ASD table time crafts…bread fastener ABC tags.

When you home school your kids you have to find creative ways to buy educational supplies in frugal ways. Educational and medical seem to go hand in hand with being very expensive. If you have children that need a little extra help with things, then your cost go up even more when it comes to teaching them. Therapy toys, and lessons plans that help with speech and language are so expensive.

Some ways I saved money when my two children were little was to buy second hand, free city programs for children, library and museum memberships, and making a lot of my educational toys and projects myself using every day items that would normally be thrown away.

Years ago when my husband and I were a part of an Autism family group and therapy center, we would donate slightly used toys of ours. At one time I suggested to the owner from the center to start up a library of therapy toys that parents could borrow like a library system. Everyone had to make sure any donations like puzzles and games had all pieces and instructions to toys they would donate. The program took off and they still use that system today. All toys were cleaned before each family would check them out.

There are all kinds of ways to save money with homeschooling no matter what skill level your children are at. This project I am sharing with you all today uses little plastic tags you get on your food bags like bags of potatoes and bread.

You will need:

plastic food tags

paint, primary colors, that adheres to plastics.

Assorted card stock paper.

Black permanent marker

tacky glue.

First paint your tags, making sure to have pairs of same colors. You can use these tags for teaching colors, shapes, letters, and the alphabet.

For the alphabet make an Upper case and lower case letter set for plastic clips. I used pretty card stock papers and glued them on for added detail.

Make sure you use same colors. Don’t use an Upper case letter A on a yellow clip and a lower case a on a red clip. It will cause some confusion especially with ASD children. Most children on the spectrum are very visual learners.

Your children find the matches and clip them together. You can create so many different lessons using these clips. So don’t throw away those clips, use them to make games and lessons for your kids.

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  1. saramincy says:

    I love this idea! So cute…and to have a lending library for therapy toys is fantastic !!

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    1. Thank you, reminds me of those plastic barrel monkey chains. I haven’t seen those in awhile. My kids loved playing with those.


  2. Erin says:

    What a great idea! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Erin says:

        You’re so welcome 😀

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