A bulletin board of art and memories.

What inspires you to be creative? For me I enjoy walks out in nature, and art shows.Or looking through old books and magazines, taking road trips and creating art. Sometimes doing all those things that I love, I will keep little momentous from those moments. Things like paper quotes, photos and art projects that inspire me. You know, those things that bring happiness. I pin these items on bulletin boards in my craft office.

I have always had a small bulletin board somewhere in all the homes I have lived in. They have changed over the years. Once filled with colorful drawings from the ideas of a child, to grocery lists and drawings from my own children once I was married and raising my own family.

A clothespin doll from a birthday party craft project for my daughter’s 8th birthday.

I will organize and change out my board maybe twice a year. It gets pinned and filled through out those months. It can get crowded. Thought it would be fun to share some photos from my art inspiring board. Do any of you have a project/art board that you have hanging up? If not, then try one for awhile. Fill it up with old photos, inspiring words and all those little things that bring a smile to your faces.

A little rock with hand painted ants. I bought this at an art show from some local artists here in Arizona.
Some of you may remember the blue truck I posted earlier where I tried to copy this design. I am still on the hunt for a larger blue truck. This is such a cute idea.
Bought this from a little ice cream shop in Globe Arizona, an old mining town. It’s a print of a painting a local artist in the area painted. It reminds me of the Arizona creeks and swimming holes I learned to swim in and explored as a child. I also love the little native American child playing the flute. Photos blurry, sorry.
Tiny teddies, most I have made. The smallest teddy I ever sewed up is about the size of a quarter, it’s the one with the tiny red yarn scarf. A sea keychain with shells that I bought at a market in Belize Central America. A keychain my kids picked out for me when they were very tiny at Lego land in California. Jointed red teddy ornament that I have had since I was a teenager. It’s actually pretty heavy, too heavy for a tree branch.
Little clay cats I made with my daughter one time when we were having fun creating from a bucket of white crayola clay.
A fish ornament I bought years ago at a beach festival in San Diego California.
A vintage tie clip of a road runner. This was a barter trade from some baskets I made, I got some other things too.
A hand made soap from one of my wordpress friends. She lives in Canada. It smells nice too. Cute little black sheep. I am considered the black sheep in my family sadly. The scapegoat.
Some other items include…a paper angel from a Swedish festival, bead ornament my kids made one Christmas for me, Wooden vintage jumping rope handles, three cat figurines I picked up second hand that I still need to paint, a river rock from a creek up north where we have Our Little Red House, I painted a black tree on a white background. An avocado eraser with a pencil sharpener in it. The best eraser too. A colorful crystal reindeer pin. A lady bug paper clip from a rummage sale, a hand made bracelet from a local market in Belize. A Little mermaid necklace I bought my daughter when we all took our first trip to Disneyland with the kids, a wooden cross from Israel made from an olive tree in Jerusalem. .

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