just saying that it’s not possible to keep up with this families lifestyle and many young minds out there will become lost trying to. We all have to be careful that we don’t allow the lost to lead our children and influence them.

The other family that needs our prayers has to do with a missing persons case. Roberta Braden went missing from a desert here in our state. She got lost after going for a walk in one of my favorite places on this planet. That desert mountain I grew up on.

I remember exploring this mountain as a child. The hidden caves, and the beautiful hidden valleys. There were Prehistoric drawings on all the boulders, over a 1,000 years old. Drawings of spirals , suns, lizards and people. I never could understand what the Hohokam Indians from long ago were trying to say with their simple drawings. Back in the 1930’s the park rangers blew up a lot of the Petroglyphs.

Scary things happened growing up by that mountain, older neighbors talked about old wives tales and superstitions. My father and I were the two that mostly explored the mountain when we lived there, we also have a couple weird unexplained experiences with the mountain. I never paid mind to that stuff though.

Sometimes we think we see something and tell ourselves we haven’t. But when two people see things together, and the same things , then you can’t really deny it. Most would say it’s the result of an over active imagination and there is some truth in that. Lots of artists and creative types in my family. But my father and I didn’t make up stuff or lie.

I mostly stayed close to one area of the mountain. It was the side where the little adobe church with the dirt floor was, by the canals that the Hohokam built. At one time those canals had huge shady Cottonwood trees all around them. There was also a huge wooden cross that a church in the area had put up on that end of the mountain. That was the part of the mountain I hiked, closer to my home. The mountain was our front yard. Just a few feet ahead and there you were…on the mountain.

This was the neighborhood where I would have a really kind neighbor give me my little Jesus statue that I still have to this day. I was only seven years old when she gave it to me. We would walk the desert area by the mountain together, picking up trash. She was from Mexico originally and had many spooky superstitions that she warned me about. She was a wise and kind old soul. Now that whole mountain area has thousands of new construction and homes everywhere, it’s not like it was when I was a kid.

Some people believe the spirals represent portals of some sort. And that the circle with the dot represents an orb/flying saucer.

Two of my aunts fell from hiking this mountain. It was when they were in their teens. They didn’t get too banged up, they were lucky as my father said when he was re-telling the stories. I wasn’t close to these aunts really, or at least they never really allowed me to get too close to them.

The tunnel doesn’t look real when you see it in person. It almost looks fake like something on a movie set. This trail was right up the street by my old home as a child.

Both aunts were not so friendly to me, one was the one that I wrote about earlier in a post that I have since taken down. The other aunt was like a mother figure to my own mother, she was my mother’s older sister. She influenced my mother so much that my mother would care more for my aunt’s daughters then me, her own daughter. Both aunts had what I called a bad case of the green monster. Insanely jealous. I know those are strong words, but I lived around them growing up, and they were both very jealous people.

There are lots of stick drawings on the boulders. I remember some showing small stick people standing next to giant stick people like this one here, but this one has no small stick drawings around it. My father and I never really stuck to the trails since there was no trail by our house, we had to walk out of our way to get to the man made trails. Going off trail you will find the more unusual petroglyphs. South Mountain as it is called has over 58 miles of trails to walk.

Our house was at the base of the mountain. It was an older neighborhood on a dirt road. South Mountain was my playground. I would pack a lunch and head out to the desert to explore. The huge boulders were giant in size and they were everywhere.

It’s so sad to hear this story of Roberta Braden getting lost here. This mountain was a place I went to to escape the chaos in my family when I was little. So quiet there, so peaceful. Up on those huge boulders you can look down and watch the tiny vehicles driving around the city of Phoenix.

All those vehicles reminded me of tiny ants. I pray this family finds answers to where their mother disappeared to. It will not be easy, as this mountain area is huge, over 16,000 acres. There were mines there at one time, most people I don’t think know that. Gold came out of this mountain, which is another part of it’s history that no one really talks about or knows about. I don’t care about the gold, I just liked being in the desert.

Some of the petroglyphs were blown up and destroyed to build Ramadas, play grounds and picnic areas for families to enjoy. The first ranger that was in charge of the building of hiking trails back in the 30’s shared stories that the natives told him about the mountain. Really frightening tales of what went on at the mountain. He even shared stories and legends the natives told him about the true reason the Hohokam disappeared.

There are also stories about some of the petroglyphs showing really sinister images and that’s why they were blown up. People hiking the mountain can still see the rubble from some of those huge boulders that were blown up. In some cases they left the tamer pictures that were drawn into the stone and you can see where the dynamite holes are from where they blew up the side where more drawings were. Supposedly all this information is in our huge main library down town, on the fourth floor, in what is called the Arizona room. It’s the room where they keep the rare books and files on our history in this state.

Anyway, that was in the past. Growing up I always listened to my gut feeling when ever I came to any place or spot I did not feel comfortable in…and I would walk in another direction, I would leave. I had a lot of good neighbors and Christian mentors I grew up around in my old neighborhood, they shared their own stories when it came to living by the mountain. Some of you may know it by what they call …The Phoenix lights incident. So please pray for Roberta Braden, that her family gets answers to where she disappeared to, that God protects and sends many angels to comfort this family in that process.

I also pray that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has comfort, no pain, doctors are there to help him heal and beat his health issues, and that him and his family are surrounded by angels protecting them always. In Jesus name, Amen.

I almost forgot about Dr. Zelenko. He is a true hero and such a brave soul. He has a health battle on his hands right now.

One more thing before I forget. I think you all already know this anyway. Another old recipe from the past has turned up that is cooking away right now. Remember the 80’s. Some of you may. I was a teen when I had my little dairy. I wrote in it about something ugly that appeared one year when I was just finishing up middle school.

I wrote in my diary about how I didn’t understand why no one in the beginning thought they could get sick back in the 80’s when that virus showed up. Believing instead that it was only a certain group of people that would be effected. Why, I wondered to myself, did the scientist not report about how our bodies are all built basically the same way…and that all people are at risk. Why be so relaxed in their early reports.

Then when all people, all sexes, and all ages started getting sick, that is when that ugly old fear started taking over. That is when people became cruel and cold, no longer wanting to be close to certain people. No longer touching or hugging each other. Even professionals in health care were afraid to care for the sick.

Those mistakes from the past came back to haunt those early scientist that gave the wrong information in the beginning.. Blood donations being put into people, all people, wives and husbands together, even small children…everyone in the end got hurt by the mistakes of those so called experts. There was a monkey from that story from long ago too. Aids was an ugly, ugly thing from the past. A wicked creation.

So something is cooking up, for now they tell everyone not to worry, but we already know this story. The monkey is back, you know how it works. There is no reason to panic, no reason to fear what we already know. Remember, fear is the true virus.

“ Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.”

1 Corinthians 16:13

Here is another great story to warm your hearts. God answered another prayer. I wrote about this a few months ago but new news has come up on this story and I thought I should share with you all again. Remember officer Moldovan, a 22 year old kid really. He is back home now after being attacked and injured while on duty by one of those speed racers that drive the streets late at night shooting off fireworks and other devices if you know what I mean. A pattern being done all over our country. Fireworks, racing, and harming others.

This officer’s survival and story is one of those stories that will be told for years about the miracle it was. The officer’s wife was told by the doctors that they did not think he would survive and to prepare for that. His injuries were too many and too grave. Everyday after that was another miracle. Watching this clip and the Living miracle as everyone is now calling it, will most likely leave you in tears. Officer Moldovan still has a long road of recovery but he is back at home with his love ones to help him with that as well as God by his side. Another thing to be very thankful to God for.

That’s it for the month of May. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a visit, your likes and follows. And if you are still here reading this long blog, thank you for that too. I hope you are all well, staying happy and safe. Keeping all my followers in my prayers. Keep being kind, stay strong, keep loving your neighbors and God bless you all.

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