Father’s day gift ideas.

Father’s day is coming up soon. All those dads out there right now are probably saying they don’t need anything but it is still important to let our dads out there know how much we love them. So here are a few ideas to help out with that.

Lets start with what we are doing for my husband. He would love a sleep mask. My son has decided to take on that project. His sister is helping him with the machine, teaching him how it works. He has the pattern printed out and has been practicing on the design, hopefully it will be finished before Dad’s day.

My daughter’s going to make him a chocolate cake, all by scratch. And we will be making homemade tacos with beans and rice for a meal. My husband has been talking about seeing the new Top gun movie as well.

Here are some other fun gift ideas for dad.
Bar-b-Que anything.
Favorite subscription to a magazine.
A nice shirt.
A really cool key chain or photo frame the kids decorate.
A basket full of their favorite treats to have when they are watching their favorite shows and games.
Board games or card games.
A vintage model kit or favorite toy from their past.
A book by their favorite author.
A visit to a museum,
Comfy slippers.
Or just spending the day with dad doing all his favorite activities like fishing, hiking, or just sitting on the porch drinking a cold drink and talking.

Hope all you amazing fathers and grandpas out there have a great Father’s Day. Here are some more ideas for good old dad, some fun DIY’s to make yourselves.

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