You pick dollar day do over.

I have a whole box of unfinished projects that I picked up shopping second hand. Thought it would be a nice change for you all to decide which item to re-purpose. The one with the most votes I will make over and share with you all later what I have created. Summer months are usually slow here with blogging so I hope there are enough of you still on to vote. Most bloggers seem to take the summer off. Sometimes they come back in the Fall, but sadly sometimes they stop blogging. Anyway, just leave a comment down below to which item you want me to redo and hopefully I will find some time to make something pretty. Happy re-purposing everyone.

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  1. Annie says:

    The gourds or the mesh pane! Have fun!!! 🙂 Annie

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  2. WebbBlogs says:

    Do you mean something from the pictures or something from an older post?

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    1. So sorry, not very clear. I will have re-post. I am having some computer issues with this computer I am working on now and even though I am trying to stay focused on switching and organizing my photo files to a brand new computer I went on this to recheck a scheduled post for this month (not much of a break it would seem) anyway, I meant to say you all pick something from this pile of photos to decide what you would like me to repurpose or fix up. The photo with the most votes will win. Eventually I would love to find a way to ship item to person who voted or some sort of gift to followers but I am not ready for that, until I get more organized with everything else, baby steps. Hope you are having a great summer.

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