Thrift store treasures…yo-yo clown dolls.

I usually don’t buy yo-yo dolls when I come across them. They’re a lot of people out there that have fond memories of these dolls but I always thought they were a little creepy. Think this has to do with a movie I saw when I was 13/14. Famous director scared many people out there when he directed a movie on flying toys coming alive in a child’s room and one famous scene involved a clown. I can’t remember if it was a yo-yo clown but it was creepy.

I watched the movie during a family get together at a theater one summer. We all picked the movie. Some of my younger cousins were there as well. The ticket guy saw one of my cousins (second cousin) and told her mom (first cousin) that she was probably way too young to watch the movie as it was very, very scary. He definitely didn’t recommend it for a young child. Most in our group were adults though.

My cousin (the mother-1st cousin) said her daughter would be okay and we all went in to watch it. And you know what…it was scary, it was scary for me and I was a teenager. I can’t imagine a 4/5 year old watching it.

I remember my little cousin laughing a nervous laugh every time a scary part would happen. It became a family joke after that, that crazy little nervous laugh. When ever anyone would laugh like that in the family, we all knew that we weren’t really laughing…we were terrified. I grew up in a weird family, entertaining but strange at times.

My mom always bragged that she took me to see the scariest movie ever made back when I was 4/5 but she said she made sure to tell me to close my eyes when the scary parts happened. That movie’s sound effects are a lot scarier then most of the images. There will never be a horror movie made that can compete with how frightening that one is. I think I hid my head under a pillow but it is too far back for me to remember as I was very very young, not even school age I believe, because my sister hadn’t been born yet. It was one of those drive in theaters.

My parents threw a mattress in the back of the truck and on the way to the drive in they picked up a bucket of Kentucky chicken. Guess this is a pattern that runs in our family of having the kids with them even during adult movies playing. Babysitters cost and maybe there weren’t a lot available back then…who knows.

These little clown dolls from the thrift store were kind of like folk art dolls and kind of cute. They had whimsical little faces and I liked the colorful felt circles they were made from. They hang on my art board in my craft office now.

Usually when I share a thrift store treasure with you all I like to research the history of the item to give you more information on it. It’s always fun looking up the history on a new treasure I have discovered. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on Yo-yo fabric dolls.

I did read somewhere that they believe yo-yo fabric dolls started being made in the 1920’s. They were very popular in the 30’s during the depression. All it took were a few little scraps of fabric to make all kinds of yo-yo fabric items like quilts, dolls and toy animals.

My grandma had some in her house, maybe she remembered them from when she was a child and maybe her grandmother made them for her. They were popular before I was born so I can’t even give any stories on experiences I had with the dolls being in my childhood. I believe the most popular doll from my childhood, but late in it, was the Cabbage patch dolls. I wasn’t playing with baby dolls then, more so at 5-8. These Yo-yo dolls aren’t too difficult to make, maybe they will become a trend again. You know how everything comes back. Nothing new under the sun. It’s nice that they use fabric scraps, better for the environment to not waste.

When I was researching these dolls I came across a really old photo of a family making wooden yoyos. Thought it was kind of a cool photo. I really like photos that tell a story within them. Couldn’t find any photos of fabric yo yo toys being made. I’m sure they’re out there.

I would love to try making a colorful yo yo quilt. The quilts are so pretty. This is something that can be worked on when watching a movie. I like to multi task.

Do you guys remember seeing these dolls or toys? Maybe you have a special story of a family member making one of these. Happy thrifting everyone. Taking a blogging break for July, thank you for stopping by for a visit.

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  1. I don’t remember those particular dolls but I think clowns are creepy in general. I love that you guys still do that little nervous laugh. That sounds like something my family would do. I think a yo yo quilt would be beautiful but very time consuming. You could probably get a lot of scary movies in while working on one of those.

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