A visit to an Arizona art museum.

Artist of the main photo on this post.

Thought I share some art from one of our art museums here in our state. When it gets hot here in Arizona everyone visits the museums and indoor activity areas. The photos I am sharing today will be on Arizona inspired art. After each photo there will be a photo of the artist of each piece to read about. I love visiting art shows and museums, so much to see.

This painting reminds me of the mountain I lived by as a child, my grandfather from Sweden moved to the mountain when he came to America and the family never left. Now there are apartments and homes all around the mountain. I remember people would illegally dump old cars and junk at the base of the mountain and sometimes I would look for items to go home and create art from junk. No more illegal dumping now, as the whole mountain area is one big HOA now. This painting represents and area called Paradise valley, and it is filled with million dollar homes now.

Hope you all enjoyed this museum visit. If you are ever in Phoenix for the summer, there are two really cool museums to visit, one is the Phoenix art museum ( these photos are just a tiny bit of what they have) and the other is the Heard museum. And if you have children, then the children’s museum is a great place to take the kids, you will not be disappointed. The other museum is the science center. If you are on a very frugal budget then visit the large library downtown. It is several stories and overlooks part of the city. During the summertime they have children’s activities for free that include science experiments, crafts, and story time. I am off for a few weeks, thank you for stopping by for a visit.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    A wonderful post! The MIM is my favorite place to visit during the hot summer months.

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    1. Me too, love the museums.

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  2. Those are beautiful paintings! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you Lisa, you would love it there, so much to see.

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