In the garden…some old photos from the past.

Taking a little break from blogging so this months garden updates will just be a few of my favorite photos from some garden gifts as I like to call them. I hope you all are having great gardening days and peaceful mornings where ever you are. Happy gardening everyone.

My favorite season in our garden is the Spring. Everything is green which is one of my favorite colors.

There are a few items in my garden that are gifts from friends that were either getting rid of these items or something I rescued from the city dump when I found it on the side of the road during pick up days. I took these items back to my garden and the garden grew around them. They became beautiful together, better then rusting away in a city dump, how sad is that?

The garden rug under this table has since been replaced with faux grass. The red bricks under neath this gazebo get super hot in the summer so we have to cover it with something to cool down the area. The plants and trees all around our garden mean we have a lot of sweeping to do when we are outside at this old door that we turned into a garden table.

The life in our garden is always special to me. Either a little lizard climbing up a tree, tiny yellow finches, dragonflies, baby chicks, butterflies and bees…the songs of the doves, it’s all so peaceful and beautiful to watch and listen to and watch in action.

The Gazebo in photo below is made from an old mattress frame/spring. I believe it is from the 40’s. I found it up north in our back yard when we bought Our Little Red House and brought it down here to the city to create a gazebo for some shade. Over the years, the garden eventually grew into it and over it. You can’t tell there is a metal frame above this little corner in our garden, unless you walk under it and look up above.

An old baker’s rack is a great garden accessory.

Every garden should have some chickens in it. They are messy, like really messy. It’s all worth it though because they always treat us with fresh eggs. The baby chicks are so sweet and adorable.

There are a few items around our garden that are very sentimental to us. This is one of my husband’s favorite items in our garden, and old lantern that his aunt gave him.

Our garden doesn’t get visited as much in the summer, just the early mornings and late evenings when the doves stop by.

In the Spring I use flower and leaf clippings for potpourri and art projects.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    Beautiful! Have a wonderful week. šŸŒž

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