A collection of vintage rag dolls.

Do any of you remember Little House on the Prairie? I loved that show way back when. I remember Laura’s baby sister always carried around a little rag doll her mother made for her. Whenever I am out shopping at the antique shops I always come across hand made rag dolls. I have always loved folk art. Here are just a few dolls I have come across I also have a couple up north that I kept in the kids room when they were little as country décor.

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  1. Your collection is beautiful and I particularly like Frida’s doll.
    Am I allowed to add the link to this post of yours, to my blog article about Frida Kahlo?

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    1. Oh yeah, yes, you can share the link. I always encourage sharing, blogging is fun about that, meet new bloggers that way. IT would be nice if this were my collection but it isn’t. The two dolls on the main photo are my daughters from when she was a little girl and the felt doll that looks like a Lenci is mine that I purchased second hand for a couple dollars. I have a real Lenci that I bought in Florence Italy at a Toy shop years ago. The Raggedy ann is also in my collection.

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      1. They are still very beautiful memories!
        So you’ve been to Florence!!
        Did you like it?

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      2. I loved the shops everywhere. There were paper shops too, back when my husband and I went, which were my favorites to look at. The shops were so tiny compared to American retail shops. I also liked the markets with all the leather and ceramic gifts. So long ago. I remember the outdoor markets that would go to different areas around Italy, those were my favorites. My husband’s family would always visit our thrift shops here in Arizona when they would visit because in Italy they said no one sells used items. I thought it was so cool that everyone was out really late at night walking around visiting the shops, eating ice cream and visiting with one another, very social. The streets are small which was also new to me, as here in Arizona our streets are huge, lots of big vehicles and parking spaces everywhere. My husband and I also got to go up in the Leaning tower of Pisa before they closed it off for years for repairs, it is open again I have heard.

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      3. Your words excite me because you have described the essence of many places in Italy, but above all of Florence: paper, craftsmanship.
        I’m really glad you found it so good!
        Really here especially the historic cities have small and narrow streets.
        On the contrary, I am sure that I would be enchanted by the great spaces of Arizona!
        Right: now you can climb the tower of Pisa again. I went there many years ago during a school trip which is one of my good memories.

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      4. I will never forget the colors everywhere in Florence, an artist’s dream place, and the bridge with all the shops on Ponte Vecchio. What an amazing sight to see. Across from Pisa in the Baptistry it really did sound like angels were singing when my husband told me what he heard, I agreed with him as I heard the angels too…just beautiful. We had our favorite places of course, mine being a tiny little town called Castellina in Chianti and my husband’s being Siena . He loved going to the Palio horse races when we were there visiting his aunt. Italy is an amazing place.

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      5. Oh! I can’t tell you HOW happy I am to hear you so enthusiastic about Italy.
        Unfortunately I don’t live in Tuscany: the area with Florence, Pisa, Siena, Chianti … but if I could I would move there in a hurry: every single corner is really beautiful, and then the food, the wine, the accent and the way to speak!
        Regarding what you wrote about the singing of the angels, I’ll tell you that I have a weakness for angels!

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  2. ourcrossings says:

    These are such beautiful rag dolls. In my childhood, we used to make them out of cloth scraps and I very much loved dressing them up 🙂

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    1. I also made my own little dolls growing up and I had family members who would make dolls for the children in our family for Christmas. I love anything hand stitched. Making tiny clothes was fun too.

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