A summer walk in a zoo

In the summer, our zoo here in the city has to put the animals inside because of our extreme heat. The summer open hours are different then the other seasons. Here in the desert parts of Arizona we really only get two seasons, Spring and Summer. Up in the northern parts of our state you will get a Fall and Winter season as well.

We have a few zoos here in our state. This zoo I am sharing photos with you are from one of our desert city zoos, one of the largest zoos in our state.

If you live here it’s much cheaper to buy the yearly zoo passes.

Can you spot the tiny Cotton tail in this photo?

For pass holders they allow you to go into the zoo early to avoid the crowds for at least an hour. During our popular seasons here in Arizona the tourist areas can get super crowded.

Hardly anyone at the zoo during the summer, too hot for most.

The pass holders can get into the zoo at 6am to explore the whole zoo during the summer months. It’s so quiet that early in the morning. There are several tables and even a small area with outdoor sofas to just relax by the lake and read a book or sketch some of the animals around the sitting area.

I haven’t done it yet but I want to take my sketch book and design a coloring page while sitting by the lake watching all the animals near the small lake or pond (man made). For now it does heat up fast. It’s better to get your walking time done before it gets too hot as the zoo is huge. In the summer we only do small sections at a time and come back to visit a new area on our weekly trips.

A nice place for an early morning breakfast.

During the summer the zoo has their splash pad open so if you need to run through and get a little wet and cool down, it’s available. I’ve seen moms out there standing with their little ones getting soaked as well as dads and grandparents. It’s not unusual to see people leaving the zoo in beach towels soaking wet. Sometimes the zoo will even bring in giant blow up water slides for a water day at the zoo and also ice for snow at the zoo. They are very creative with getting visitors to the zoo during the hot summer months.

Sometimes I just like going to the zoo to walk under the huge shady trees.
In the Spring this pond was filled with tiny adorable tadpoles.
I always love watching the birds that are free skipping around this little man made creek on one of the zoo trails. Sometimes the free birds will skip up to the cages where the locked up birds are and tilting their heads it almost looks like they want into the huge cages too. The birds inside the cages look back at the free birds tilting their own heads wondering how the bird got out and wanting out themselves. Such a funny analogy. Even with the wild things, it seems they too, are always wondering if the grass is greener on the other side.

I enjoy walking through the garden areas with green plants everywhere. The zoo is one big giant garden filled with animals.

This walking adventure was done on the Arizona trail in the zoo, the bird sanctuary, and orangutan/tiger/Giraffe visits. I didn’t get any good photos of the larger animals. It would have been one of those where’s Waldo moments if I shared those photos with you. The tiger’s butt was facing us and then the zookeeper called him inside and we saw him no more. The Giraffe was on the far back end of it’s en-closer and she was behind some trees, and the orangutan was in the photo with my son who is very private and doesn’t want photos online of himself.Next trip we will try to get out to the farm animals which is pretty far away and a much longer walk to get to, not wise to do for too long especially when there’s a heat /pollution warning to stay indoors. These warnings happen a lot here in Phoenix.

Early morning breakfast for the prairie dogs. Looks like a whole plate of veggies…good for him. We all need more fruits and veggies.

This visit was on a day with dangerous heat warnings. As long as you hydrate, and get outside things done early in the mornings, you should be okay. Older people and younger children should not be out in extreme heat days.

Not too many animals out to see during the hotter months. Happy Summer adventures everyone. Stay safe and stay cool out there.

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  1. Lifetime Chicago says:

    Amazing pictures!

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  2. What beautiful creatures (and cacti!). I laughed at the little armadillo creature, he is so cute. (Is that an armadillo?) xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you’re right, that is a little armadillo. They bring it out to roll around with the colorful play balls and the kids love watching him. It started to get crowded around his little pool so I didn’t have time to really focus in on the photos as I had to do everything manually with my camera since he moved around so much. There were still people wearing masks at that time, even while outside and social distancing, so I didn’t want to crowd the group that was watching when I walked up and saw that the armadillo was out, he was so cute. Maybe I will see him another time and get a better photo.

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      1. I’m sorry I took so long to reply, I only just recently noticed that I had some replies 🙂

        I love that little chap, so cute. That’s nice they bring him out so the kids can see him. xo

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