Arizona shopping adventures…another small mom and pop shop.

This shopping adventure was taken in July. There were not a lot of people out as it was one of our heat advisory days telling everyone to stay inside because of extreme conditions and pollution. This is Phoenix sometimes, it can get very polluted. Mostly dust.

It was my birthday this day and I had planned to visit the miniature store weeks before, so heat, pollution, bugs, Godzilla himself…wasn’t going to stop me from enjoying my day. It wasn’t bad actually. I have asthma so pollution days bother me but so far all the days stating it’s high pollution hasn’t been terrible when I go out. The skies seemed okay to me. But then I’m no newscaster so there’s that. It was hot, but it was like any other summer day here in Arizona to me. We just kind of except it and move on I guess you could say.

Before we headed to the miniature store, which will be another whole post all on it’s own, we visited a shop I had never been to before. It’s in old Glendale, which reminds me of Mayberry in a way, just a small town feel. The town we are looking into moving to has about 20,000 living there, a huge difference compared to the 6 million who live here in the city I was born in.

I believe this shop has something to do with helping animal shelters. They even had bags with cute little black paw prints all over it and tissue paper with the same print that they wrapped whatever purchases you bought in. I love those little details in small businesses that you get when shopping there.

This shop was a combination of hand made crafts and secondhand treasures.

Lots of craft projects that I remember from my grandmother’s crafts.

There was a whole wall of gnomes.

Some really pretty glass boxes.

My kids had a Klutz book once that was on bottle top magnets. Someone had fun making these.

This old Coke item would look so cute up in the kitchen up north. It was priced $35, too much for me.

Some vintage clothes.

Lots of stickers. I believe these are trendy right now, I’m seeing them everywhere all of a sudden.

Lots of dolls in antique shops. The one in photo below would look pretty on a dresser with perfume bottles and candles…something different.

I bought this one,

Lots of crochet blankets and handmade baby bibs.

I remember these from the 80’s. I believe my aunt made these balloons. The fabric is dated, these are old, all they need is a remake of sorts. Instead of lace, outline the balloons in tiny pom poms, use solid colors, and fill the basket with tiny woodland creatures like foxes, deer and bears. Turn old trends into new trends. How cute would these be in a babies room? I don’t like the lace, that’s just me.

And do any of you remember crochet tea towels at the farmers markets from the 90’s? We have a park down the street from us and they used to have the cutest little farmers market when my kids were born in the late 90’s and 2000. I would load them up in their little red wagon and we would walk down to it early Saturday mornings. There was this really sweet older woman that had a whole table full of these dish towels. The community center had many women who would do crafts at the center and sell them at the market on the weekends.

This store took me down memory lane. Do you see anything from your past that someone had or you had at one time? I ended up finding some of those little vintage ornaments I collect. It always surprises me at all the different places I find toese ornaments. I also bought a little wooden doll box, and a bowl with fruit on it. I really liked the coke item but it was just too pricey for me at $35. The doll was $2, the ornaments were .25 cents, and the little kitchen bowl was $5. Happy shopping adventures everyone.

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  1. Michele Lee says:

    Wow, that is a lot to take in! Happy belated birthday! 🥳

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    1. Yes it is, it was a strange store. I may go back and get some of those Barbie dresses for my cousin’s granddaughter. I found some old barbies but they had no clothes. The dolls need some clothes for goodness sake. There were some pretty ones there too. Kids don’t really play with toys anymore, just screens it seems, but I will still drop them off in case her granddaughter wants something from the past. I’m pretty sure I saw some doll shoes and accessories at the Dollar-tree too. Make up a whole gift bag.

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      1. Michele Lee says:

        Strange, colorful, and fun! The Barbie dresses did catch my eye. Only 5 bucks. A handmade bargain! I have purged a lot of stuff this year but still have my daughter’s old Barbies. A huge tub! I left what to do with them up to her. She may decide… someday. 😆 Your gift bag sounds lovely.

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      2. I hope she likes it. My daughter still has her Barbie but I gave all mine away years ago to two little girls up north were we have a place. It’s a small town and only about 300 people live there, not much to do. They were so excited to get a box of dolls with furniture, dresses, shoes and all kinds of accessories. My daughter didn’t want them so I figured I pass it on to someone who would play with them at least. Toys are meant to play with.

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      3. Michele Lee says:

        How could she not! 😄 I agree! What good are things in a box?

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  2. ruthsoaper says:

    My mom used to make the towels with crochet tops. I tried, but mine didn’t come out as well as hers. I do have it hanging on my oven door. I might practice some then make some for my girls for Christmas. 🙂

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    1. I bet they will love them. I like those hand made gifts from grandma. There were a lot of pretty towels to choose from.

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  3. Those fabric balloons! You’re so right – a modern twist on those and they would go viral! Makes me want to try it!

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    1. If you do please share a photo, I think an update on these would be so adorable in a baby/kids room. A lot of the crafts from the past could use some modern updates, all great ideas, just need new colors and a different look.


  4. So awesome photos to view 😍👍🏻🌷thank you for sharing 👏😊

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    1. Thank you and you’re very welcome.

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  5. I loved taking that walk with you through the shops. Sounds like it was a good birthday despite the pollution and heat.

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    1. Thank you Lisa. The weird thing is, is that the pollution wasn’t really effecting me that much. There are days when we have high pollution warnings to stay inside during the Winter months and sometimes I can tell it is bad out here in the city but this day I couldn’t tell, it was just like any other normal day except for the heat. We actually had a good summer, not too hot and we got some rain. I have to go back to that store to get some Barbie dresses for my cousin grand daughter. It is hard to find good toys anymore. I want to make a grab bag of Barbie toys for her.

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