An Arizona Centennial tree

one of my favorite places to visit here in Arizona is Prescott. I especially love the old court house. Sometimes they have festivals, farmer’s markets, art shows and holiday events. It’s just a really peaceful place to stop by for a picnic or to hang out under one of the many trees around the Court House.

There are over 170 trees surrounding the court house, which includes 127 American elms. One of the oldest trees there is the Centennial tree which stands in front of the court house

It has so many branches everywhere.

A witness to the year our state became a state on February 14, 1912.

During the Christmas holidays there are lights everywhere surrounding the court house. Looks like a Christmas card. They get a sprinkle of snow now and then in Prescott and that is always a treat. When my husband and I were first dating we decided to drive all the way up to Prescott after we got off work on evening. It was late but the root beer stand was still open so we drove up, bought some root beer floats and walked around the court house. There was a tiny bit of snow everywhere. Then we drove all the way back to the city which was a little over an hour away.

There are two centennial trees in Prescott.

The court house plaza hosts more then 130 activities yearly, if you are visiting Arizona check their website to see if any events are happening when you are here.

There is also a painted historic timeline to read on the steps that lead up to the court house. If you see people looking down all the time when you drive by that is what they are doing, they are reading the timeline.

My favorite part about Prescott will always be all those beautiful trees everywhere. The perfect place to just relax and listen to the wind, hearing birds chirp, people watch, reading a book, or playing Frisbee with a friend. What are some of the things you like to do when hanging out under a beautiful canopy of leaves and trees? Happy adventures everyone.

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  1. What a lovely story and your happy memories you share, thank you.

    There was this place I used to go to when I was married and then later single, it was my most favourite place in the area where I lived then in Germany. It was a park with artistic sculptures and an actual castle with a moat around it and a bridge to cross it. Then, it was a restaurant, I suppose it still is. There were various trees in this park, huge they were with wide overhanging branches. I’d drive my stepson (9-11 years then) and ex husband there and we’d picnic, and sometimes I’d bring the little children of whom I was their paid nanny. Every year there’d be events such as the candle-lit one with hundreds of real (real then in the ’90s) candles dotted into shapes all over the lawn. So many people gathered there, walking round in the candle-light.

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    1. I would have loved to have visited that, I bet it was beautiful.

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  2. Most of all, your post reminds me to slow down and take in my surroundings instead of hurrying through life. Trees always cause me to stop what I’m doing and take in their beauty and, if I’m lucky, their scent. There are a few Redwoods in our area; their scent is my favorite.

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    1. I love that part about being out in the forest or around all those trees. So clean smelling, very different then the city here.

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  3. Michele Lee says:

    I love visiting there! 🌳

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  4. That looks like an awesome place to visit! Old trees are so lovely, especially sitting and reading underneath them.

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    1. it is really peaceful there and very pretty with all the trees everywhere.


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