Shopping adventures to an old cowboy store.

This store I am sharing with you all today was on the way to Our Little Red House. In the small towns up in the mountain areas around Arizona you will come across Arizona stores like this one that sell mostly to tourists visiting our state. They are always fun to visit even for us locals. You never know what you will come across. This old building had items for sale outside too. Like a constant yard sale with a gift shop inside.

I have no idea what half this stuff is on this table. They made unique art sculpture items maybe? Or just some fun way to hang on the wall in your home to create a coat rack or shelf or something…I don’t know? Fun to look at an item and create it for another use.
Used to have a show here in Phoenix called the Wallace and Ladmo show. All the kids used to watch it. Even the famous movie director Steven Spielberg talked about it when he grew up here in Phoenix. The show characters looked like this painting, They used to give out Ladmo bags to little artists if their pictures were picked for the show. I got a bag. The kids got to be on television too.
Wouldn’t this look cool in a kitchen?
My aunt used to collect these in the desert when she went hiking in Cave creek Arizona. She knew how old each bottle was too. Like a desert archaeologist.
There are still some playgrounds here in our state with these fun little bouncy animals for the kids to play on. They are too hot to sit on in the summer months though.
I would paint this really pretty, add a comfy cloth saddle and put it in a baby nursery. Wouldn’t that look adorable?
I think they should bring this one inside, the weather is beating it up.
Love the Hippo bookends.
I never can resist an old library of used books for sale. Some of these books are probably out of print.
I wasn’t sure what this was when I saw it, still not sure. It looks like something for animals to eat or drink from. Some of the things I could turn this into would be a cool garden planter with fountains, a water sensory table for a kids play room, or a small water faucet for a children’s bathroom. What would you do with it?
Now that I am looking at this photo I see some tile I would like. I am working on finishing mosaics in our garden area right now and I need some pretty tile like this.
Love folk art..
Grandmother had a whole collection of these gas station dolls.

Happy shopping adventures everyone. I am off from blogging for a few weeks, thank you for stopping by for a visit.Have a great summer everyone.

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    Enjoy your break

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        You’re very welcome

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