A whole lot of fish.

I have always enjoyed the hobby of fish aquariums. My first fish tank I received was when I was 10 years old. And my first big purchase after I started working as a teenager was a huge acrylic fish tank. I still have it today.

Years ago when I was in a car accident I told my husband…

“ Get me out of this hospital, I just want to go home and heal while watching my fish, I can’t heal here .”

Hospitals have always freaked me out, too much suffering in them, you can feel that. And to be honest, at least here in Phoenix that is, some of our health care workers are very cruel…not all…but enough. I speak from experience. There is something broken in our system…something sinister.

I just wanted to feel safe in my own bed not a hospital bed. I wanted my head to rest on my own pillow, while watching the calmness of the water and the fish swimming back and forth like an underwater ballet scene. Maybe they need to add a big tank of fish in every medical center. It would help with calming people at least.

I took my giant tank with me to all the homes we lived in. Our kids grew up watching fish swim around. They loved it and now it sits in our living room for everyone to watch. It went from a bedroom, to the kids playroom, to the family room it sits in now. Better then a television.

That’s not the only tank I have in this house. It is a lot of upkeep, that’s the hard part.

Once a month we try to do a detailed cleaning where we remove all the rocks, plants, shells and vacuum the whole tank.

The trick to keeping the house from smelling like a pet store is to make sure there are covers on all the tanks. I don’t mind the extra work with cleaning.

You can turn any glass terrarium into a small fish tank. Even large clear glass vases make beautiful miniature aquariums. They sell tiny filters that fit on the sides of the glass terrariums. They also sell magnetic LED lights to stick to the sides of the glass. I think a lot of people don’t go into the hobby of having fish because of the cost. Just pick up a giant glass vase from a store and design your own fun tanks without the extreme cost of the large tanks.

Everyone enjoys watching the fish, even the cats. When we used to give out Halloween candy the neighborhood kids loved seeing the giant tank in our room when we opened our front door. They were more interested in the tank then getting candy, so cute.

Here are a few photos of our fish. Told my husband no mater how old I get, I will always have a little bowl of fish in my home. May have to move to a creek and bring in little guppies. The LED lights look really pretty at night too. Are any of you fish fanatics? I’m off for a few weeks from blogging, have a great summer everyone and thank you for stopping by for a visit. Happy fishing everyone.

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  1. 1972italy says:

    How beautiful! I love having aquariums as well but alas they do not fit with my hard well water nor my busy schedule both at home and at work. That being said I do have a small bowl with my handsome Blue Maui (his name, he is a fighting fish). I am able to keep up an taking care of him. I also can afford the gallon jugs of water for his bowl. I love him very much.

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  2. WebbBlogs says:

    When I was married my husband had a few different tanks set up. I loved the calmness of watching the fish swim. 😁 Even though I am a little bummed that I won’t be receiving your posts in my inbox, (especially Sundays) I do wish you and your family a wonderful summer. Hopefully when you return I will still get a notification. Until then, have fun. 😁💕

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